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    1. Lost Cause partisans also led long campaigns to denigrate Lincoln, Grant, and Sherman, creating myths such as the supposed horrors of the march through Georgia

    2. Back in 1992 she made comments that appeared to denigrate housewives

    3. dreadful action was accomplished by the ruling elite to denigrate

    4. That was not to denigrate the qualities of the North Korean and Chinese soldiers, though: up to now, despite suffering from a poor logistical support system and not enjoying air superiority, the enemy soldiers had proved to be brave, sturdy and ferocious infantrymen with first class field craft skills

    5. denigrate the density and heaviness of our physical bodies

    6. dence of his efforts to isolate and denigrate Tulku Dragpa Gyaltsen

    7. Those are the ones who should be forever revered as true ‘heroes’ and for folks whose jobs depend on public approbation to include all the ‘victims’ in that highest category of human behavior is to denigrate the true sacrifice made by the authentic heroes of that horrendous day

    8. As a result: the tendency to laugh at and denigrate whatever people do not understand creates an even greater trauma of shame

    9. Let alone the intention to denigrate women, which, finally, only shows up mean, unsubtle male chauvinist pigs, as the current expression goes, who are not only scorned by the tender sex but are unable to appreciate their myriad qualities and defects,

    10. every time her husband would denigrate them; for she was a woman who resisted injustice

    11. Selfish, militant people are able to denigrate anything

    12. There is a temptation to denigrate walking meditation as less serious or rigorous than seated meditation, but this is wrong

    13. But westerners tended to use the word ‘tribe’ to denigrate other peoples, to suggest that they weren’t as advanced as Western ‘nations’ – and to use that as an excuse for grabbing their lands

    1. Millions of German-Americans suddenly found their loyalty questioned and their very culture denigrated as barbaric

    2. In the book of Nehemiah, we read how the opposition came together to mock the wall Nehemiah was building, unable to physically assault the city, they stood off away and denigrated the work being done

    3. All throughout history, women have been denigrated as second-class citizens

    4. Because we can not speak without the aid of computers, because we can not travel on the land, and intermingle with you, and write, and quarrel and play, we are denigrated to second class citizens

    5. been so denigrated that unless voters do what the evil managers of

    6. honoured and sometimes denigrated, but they as well as Vaishya and

    7. asp?id=394168), Hindus getting outraged at the Deepa Mehta film ‘Water‘ which only exposed the truth about the condition of widows in the 1920s and nowhere denigrated the Hindu religion per se, before its release, to the extent of not letting it be screened in India owing to threats of violence, Sikhs turning violent against the Dera Sacha Sauda because their leader Ram Rahim Singh dressed up like one of the Sikh gurus or Indian Jews protesting against Anupam Kher acting as Hitler in a Hollywood movie, are far more irrational and unfounded

    8. Rejects, powerless and poor and denigrated,

    9. Events such as out-of-body experiences and past life therapy should be studied by Scientifics analysis before being denigrated by the western scientific paradigm

    10. How can you expect any civilized person to voluntarily undergo any kind of fundamental change that might threaten their own position? Let one person challenge any normality, tradition, custom, or any socially-publicly accepted custom: and they are laughed at, vilified, denigrated, jailed, tarred and feathered, burned, ostracized, exiled, crucified, burned at the stake, shot, hung … the enormous resistance to all new truths has never changed throughout civilized history

    11. Reptiles do not understand the concept of justice: they have consistently laughed at it and denigrated it, simply because they have never ever been brought to face any justice themselves

    12. A toxic relationship, where either party is being ‘physically’ harmed, verbally denigrated, and where personal growth and needs are neglected, is not a caring and loving relationship

    13. He was constantly denigrated, put down, picked upon, teased and tormented and as a

    14. This is probably the principal reason why nearly all writers about financial accounting and security analysis have denigrated the importance of NAV as a tool of valuation, emphasizing instead a primacy of earnings

    1. � Our identity somehow always finds the "No" in what the self does, and in that "No" our identity denies the value and denigrates the effort of the self in its attempt to choose a "Yes

    1. denigrating the other party

    2. I did not think for a minute that the denigrating spectacle had been caused on our fault

    3. When I was about to protest denigrating of such a system and to praise the benefits of the paper currency of the capitalism, then, I remembered Leonardo’s wise words enacted upon my arrival, advising me on the respect for traditions and the inhabitants of the village

    4. Those had been very strict in their opinions, naming me with denigrating adjectives such as "foolish" and "insane"; but, in the eyes of the wizard, I should preserve both my reputation and my behavior, so I decided not to report the failures of my character

    5. quick glance, as if to say “Nicely done” for denigrating the gentleman in such a sophisticated manner on the spot

    6. temperance leaguers or mad mothers would have us denigrating the

    7. denigrating toward women and was created by Mohammed

    8. How many people try to develop a sense of humor? How many people can entertain themselves and others by their spontaneous sense of humor… without ever wanting or needing to go see a movie, or watch TV? How much fun can you spread around by making yourself, and other people laugh: without denigrating them or yourself by any bad intent? What would humans be without a sense of humor? What kind of humor is humane; and what kind is not? Generally, the more ego you have, the less fun you have, the less you laugh, the less funny you are, the more boring you are, the less humane you are

    9. Giving blanket priority to income account considerations and thereby denigrating the importance of balance sheet items, however, seems to disadvantage many research department analysts and conventional money managers because they ignore qualitative and quantitative balance sheet data as sources for estimating future flows, whether cash or earnings

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