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    1. The Book of Judges is a vivid demonstration of the repeated apostasy of God’s people

    2. Only once, in a rare demonstration of sincerity, he admitted that the subconscious affects human behaviour only by 2%

    3. "My captive house incident that ended in a really out-of-control demonstration, and the trek across the Kinsheeta was very harsh

    4. This bird is about the size of a hawk I once saw at a demonstration of falconry, its feathers glisten in the sunlight, flashing green one moment and blue the next

    5. so I won’t interfere with the demonstration

    6. demonstration to illustrate to everyone in the audience

    7. see such a spectacular demonstration of this,’ said

    8. The demonstration having been given, they traded stations with her and set themselves to the task

    9. was Tom’s turn to climb the tower, he was treated to a demonstration

    10. As arranged, after they departed the dock the next day and had eaten their little lunch, George put posthole diggers in their hands, gave them a brief demonstration of how he wished them to use the tools and went back to the house

    11. 'I’ll need a token – a demonstration that I can trust

    12. more of the matter as a demonstration of Christian

    13. Neither Chloe, nor Kaitlyn were prepared for that demonstration any more than I was

    14. He would use this as a demonstration

    15. that it is only by God’s grace that we can walk with him, and that grace often comes through a demonstration of his power

    16. “I think they already expected a reply similar to the one you have given and I would expect them to be very wary on school visits lest they pass by a demonstration in the village

    17. "Perhaps a demonstration would help to explain things

    18. was a clear demonstration of the importance and prestige

    19. lucrative and in contradiction with his demonstration so

    20. A clear demonstration of the punishment if answers weren’t prompt

    21. demonstration would deter Tragus from the chase

    22. There couldn’t have been a clearer demonstration of how he’d deal with further disobedience

    23. The one he picked out for the purpose of this demonstration was called Hamilton Squiggles: a serene and particularly intellectual looking animal, that watched disinterestedly as Pong once again started to swing his mong stick above his head

    24. Satisfaction of this goal meets two basic needs: relatedness to others and demonstration of competence

    25. It took some convincing and even a demonstration that was almost disastrous when one of the Elders, Clive Roberts, inadvertently took it to the next level

    26. He actually thought the freak I was using as a demonstration was a friend in disguise

    27. The Hungarian waiter was highly amused at Jack's demonstration and had turned up the piped gypsy music and soon had them all dancing the Csardas awkwardly between the tables

    28. connected to Frank's Aspiration, and gave a brief demonstration

    29. I must, however, stress that this is not intended as an offensive strategy against Western interests, merely a demonstration of solidarity against neo-imperialist aggression

    30. Was this merely a demonstration: a warning shot of what was to come? That had been the consensus – and likewise the belief that another one would be on its way very shortly

    31. Jean noticed Del staring at her intently when she finished each demonstration

    32. ” Given the previous demonstration of how he could see through lies, the truth seemed a safer choice

    33. He went into a series of open-handed blocks, each a demonstration in economy of motion, each followed by what she imagined were joint locks

    34. As a diversion the demonstration was a success; but the attack was a failure as a flank movement against Santiago

    35. After that blunt demonstration against terrorism, the country seemed united in showing to the world that it was also determined to face it without fear and with resolve to support a definitely antiterrorist government as was the one Aznar led

    36. From this vantage of seeing without being seen, he was attempting, if not to bring an end to this street demonstration, to prevent the next by identifying those inciting the campesinos and radioing the information to Guardia Nacional troops ringing the plaza

    37. The parents and the child accepted this unplanned demonstration of LOVE quietly and calmly, but with some anxiety, I felt, too

    38. This was the best way of preventing the Police from attacking the demonstration as they had done so many times in previous demonstrations across the world

    39. The embassy would be delighted to have the infamous Comandante Cobra assisting him in returning former combatants peacefully to their homeland, a demonstration of good intentions that would definitely keep the aid dollars flowing

    40. “I only have these, they’ll be okay,” she answered, stomping her feet in a little demonstration of their versatility

    41. demonstration for school in 2007, was proof enough

    42. Within a couple of years we were presenting demonstration classes for leaders in education, and I was asked to write a paper on my use of music

    43. Before she closed the door, I heard her say something about a demonstration

    44. ” Carefully, as though delivering a demonstration lecture to his students – for these had all been students of his – he showed them, pointing out with his finger that the patterns were “textbook” cases of Focal Epilepsy

    45. He could have chosen a demonstration island, but a “dud” would have been counterproductive

    46. pain-points with current systems, a demonstration of the new tool live in the workshop

    47. “Andreya, please show the fleet demonstration,” I said aloud, then across our connection, “Can you make an illusion of this?” and sent her a series of mental images

    48. But, since Dad put the fear of god into Kelly, I thought it would be best to put on a TV detective demonstration for her benefit

    49. He pressed me to stay in the castle that evening and the next day he would take me along to see a demonstration of the training of a unit of landsknecht, his infantry formations

    50. Demonstration Site for the University

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