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    1. That area wasn't deep in the atmosphere, just above Earth's sea-level atmospheric density, still highland for this planet where half the population breathed air at twenty five psi or more

    2. They’re made for finding metals and high density materials at a distance

    3. The bone, full of air bubbles inherited from the creature’s flying ancestors to reduce weight and density, skittled across the stone floor and came to rest by MacKenzie’s bare feet

    4. Also, there’s the obvious fact that the amount of energy required to give animalistic intelligence to a tree would require a magnetic monopole super-imposed within a super-massive black hole isolated within a Higgs Field times the density of a weakless universe divided by the sub-particle wave length of the root square of an isosceles triangle subtracting the para-statistical metadata equal to the maximum level of sub-atomic exotic particles, then acting under the assumption that in the event of the self-intersection of cosmic strings triggered by inordinate radiation, there would exist somewhere an object that was both simultaneously larger than the entire universe and smaller than an atom, blatantly violating the Law of Conservation of Energy

    5. "Of course this ship is the density of space boulders," she told him, "it's mostly solid silicon with the ability to rotate the modules around

    6. The population density of wildlife on the Zhlindu hill was definitely higher in total weight and number of species than central Dos, and Dos is a very green city

    7. The newest article we saw said they had measured the density of the boulders as being too dense to be a starship because it would have to be filled in with loose rock and snow

    8. The Huntress had been wrinkling away from the cluster, since the Elf retired to her boudoir to change, toward another much smaller stellar dust cloud so similar in density to the Waghtnin it made a most convincing stage for their show

    9. The specific surface is from 15 to 25 m2/kg and above; bulk density is from 150 to 250 kg/m3

    10. Durability of concrete in the terms of influence of aggressive environment is provided by application of concrete with a high density, by use initial components with the proper chemical composition and application at a necessity the special measures of concrete's defense (application of isolating materials, admixtures etc

    11. Ability of material to absorb γ - radiation is in proportion to its density

    12. Concrete is effective material for biological protection of reactor as if it combines successfully at comparatively low cost high density and specified hydrogen content in chemically bound water

    13. Strength of lightweight concrete is correlated with their density (Fig

    14. - at specified types of coarse and fine aggregates with given values of their density;

    15. - at specified type and density of coarse porous aggregate with possible selection of sand type;

    16. Selection of coarse porous aggregate is conducted on the basis of empirical data that link their bulk density with density (ρ ) and strength of concrete c

    17. These materials can be subsumed to lightweight concrete are characterized by low density (300-800 kg/m3) and heat conductivity (0

    18. French researchers found that a flavanoid called phloridzin that is found only in apples may protect post-menopausal women from osteoporosis and may also increase bone density

    19. The heavier elements have stronger gravitational density; the higher the density of gravitons the longer it takes for the field to affect the object

    20. Harvo was uploaded into a processor unit before being placed within a dutainium box approximating the density of the astronomer’s ship

    21. In the most common models, the Universe was filled homogeneously and isotropically with an incredibly high energy density, huge temperatures and pressures, and was very rapidly expanding and cooling

    22. After these annihilations, the remaining protons, neutrons and electrons were no longer moving relativistically and the energy density of the Universe was dominated by photons (with a minor contribution from neutrinos)

    23. A few minutes into the expansion, when the temperature was about a billion (one thousand million kelvin) and the density was about that of air, neutrons combined with protons to form the Universe‘s deuterium and helium nuclei in a process called Big Bang nucleosynthesis

    24. As the Universe cooled, the rest mass energy density of matter came to gravitationally dominate that of the photon radiation

    25. In an "extended model" which includes hot dark matter in the form of neutrinos, if the "physical baryon density" Omega-bh2 is estimated at about 0

    26. 023 (this is different from the “baryon density” Omega-b expressed as a fraction of the total matter/energy density, which as noted above is about 0

    27. 046), and the corresponding cold dark matter density Omega-ch2 is about 0

    28. 11, the corresponding neutrino density Omega-vh2 is estimated to be less than 0

    29. The observations suggest 73% of the total energy density of today‘s Universe is in this form

    30. It was the best possible location, but because it was already a high density, high traffic area there was some concern about cars running in and out of there all day long

    31. would have a different density,” she elaborated

    32. How low density air volume in conjunction with (accelerated) motion is

    33. The Rhodesians also developed penetrating ground radar scanning for difference in density in the ground to see where landmines were planted

    34. The density altitude is pressure altitude corrected for temperature variations

    35. “Show population density in whites, yellows and browns

    36. The highest mountains were less than three kilometres high, although there were a lot of them, and the density was about point seven-eight

    37. Bangkok itself is far safer than most, if not any, city with such a high population and density

    38. density of stars in it

    39. There are 4th dimensional souls who have incarnated into a 3rd density system (earth) in order to grow spiritually

    40. When these conditions occur, singly or in multiples, the social pulse can be taken according to their density and distribution along the scale of values suggested above

    41. our thoughts and the density of our surroundings

    42. think that ten years from now there will be the population density

    43. The city had a high population density

    44. I quickly washed it in the ocean, and my density in this form protected me to some extent

    45. Without warning, the woman in front of him comes to an abrupt halt, and Ralph all but knocks her over, saving them both at the last moment by wheeling left into the density of trees

    46. The fool feels nothing; he is merely wondering if the difference in the air’s density comes from changes in the landscape they journey through

    47. Return the part and the entire infinite field of space returns to zero mass, zero density, zero energy

    48. A false vacuum state has more energy than the true vacuum, which is taken to have zero energy density

    49. The false vacuum has positive energy density

    50. The ‘high density of information’ was described by one reporting individual as enabling him to count every nearby mosquito; but equally common is the description of feeling the emotional experience of the other parties, including in one case virtually everyone in a room

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