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    1. She was melted by Herndon convincing her that he still hungered for her

    2. ‘When was this, Doreen?’ I asked as casually as I can, trying to be convincing as a gossip

    3. ‘Adrian had a devil of a job convincing Emma that she had to go home

    4. Her reason was rather convincing, she hadn't seen the Acropolis in quite a while and she wanted to visit an old friend

    5. They had to show him pictures before he would believe it, but the video of a theirops getting picked up in its jaws and chunked down in three bites was convincing

    6. Just take the pictures during Noonsleep when everyone is in bed and an overgrown ruin would be pretty convincing

    7. "They are convincing him that a whole lifetime of memories can be synthesized

    8. No one had ever come up with any convincing evidence, nothing that couldn't be explained as drafty chimneys or electrical storms

    9. ‘Saves me having to come up with something long, learned and convincing

    10. In the two hours between finishing the evening’s murderous chores and Ken’s return from the pub, Helen Roach’s insidiously persuasive skills were brought to bear on her daughter, convincing Lucy that she had killed her step-brother, but that her mother loved her so much that so long as Lucy never uttered another word on the subject of Alan’s disappearance, then she would protect her forever and a day

    11. Most people are quite happy to comply with the request, curious as to who received the anonymous letters and what they had said … I become pretty convincing at not having a clue … if they only knew …

    12. She had never seen such a convincing replica of ancient Earth, complete with the smells and sounds of the livestock, the limited but vibrant palette of colors and an aroma that told her that the drain trap had not yet been invented

    13. which is simply not as good and through years of convincing yourself it is

    14. It sounds convincing enough, except Shaun has a pretty clear recollection of the weekend's dealing

    15. Roman had a way of convincing you of things

    16. “As you can see, Kaitlyn was quite convincing when she insisted that she pursue public performance

    17. Me … a pretty ordinary, middle-aged woman … and he wants me… me with all my insecurities and idiocies … He’d been surprised when he’d realised my age … nasty moment … half expected him to make excuses and run away … underestimated him seriously … made a point of convincing me that age gap does not matter … remarkably efficient at convincing … his hands … phew … quiver at the thought … must be getting used to it … starting to retain some basic mental functions whilst thinking of him (thank goodness) … laugh

    18. hard time convincing his colleague that co-operating with

    19. When it became apparent that there was no convincing her that they would all be cyborg-slaves on Planet Fnord by sundown, Sunil bitterly tossed his apple away, and it flowed down the stream until it rested on a small road by the embankment, and was swiftly run over by a passing horse carriage

    20. ” If it wasn’t for that device, she might have sounded a lot more convincing

    21. In the beginning, he allowed himself to be deluded by her youthful beauty, convincing himself they were a pair of young lovers, not some ignorant boy enthralled by an immortal

    22. She approached him in secret, convincing him that she felt a passion for his cause that was similar to his own and conscripting him into service, providing him will all the necessary resources the man would need to carry out his quest

    23. A discussion which ended only after convincing the elf that all he would be destroying while defecating was the elf's sense of smell

    24. His presence among them was all the convincing they needed for them to hail him as the savior of the Seventh World

    25. Our tanners, besides, have not been quite so successful as our clothiers, in convincing the wisdom of the nation, that the safety of the commonwealth depends upon the prosperity of their particular manufacture

    26. "I think once he sees you're present here in Heaven you'll be pretty convincing," Ava said

    27. much better) nor convincing

    28. marketing, the most convincing publicity is that based

    29. ease Chloe’s delirium as I’d done for half a month since hauling her onto this raft? Would I shade her with my own blistered back? Would I drip most of our precious stock of water onto Chloe’s lips? Or would Eris prevail, convincing me to throw myself into the flat and empty sea

    30. It’s equally great, is it not, as the duty toward guests? You described this with such stirring fervor yesterday, I’m certain you’ll have little trouble convincing Tragus

    31. one and it would be more less convincing, because

    32. And every time a bright-eyed woman of High Rock heritage would grace the city, Sorex had a way of locating her among the crowd forthwith and convincing her – or at least vigorously attempting to – that his family’s inn was an oasis

    33. thorough and convincing exposition

    34. He’d tried talking Maileena out of tagging along with him one more time while they were on their way here, but her stubbornness made him realize that she was one of those types with a will of iron that no amount of convincing will probably affect

    35. He shrugged his shoulders and said, almost poetically, “Maybe it was I who needed convincing

    36. ” She didn’t sound convincing, not even to herself

    37. ” He tried to sound convincing, but failed

    38. They knew the family was opposed to their union, so they’d prepared for all possible angles and hoped that they would be convincing

    39. She tried hard to sound convincing

    40. It was you I heard inside my head, convincing me that I needed the drugs to

    41. Anybody who begins a sentence with a ‘well’ like that is clearly in need of further convincing

    42. The Huntress had been wrinkling away from the cluster, since the Elf retired to her boudoir to change, toward another much smaller stellar dust cloud so similar in density to the Waghtnin it made a most convincing stage for their show

    43. She had been convincing herself that it was never too far away now

    44. It took some convincing and even a demonstration that was almost disastrous when one of the Elders, Clive Roberts, inadvertently took it to the next level

    45. “I have to admit, you are a convincing young man

    46. You’ll end up not only convincing yourself but the

    47. Scott took almost an hour contemplating his limited options and formulating a convincing story, until there was only one thing for it

    48. “Yes,” but his voice wasn"t too convincing

    49. ” I took this in thinking bloody hell the whole Division must have landed and I knew that this put the Battalion in a better position than on the first few days but it still didn’t sound all that convincing

    50. Danielle before, and there wasn't much chance of Danny convincing her this time

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    convincing believable plausible trustworthy rational probable acceptable impressive swaying moving glib mesmerizing cogent reasoning