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    1. I wonder how he is coping

    2. ‘Didn’t want her daughter to see her not coping

    3. As the pressures of coping with my changed mental state

    4. ‘How are you coping with this madhouse? The first time Mike brought me here I completely lost track of who everyone was

    5. ‘I’m sorry … it’s not easy coping with that sort of thing

    6. ‘How are you coping with the riding, Lintze?’

    7. It must have been hard coping, what with the children and everything

    8. ‘How are you coping with all this?’ Gary asked as he fills the kettle

    9. Immediately after the disposal of Alan’s body Helen Roach found that coping with her daughter’s stress and grief was far harder than she had ever imagined it would be

    10. How are you coping without Sam?’ Simon asked cautiously as though broaching the subject would set me off

    11. that coping with her daughter’s stress and grief was far harder than

    12. ‘This peaty soil means lots won’t grow but evolution has ensured that plants you’d never expect to find on peat have evolved ways of coping with it

    13. mission was a way of coping with the grief and loss; the immersive

    14. Small children do sometimes work out ways of coping with abuse, methods of mentally escaping from the physical world

    15. ‘How is Abi coping? She seemed quite happy today

    16. While she nibbles on the sandwiches, I rabbit on telling her what a brilliant job she has done bringing up the kids and how well they are coping

    17. I ask how long he thinks it will be before Sally is capable to coping again

    18. Her niece is coping very well though, which is amazing

    19. Abi’s coping marvellously; of course, it helps that she’s immensely proud of her dad

    20. The skills that the survivor used in coping as a child are the strengths needed to

    21. To see a barometer in your dream represents the state of your inner feelings and how you are coping with emotions or situations

    22. In trying to keep up with the pace of your daily waking life, you dreams may serve as your only outlet in coping and coming to terms with the loss of a loved one

    23. You are experiencing difficulties in coping with your feelings

    24. His only way of coping with the boredom of the three week wait was to immerse himself into the detailed testing of the electronic systems that were his passion

    25. "I think I'm not coping," said Sharon

    26. So his way of coping

    27. Extreme pain can induce hallucinations; this was simply some way of coping with something so intolerable

    28. “So, Raven, how are you coping without your little girl toy?” Her lips curled into a sneer as she mocked him

    29. Hmmm…shame… But how are you coping without her? If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about you, it’s that you need somebody to hang onto

    30. The man in the white suit continued with cautions about the risks, methods of coping with the unpleasantness

    31. “So my dear young nephew, are you having yourself a good time here in London? Are you coping with everything? Tell us everything that you are doing?”

    32. Unlike a ludicrously surreal dream with its incoherence unquestioned, this bore all the hallmarks of normalcy, except it was an idealised version: troubles in easily resolvable forms, rather then any improved coping ability on his part

    33. He’d found it hard coping with Dawn since her mother’s death, the ‘what if’ guilt building a wall between them

    34. getting the snow up her sleeves, Patty got on to the coping of the

    35. He wondered how she was coping, hoping that the doctor was looking after her properly

    36. He’d been so tied up in his own feeling that it hadn’t occurred to him to wonder how she might be coping

    37. It took a lot of arguing to persuade Karla that he didn’t need her help and was quite capable of coping on his own

    38. Through communicating with Houdini about coping with strangers and visitors, we

    39. Coping with being so helpless was harder than I thought it would be

    40. It was coping with Tamoxifen’s side effects of hot flashes and weight gain that was a little harder

    41. Coping with the stress seemed easier to the rank and file

    42. Indirectly this was Hilderich’s way of coping with the problem in hand, partly to offset his mind and unburden it from the stress and the anxiety as well as what he had learned to consider generally counter-productive emotions

    43. Accept what is offered, he told himself, it is only about coping

    44. Was it a common theme? Was the desert and its extreme environment the one to blame for the changes he was going through? Was it a trick of perception, a misstep of the mind? Was it simply a coping mechanism? The array of questions that seemed to come unbidden to his weary mind suddenly became overwhelming

    45. Maybe she is also affected by the Bosurgi Syndrome but coping very successfully with it

    46. foundation to the coping, and so on the outside toward the great court

    47. “I can see you’re writing to Harry, how is he coping with his forced rest?”

    48. He was still stoned and was coping better than he appeared

    49. Dad has made it his life mission to protect my siblings and I and in this case he’s rendered helpless and I don’t think he’s coping well with that

    50. He was never privy to any secrets, be it complaints about Hasini’s husband or her coping with married life

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