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    1. They had made up, somewhat, via correspondence, but it had been decades since she'd seen him in person

    2. On another attempt to develop my social life, about a month ago I answered to a classified ad for correspondence and friendship, placed by the 25-year-old Denia Chrysanthou

    3. He had continued his rather sporadic exchange of correspondence

    4. Allcock was seated reviewing the sheaves of business correspondence in his hand and looked up as Harry re-entered

    5. He repacked his texts in his trunk and picked up the daunting stack of correspondence, orders, and status logs which Mr

    6. He had seen so much already and he didn't want the correspondence to have to make the Atlantic crossing in addition to the overland trek to reach them

    7. All other matters regarding Malvern life would be attended to by correspondence or direct instruction upon arrival for the Autumn term on the third of September

    8. He strolled to the Redditch post offices and sent off his correspondence

    9. I’ve produced a considerable amount of correspondence, even if the letters were all one liners … Mel’s waiting for me down in reception

    10. The second series of correspondence was then opened and a new round of readings ensued

    11. Wandering from shop to shop, they caught up on all that had transpired between their last correspondence and the present

    12. More assurances of correspondence and hugs goodbye, and they were once again installed in their various situations

    13. Harry's new intercourse with all his friends and family was now through correspondence only

    14. She sent a brief notice of their intentions by wire, promising more details would soon be forthcoming by correspondence

    15. In my correspondence with a friend, I was asked

    16. He could scarcely believe that his name shared the relatively plain parchment with that of the general and for a moment, he was almost afraid to read the correspondence

    17. The Chinese philosophy known as correspondence simply states that in order for a large system to be in

    18. of complexity correspondence thinking postulates that events occur in associations with each other, linked by

    19. There are many reasons why you may need to write business letters or other correspondence:

    20. These pages are designed to help you write business letters and correspondence, but they will also help you learn to read, and therefore respond to, the letters you receive

    21. Here is a selection of sample business letters and other correspondence that you can copy and modify as you wish

    22. But, by the present practice, both the labour of the country people, and whatever other fund the king may choose to assign for the reparation of the high-roads in any particular province or generality, are entirely under the management of the intendant ; an officer who is appointed and removed by the king's council who receives his orders from it, and is in constant correspondence with it

    23. Survey after survey has found absolutely no correspondence between the racial/cultural makeup of a class, and the 43

    24. Further ensure a backup plan for your computer systems so that you can carry on with business from your house meaning the crucial correspondence etc until your lawyers can sort the mess

    25. Throughout the years, Adas kept up a one-sided correspondence with his niece Christina through her adoptive mother

    26. I imagined that it had been intended for the lady of the house to spend hours every day going over her longhand correspondence or something equally refined and outdated

    27. As the readers of that book can well remember, Luis and I became very good friends as a result of our correspondence, some of it adversarial in ideological positions but always respectful and friendly, through several articles published in Bierzo 7

    28. Preparations for the holiday had resulted in correspondence being set aside to be dealt with later

    29. She had not received correspondence from her children since the summer of 1943

    30. Our home was too far away from town for me to attend school earlier, so I'd been taught at home by correspondence course

    31. “All those years she was sending you correspondence

    32. The editor of that publication, DR, has maintained a long correspondence and interest in my writing projects, for which I am grateful

    33. The corridor turned left again leading to first the Khanate’s archives (it held all the official correspondence and documents), then one more storeroom (root vegetables), and a workroom where things were fixed

    34. There is one-to-one correspondence between the members and their initializing values

    35. I did ask him if he would see that my correspondence reached me

    36. He promised to have his report forwarded to me by the Khakhan as well as any further correspondence from him

    37. The idea that humankind is of a higher order of being, and so, for example, ought not to carry on sexual correspondence with farm animals Singer would dismiss as an example of the speciesism that he deplores

    38. Hooray for me! Macmillan, did you still think I was soft on shipbuilders? Secondly, back in pre-computer days, when carbon copies of all correspondence circulated widely, one of my more onerous, thankless tasks—required by the Admiral and the ACO—was reading of every last piece of correspondence that went into and came out of both SupShip and Ingalls HQ

    39. A theory measured by correspondence, coherence, and usefulness is, all

    40. While correspondence theory says that it is about truth, asserting

    41. compare this proposition to the facts, but the fact is that correspondence theory conjectures truth

    42. What of the proposition: correspondence truth theory is about belief acquisition? I do notice

    43. successfully induce beliefs, then a correspondence theory of belief acquisition will be believed

    44. according to the pragmatic theory of belief acquisition; that is, since correspondence theory

    45. A correspondence theory of belief acquisition will only be believed if it corresponds with the

    46. the ability to rank theories with respect to degrees of correspondence to the truth of a topic? Can

    47. I went down, and as a favor to my father, I was given the following scenario: If I took two courses in Cornell’s Department of Communication Arts during what was left of the second sophomore semester after I busted out, as well as two correspondence courses from UNC and received at least a B average in all of these (step one), and if I attended a double summer school session at UNC—took four courses—and maintained this B average overall (step two), then (if I could maintain a B average in all eight courses across the board), I would be admitted as a sophomore at UNC

    48. ” One thing that most moms invariably complain about is the lack of correspondence originating from their sons or daughters away at college

    49. He had a rule that the sun doesn’t set on an unanswered piece of correspondence

    50. “This arrived for you yesterday, Sarah, but I am afraid the correspondence was lost

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    agreement correspondence parallelism balance symmetricalness symmetry commensurateness proportionateness communication writing conformity accord similarity equivalence