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    1. “It was alright but which one was Max?” was her unintentionally devastating critique

    2. You no longer concern yourself with the critique of others,

    3. ” Scooter came home to critique my writing and catch flies, to nap and nuzzle, and to listen to Handel

    4. (1883-1946) His 1919 work, „Economic Consequences of Peace," a withering critique of the Versailles Treaty imposed on Germany by the victors in World War I has, with his predictions of German reaction, made him something of a modern prophet

    5. And then there is Immanuel Kant, whose „Critique of Pure Reason" and Critique of Practical Reason" introduced the concept of the „noumena

    6. “Thanks for the critique

    7. In any critique of Communism, for example, one can point to humanitarian disasters like forced collectivization

    8. Cerbini‘s critique of the Educational System, the Media and Immorality and the manner they have indirectly contributed to rather egregious jury verdicts of late

    9. “This is widely seen,” as I have already quoted Berlinski in his critique, “as offering dramatic confirmation of Darwinian evolution

    10. “And a fine job you did on that one, Nigel,” I said as I tried to ignore the sting of his biting critique

    11. them to critique your brand and then work on the aspects that they feel you can improve

    12. Contrary to the classical liberal view and the sustained libertarian critique of the role of government in social and economic life today, the socialist agenda for the state is very long

    13. disagrees with our likes, but in this case we are not overly preoccupied with the accuracy of the critique and appreciate it for other reasons—its ascetics, curious focus, humor, broader philosophical implications, and others

    14. So there was this one critique of my book204 that said the main

    15. Pops did hire professionals to critique his newspapers but did not have an overall editorial director because he felt that would tend to stereotype them

    16. As reported by Dumbell in the Charlotte Observer, one of the consultants my father hired to critique the papers to his managers was: Ken Byerly, a former professor at the UNC School of Journalism, and then publisher of his own newspaper in Lewiston, Montana

    17. have attached the first 2 chapters for you to critique for me, and hey…be brutally honest,

    18. ] As consultants we would critique the documents, identifying problems and potential problems and coach the in-house facilitator, who was also serving as the project manager

    19. Only after the development of a feminist critique of the 6eld have feminist

    20. This is not the place for an elaborate critique of this study or the literature in this area, in general, except to note that it is replete with methodological problems and buried

    21. The lesson from the learning styles critique is that you should not worry

    22. baum offered a withering critique of the " computer bum,"

    23. Four years after " The Cathedral and the Bazaar," Stallman still chafes over the Raymond critique

    24. alternate critique of what ensued between him and my mother

    25. The concept here is to become a TV Critic! You critique TV shows for your local

    26. Anyone could bring in some of his or her writing, read it to the group and then the attendees would critique the writing

    27. Nonetheless, the last words of the critique said that it was a great course

    28. Two authors featured on the program were Mark Lane, who wrote Rush To Judgment: A Critique Of The

    29. Ingrid was directing a group critique of the latest bombing practice by her fighter and bomber pilots when a convoy of trucks stopped in front of their hangar, with Captain Peter Shmelling and Master Sergeant Harry Coyle climbing down from the two lead trucks

    30. I also had the history of the area in a five-page critique that I found interesting – although I

    31. can use this process to critique the elements of our socialization that

    32. I did not want to be over- confident or be a big ego but believed in challenging and assisting all my mentees with my sincere critique as well as a variety of open ended questions to help them form their own valid conclusions, think and act and to look at their own future situations with a new perspective

    33. ” To receive with critique is to poison the tongue

    34. Oddly, in an age of imagefacturing, the scientific objective of disinterested critique has fallen under the gravity of moral judgement

    35. 580) and this is in a chapter where he is otherwise presenting a critique of the Quran and Hadiths, though many Muslims would consider his criticisms as not being appropriate, owing to his quoting verses out of context in their opinion, which he concedes

    36. imposed upon the users of that language will be addressed in the critique on Biblical Hebrew to

    37. philosophy of critique: who is to blame? This

    38. Under such a catch-all restriction, virtually any kind of conversation about – or critique of – Islam can be considered impermissible if Muslims find it offensive

    39. She listened to me by creating the Associazione Microcosmo {Microcosmos Association} and the “Premio Cinema e Narrativa” {Cinema and Fiction Award} , for young people who send in a Sophia-Artistic critique of one of four films that are chosen every year

    40. process? Have others review, critique and edit your copy to

    41. His one discipline was a critique of his speech after giving every speech… carefully marking down exactly what had roused the crowds most, and what had not

    42. com and the online writing critique community The MuseItUp Club,

    43. The following passage occurs in a critique in the British Quarterly Review, February, 1846:—'We know that the soul is immortal by intuition, the savage and the sage alike; aye, the savage often more surely than the sage; and God Himself assures us in revelation, as through intuition, that the souls which He has made shall never fail from before Him

    44. With icy clarity – which set off a buzz in the hall – she then presented a sweeping critique of the singularity theorists he had quoted, and he was incapable of coming up with any answer other than a dismayed: “Who the hell are you?”

    45. Your ability to properly critique this day started when you created the FINVIZ list of social media stocks and started watching how they traded, which were the best, which were dogs, which moved together

    46. The trading lesson here is that TO developed the ability to accurately critique this day’s trading because of the prior months of work he had done

    47. The gist of this critique is twofold: (1) the over-all change in principal value is the only available measure of investment-trust performance, but (2) this measure cannot be regarded as an index of “normal earning power” in any sense analogous to the recorded earnings of a well-entrenched industrial business

    48. Graham and Dodd advised profit-seeking investors, both large and small, to purchase securities trading below their intrinsic value, and they suggested that investors submit their analytical work for critique by others

    49. “That may not be an answer to the question of what drives us, but it is what it’s all about, the critique, both from critics who write in newspapers and from our guests

    50. And from the Memphis Sunday Times, a “critique” of a different lynching:

    1. I once paid a manuscript appraisal agency a lot of money to have a novel critiqued

    2. People who read and critiqued books for a living loved what I had written, but so did friends and family as well as people I have yet to meet

    3. Then, there are those with genuine prejudices too, and these had much to do with the denunciations of Islam that were carried out in Europe during the Crusades, which passed on from generation to generation, and Karen Armstrong has written on the same in her very balanced biography of Prophet Muhammad, in which she has also critiqued the prophet on some points, and as a reviewer has put it, she has been “respectful but not reverential”

    4. "I need to have my submission critiqued for the Journal, and I was wondering…"

    5. Through it all, Daly critiqued them – telling them where to place a foot for additional leverage, or how to wrap more effectively with the legs, the subtle variations endless

    6. I’m sure he’s done it before, and I’m sure he’s practiced, and rehearsed, and critiqued himself, and relived his successes in his mind, and therefore I’m equally sure it’s completely inconceivable he doesn’t know there has to be a handshake in there

    7. Jeff Parker, an old friend, carefully read and critiqued this book as well as its Study Guide—a tough but friendly critic

    1. Danny was sure that he could design a much more efficient way of dealing with the arcane world of paper and people, and regularly assailed his sister with critiques of off-line morbidity

    2. with critiques of off-line morbidity

    3. But given the role of Hollywood Jews in the late-twentieth century, these critiques could not be better stated

    4. He also did not see the critiques until after they were shared with the managers

    5. critiques, rewrite your paper, and then resubmit it to the same intern, and be sure to send her a note thanking her for her evaluation and ask her kindly to consider reading your rewrite and ask if she will consider reevaluating your grade for this particular project

    6. “Hey!” Trini said, extremely sensitive to critiques of her cooking

    7. critiques we’re looking at, which is that happiness brought about

    8. The first episode was watched by no fewer than twelve million and the critiques were without exception positive

    9. If a painter writes on canvas the words like light, darkness, shadows, colors, figures, mountains, river, trees, grass, birds etc and assumes that he has painted a great natural landscape and furthermore puts his work before a jury of art critiques for evaluation

    10. He personally presided over the division-wide conference call every morning, putting on a master class in TV producing, variously engaging in pointed critiques and lavish praise of our work, including details as small as the graphics and the individual shots that producers chose in their stories

    11. Then he took my letters and my papers et quelques-unes de mes ébauches historiques, critiques et politiques

    12. We have carefully analyzed their works, have written mountains of critiques and criticisms upon criticisms, and still more criticisms on criticisms; we have collected pictures in galleries, and thoroughly studied in detail different schools of art; and we possess symphonies and operas that it is with great difficulty we ourselves can listen to; but what have we added to the folk-lore, legends, tales, songs for the people? what pictures, what music, have we created for the people?

    1. It was indeed quite pleasant and relaxing, allowing her to quickly forget her astute critiquing process for the performance and permitting her to listen for pure enjoyment

    2. While they prepared to perform, the judges were still critiquing the last performers

    3. Our obsession with which multi-millionaire sports heros are defeating other painfully wealthy game players diverts us to vicariously mean by attentively observing and critiquing virally famous personages' escapades

    4. These caveats are more relevant to forming a skeptical assessment of high average returns than they are for critiquing findings of time series predictability

    5. While they spend much of their time critiquing how other businesses are run, money managers have their own businesses to run as well

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