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    1. Ten miles (and some twelve minutes) later I am at the Cooper Dean roundabout

    2. caught him up, the Dean of the Guild had mounted the

    3. the Dean wouldn’t accept for a moment

    4. ‘All the better,’ replied the Dean – without the hint of

    5. strolled over to the window – his back to the Dean

    6. motive the Dean can concoct for either of us killing

    7. the Dean of the Guild

    8. After a while the Dean lifted himself from

    9. Dean Grossin had to admit that he felt out of his depth

    10. he couldn’t see how Dean Grossin’s actions had insulted

    11. glance towards the Dean

    12. The Dean was simply

    13. For his part, the Dean had

    14. Dean had Richard’s scent in his nostrils and that the

    15. ‘I need a great deal more evidence,’ said the Dean,

    16. the Dean traced patterns on the desk with his finger

    17. before the Dean the following day he had to be forcibly

    18. from the Dean, and he took a quick look towards the

    19. The Dean held up his hands in a

    20. gesture to the Dean to stop interrupting

    21. Ducroix looked across at the Dean for

    22. that help?’ Ducroix glared at the Dean and shook his

    23. directing his question to the Dean of the Guild

    24. and the Dean was still standing open-mouthed behind him

    25. two men, and the Dean was still wondering at the Bailli’s

    26. Later that afternoon Dean Grossin stood scrutinising the

    27. the Dean of the Guild, and was afraid that his visitor had

    28. There was still one agent yet to report back, but the Dean

    29. told me – but for some reason the Dean of the Guild has

    30. Dean Grossin came to him this morning and demanded he

    31. aggressively at the Dean

    32. a glimpse of the smug, smiling face of Dean Grossin

    33. Warden and a Dean to be on a round to catch the defaulters but

    34. inebriety) that it was none other than the Dean on whom he had

    35. the application to the Dean, UG for his validation

    36. And while you do, keep in mind this from Deucalion, the Frankenstein Monster turned human in the writing of Dean Koontz, addressing the clone of his maker

    37. I do believe that in his latest novel, „The Dead Town," Dean Koontz had it just about right when he had one of his seedier characters declare: „We think different from what a bunch of pencil neck Ivy League professors of conflict resolution think

    38. Here"s how Dean Koontz, in his latest novel, „The Dead Town," has one of the protagonists describe it, and it is truly worth remembering

    39. You know his father is the Dean of the Psychology Department at Cal? That gave

    40. There was another wall, his ‘trophy’ wall that had him posing with celebrities, including Dean

    41. I read that Howard Dean recently criticized President Bush for having ―recklessly‖ engaged our nation in a war in order to satisfy a vendetta against ―a pathetic old man

    42. Dean is willing to extend an exculpatory ―mulligan‖ for evildoers who have reached a ―venerable‖ age; however uncertain that Mr

    43. Dean Smith will stay here while I go with Casey Jones

    44. Her son, Dean Mathias Adler, reads the

    45. At the Eleventh Circuit Court Conference in Hollywood Florida on May 17, 2005, Yale Law School Dean Harold Koh characterized Justices Anthony Kennedy, David Souter, Steven Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, John Paul Stevens, and Sandra Day O’Connor as enlightened “transnationalists

    46. The Justices to whom Dean Koh refers affirm, in their own words, that this is their intent

    47. What Judge Bork describes is part of the trendy new “transnationalism” of which Dean Koh spoke

    48. The Democrats’ Party Chairman, Howard Dean, shirtsleeves rolled up, face painted red, verging on apoplexy screamed, “I hate Republicans and everything they stand for!” So as to leave no doubt Dean explained

    49. Doctor Carmen Estrada-Schaye, Mexican and Academic Dean at Los Angeles City College, wrote him a note saying: “… I congratulate you for your poem

    50. The Vice President of the University of California at Irvine joined the Dean of Humanities and the Professors of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese to celebrate Roger’s success and to welcome him to their ranks

    1. In this situation of things, the sovereigns in the different states of Europe endeavoured to recover the influence which they had once had in the disposal of the great benefices of the church; by procuring to the deans and chapters of each diocese the restoration of their ancient right of electing the bishop ; and to the monks of each abbacy that of electing the abbot

    2. In 1981, he was named to the Deans Advisory Council of the Newhouse School of Communication at Syracuse University

    3. Nor will you have heard of Stephen Deans, convener of the Unite union and an employee of the plant at Grangemouth these past 24 years

    4. Well, Stephen Deans, and here the plot thickens, is the leader of the Falkirk Labour party, the very man behind the signing of dozens of new Labour members in Falkirk

    5. This offends against Ineos policy, so Mr Deans was suspended

    6. The union has been pressing for Mr Deans immediate reinstatement and when the company failed to cooperate, it threatened a strike by the workforce

    7. Barnes evidently thinks highly of deans, and Mrs

    8. Different blood, perhaps I should rather say; the blood of deans not being, I think, ever very fresh

    9. I felt certain she would have all the appreciation of the solemnity, the undeferability, of settling up that is characteristic of the virtuous poor; she would understand that even the wishes of deans must come second to this holy household rite

    10. Another great tangential source is college professors and deans of the business school in the area where the business is located, because they probably interact with the local business in some capacity

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