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    1. However, this truth is usually revealed to the advanced disciples only; the rest of us delude ourselves with the fairy tale of self-improvement – and we never get anywhere

    2. For those who would delude

    3. the best marketer who wins, not the best-qualified business! You can never delude yourself into thinking that

    4. our natural tendency to delude ourselves

    5. The nature of Maya is to delude

    6. How could I delude myself into thinking him being here means he still cares? He hates you remember? I thought pathetically

    7. “Your mother probably cast a spell to hide your scent and delude others of what you really are

    8. the bank to Tobias, she devised a plan to delude him

    9. This is the loss of God’s presence, and since no other apparent good can delude, the soul separated from the body and from sensory reality, this is absolute misfortune, radical deprivation and ‘mysterious and unfathomable torment’

    10. I couldn’t delude myself

    11. If man does not follow this way of belief, he will gloss over the matters necessary to his spirit and thereby delude it

    12. Eugene doesn't delude himself into thinking that her excitement over a day in the city has ended the conversation

    13. then again, this is a requisite for the ego if it is to successfully delude itself into believing in

    14. Don"t delude yourself

    15. To put it as bluntly and starkly as possible: the pinnacle of all human selective awareness, the pinnacle of all human intelligence, the pinnacle of our conscious awareness: resides in our ability to consciously lie, our ability to deceive, delude, deny… our ability to create out of our fevered brains any kind of abstract fabrication, any set of connections-identities-symbols-ideas-thoughts-feelings-motives-actions that are convenient, expedient, easier to live-with

    16. Undead entities are continuously honing their skills to delude and corrupt living humans because their survival depends on hiding the true nature of their existence from all living people

    17. � Both parties on a first date delude themselves and each other into being and acting like a different person than the one they feel themselves to be

    18. permits the hero on the white horse to deceive and delude those who follow his exhortations to

    19. created by the Priesthood of Belial, the devil is a Strong Lie told by evil men to deceive, delude,

    20. The three faiths of Abraham serve as a three-pronged (three pillars) grand deception to delude and subjugate

    21. USA and all nations deceive and delude their subjects into sacrificing their lives and the lives of the

    22. goal of these sorceries is to lure, ensnare and delude entire populations with the promise of great

    23. still manage to deceive, delude, and manipulate billions

    24. Consequently, most let heroes, leaders, and religions delude and mislead them

    25. delude them, hence the term “strong delusion

    26. Like those who used religious symbolism to delude and mislead, the history of the USA and

    27. He hated to delude himself, but he could not stop writing any more than he could stop dreaming

    28. the truth and delude entire populations

    29. unable to resist it as they struggled to create a body of literature to attract and delude religious

    30. That modification was inserted to delude followers and justify the many centuries of

    31. directly and clearly serve the purposes of the Vatican to delude and subjugate entire populations

    32. The primary purpose was to defraud and delude the mostly

    33. history of “crafting” (fabricating) mythical hero-gods to delude and manipulate populations

    34. faiths of Abraham serve as a three-pronged (three pillars) grand deception to delude and subjugate

    35. these cabals and religions have relied upon to deceive and delude you and everyone else

    36. and suffering of billions and actively deceive and delude the populations of nations to extend their

    37. If evil spirits had openly assumed the government of the nations, they could not have surpassed the ordinary reigning houses and hierarchies of the earth in the neglect of the true ends of administration, or in the active promotion of every influence, which can delude or deprave mankind

    38. As Camilla said this Lothario at first imagined it was some device to delude him into the idea that the man he had seen going out was Leonela's lover and not hers; but when he saw how she wept and suffered, and begged him to help her, he became convinced of the truth, and the conviction completed his confusion and remorse; however, he told Camilla not to distress herself, as he would take measures to put a stop to the

    39. Did you really think it was over? Did you honestly delude yourself for even one minute that Cruce would lie dormant?

    40. Each one was a girl of fair common sense, and she did not delude herself with any vain conceits, or deny her love, or give herself airs, in the idea of outshining the others

    41. In the typical case, therefore, the investor would delude himself if he expected to find in convertible issues that ideal combination of the safety of a high-grade bond and price protection plus a chance to benefit from an advance in the price of the common

    42. This just isn’t true for most so we can’t delude ourselves into believing that the glossy brochure returns are the same as what we have actually received in our account

    43. Everywhere preparations were made not for ceremonious welcomes (which he knew Pierre would not like), but for just such gratefully religious ones, with offerings of icons and the bread andunderstanding of his master, would touch and delude him

    44. Catherine we would fain have deluded yet; but her own quick spirit refused to delude her: it divined in secret, and brooded on the dreadful probability, gradually ripening into certainty

    45. They may delude us

    46. “I will make the world acknowledge you a beauty, too,” he went on, while I really became uneasy at the strain he had adopted, because I felt he was either deluding himself or trying to delude me

    47. To do otherwise would be to delude yourself that your stocks, no matter how cheap they appeared to you, would be magically immune if the whole market was to correct

    48. For the most part, in this tropic whaling life, a sublime uneventfulness invests you; you hear no news; read no gazettes; extras with startling accounts of commonplaces never delude you into unnecessary excitements; you hear of no domestic afflictions; bankrupt securities; fall of stocks; are never troubled with the thought of what you shall have for dinner—for all your meals for three years and more are snugly stowed in casks, and your bill of fare is immutable

    49. “Why delude ourselves?” he added, still with the same smile

    50. Millions and millions of money, tens of millions of disciplined soldiers, marvelous weapons of destruction, an infinitely perfected organization, legions of men charged to delude and hypnotize the people,—this is all under the control of men who believe that this organization is advantageous for them, who know that without it they would disappear, and who therefore devote all their energy to its maintenance

    1. Both were involved in the sin, but only Eve allowed herself to be deluded

    2. “You think they are that deluded?”

    3. "If Alan is as deluded as they are

    4. In the beginning, he allowed himself to be deluded by her youthful beauty, convincing himself they were a pair of young lovers, not some ignorant boy enthralled by an immortal

    5. UBO: And I'm pretty confident that the Pope's latest announcement has nothing to do with scripture and everything to do with his own strangely deluded reactionary views

    6. into the hearts of the mortals deluded into

    7. ’ She couldn’t be sure he’d get the sarcasm, rather than think that was just a massively deluded statement

    8. ‘He was deluded by his own power – the power you gave him

    9. Her hero was a rapist and terrorist who bombed public housing, made painfully bad 30 page speeches, demonized all religion and compassion, and deluded himself into thinking society would collapse without elites

    10. It would be interesting to observe the mind to monitor how often peaceful or deluded mind states arise

    11. Jack studied Suzy for a moment as she stretched out on the sofa and thought what a deluded, self absorbed, vain creature she was

    12. world and of the world, but you are not deluded by it

    13. der the deluded concept that all Border Control Agents should be

    14. Unfortunately there are always a few misguided or deluded individuals who cannot see what is best for them

    15. Do be deluded by the Jewish Left,

    16. For he has said that circumcision is not that which was made in the flesh; but they have transgressed for an evil angel has deluded them

    17. “Oust the RKU? Oh my dear, deluded Al fanny

    18. "You are deluded

    19. genuine relic, and the fact that the people are deluded in their belief does not affect its usefulness, since their devotion is genuine, and that is the important thing

    20. Such souls are deluded by the smallness of their intellects

    21. That he was a deluded and harmless religious fanatic

    22. And if you seek to substitute the word God for the reality of this ideal of the living God, you have only deluded yourself by putting an idea in the place of an ideal, a divine reality

    23. while the mind is deluded by dogma

    24. end to the misconception of deluded idolatry!

    25. Pritikin, and all you other deluded pieces of shit)—have found the solution of all solutions—a way to

    26. But they will never do so in an independent African state where the leaders are chosen by their ability to rouse the primitive emotions of a mob of ignorant, deluded, predatory savages

    27. Both charlatans and deluded believers abound

    28. and now this, what was it, this idea? So strong, so deluded, it crystallized into words

    29. than the stunning, dark-haired girl in his deluded sights

    30. birth, the deluded ones sink to the lowest hell without ever

    31. Many Yogic students get deluded

    32. For the life of me, I simply cannot understand how Satan could have become so blinded and so deluded to think that this was even a possibility to begin with

    33. Was he friendly with me only for the old times’ sake? Hadn’t I noticed that his looks lacked passion? How I deluded myself then, all along thinking that he could have been inhibited in Sathyam’s presence

    34. It is this religious conditioning of the believers that fortifies their animosity towards the deviant, and that comes in handy for the fanatically deluded among the umma to set them on suicide missions

    35. they are deluded; they put on varied appearances merely for their

    36. ful, deluded being with a futile life? But, as we have seen, Arjun of the

    37. with an egoistic and deluded mind presumes that he himself is the

    38. “Is it, O the mighty-armed, that this deluded man with no haven

    39. “But the rewards of these deluded men are finite because they only

    40. They are hardlly to blame for this, for their deluded minds, wherever

    41. that deluded men whose wisdom is ravished by desires worship other

    42. these alluring words are also deluded, as a result of which they fail to do that which is worthwhile and just

    43. he had become a victim of such a deluded notion

    44. The ambiguous cheering from outside the car mutated inside Byron’s head into one big cheer for him, suitably deluded he finally stepped from the car accompanied, and guarded against bolting, by the beautiful Flower and Candy

    45. The limousine drove quietly and quickly away and removed any chance of salvation for Byron’s deluded resolve

    46. endlessly deluded about our self-concept of rationality

    47. ignorant and deluded by the senses

    48. And meanwhile, there was nothing for it but to do, for the last time, the deluded, arrogant woman's bidding, and go along

    49. However, he"d always deluded himself into thinking he could evade that

    50. Luckily, I have an ever-resilient wife who remains steadfast (if deluded) in her conviction that I’m not, in fact, a worthless piece of excrement

    1. someone deludes himself with the fancy that the

    2. It may be preferable to express this concept as everything happens exactly as it is going to and your mind constantly deludes you by trying to tell you otherwise

    3. Sadly for the umma, the gullible Arabs of yore catapulted their ‘cult of Muhammad’ onto the altar of faith as the ‘religion of Islam’, which deludes the deprived ‘here’ by dangling the doles in ‘the hereafter’, and that takes the poor Musalmans neither here nor there in the modern ‘world of opportunities’

    4. “Since the senses, mind, and intellect are the seats of desire, it is through them that it deludes a being by clouding-his faculty of

    5. Desire is a terrible foe, for it deludes the Soul through the senses

    6. sequently, deludes the Soul, lays one unconscious in the dark night of

    7. So, we go to virtual worlds to find places to hide where we are again enchanted to reveal ourselves freely, but even there, especially there, our dream of liberty deludes us

    8. He deludes himself And that just suits your madam

    9. He deludes himself

    10. The contents of this terribly immoral production are as follows: a charming girl, with an innocent soul, but corrupted in the forms which she has acquired in the corrupt surroundings of her mother, deludes the debauchee

    11. In the same way all who take part in such an affair, from the highest representative of authority who signs his assent to the report, from the superintendent presiding at the recruiting sessions, and the priest who deludes the recruits, to the lowest soldier who is ready now to fire on his own brothers, imagine, in the intoxication of power or of servility, that they are some conventional characters

    1. Friendship after all? I was probably deluding myself, but we were still here, and I thought the worst was over

    2. (Even those armchair generals who imagine a victory at Gettysburg would bring US defeat are deluding themselves

    3. I could look around the entire estate like a crazy person, but I'd be deluding myself

    4. ‘You are deluding yourself if you think sinners will respond to such a simple message,’ he responded thinly

    5. Avi wondered if she was deluding herself, but rationalized that trying to stop her mother once she set her mind on something was next to impossible

    6. Stop deluding yourself

    7. "Or maybe I'm just deluding myself

    8. Sometimes she felt encouraged and hopeful that her relationship with Joel was deeper than mere friendship, and other times she wondered if she was simply deluding herself about the depth of Joel’s feelings for herself

    9. Was he really that great after all or was he just constantly deluding himself? If he was as awesome as he tells himself he was, then why can't he tap into that and get Blondie to quit being crazy?

    10. He was, unconsciously, eager to see her while deluding himself that his heart was turning cold

    11. What better way of deluding the masses into thinking that these Royal families were on their side, but to go to war? The schizoid split between the familial/clan togetherness of European royal society all being intermarried with each other and related to each other, and each royal family’s nation going to war against the other so millio0ns of the lower class could die in their name as mortal enemies while they retained their fucking personal friendships is a moral ethical filthiness born of pure royal stupidity, royal smugness and royal arrogance

    12. "� Happily and not paradoxically, this nature of the becoming self, in that it is becoming, precludes our deluding ourselves into believing we can ever possess it

    13. Deluding the whole world into believing that a 2-minute jet fuel fire can collapse a 100 story steel girder high-rise office building

    14. symbolizes all the lies told about heaven, the Creator, and the true nature of reality by priests and their ilk to increase their status and wealth by deceiving and deluding whole populations

    15. primary tool for deluding and brainwashing populations, controlling the empire, and profiting from

    16. He wondered if he was deluding himself to believe that he actually did have some constant self which would accompany his journey through life, or if this was just a coping mechanism people used to make sense of the world

    17. to a stock's price is deluding themselves

    18. And for this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they might believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness" (2 Thessalonians 2:3-12; See 1 Timothy 4:1-3)

    19. There is nothing more dangerous than this licentious and deluding art, which changeth the meaning of words as alchemy doth, or would do, the substance of metals, making of anything what it listeth, and bringing in the end all truth to nothing

    20. And for this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they might believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness" [2 Thessalonians 2:3-12; See 1

    21. Wherefore they threatened, that the cage nor irons should serve their turn, but that they should die, for the abuse they had done, and for deluding the men of the fair

    22. It’s a shame I didn’t think to clean the heads of the recorder, as there are 78 rpms by Memphis Minnie or Charlie Patton that have better fidelity, but there is enough of an imprint on the oxide to show that we weren’t entirely deluding ourselves

    23. Why had he come obtruding his life into hers, hers that might have been whole enough without him? Why had he brought his cheap regard and his lip-born words to her who had nothing paltry to give in exchange? He knew that he was deluding her—wished, in the very moment of farewell, to make her believe that he gave her the whole price of her heart, and knew that he had spent it half before

    24. “I will make the world acknowledge you a beauty, too,” he went on, while I really became uneasy at the strain he had adopted, because I felt he was either deluding himself or trying to delude me

    25. In a diversified institutional portfolio, with 50-plus names, you're deluding yourself if you think you can have some unique inside scoop on more than a handful of the names you own

    26. Money lavished by hundreds of millions, tens of millions of disciplined troops, weapons of astounding destructive power, all organizations carried to the highest point of perfection, a whole army of men charged with the task of deluding and hypnotizing the people, and all this, by means of electricity which annihilates distance, under the direct control of men who regard such an organization of society not only as necessary for profit, but even for self-preservation, and therefore exert every effort of their ingenuity to preserve it—what an invincible power it would seem! And yet we need only imagine for a moment what will really inevitably come to pass, that is, the Christian social standard replacing the heathen social standard and established with the same power and universality, and the majority of men as much ashamed of taking any part in violence or in profiting by it, as they are to-day of thieving, swindling, begging, and cowardice; and at once we see the whole of this complex, and seemingly powerful organization of society falls into ruins of itself without a struggle

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