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    1. Well Valla spurned him and sucked his biggest enemy's bioengineered dick on stage at a sex den in the town where we lived back in Wescarp

    2. When he was honest with himself he knew why, he was just a casual thing to her, a roommate with a handy dick

    3. I would’ve looked like a dick head standing there, babbling excuses of why

    4. Then there was Professor Dick Hertz, who tragically lost his life in a freak poison-dart incident during one of his University Lectures

    5. Unless Bob has made a special study of how to fall on his backside without looking like a dick, he would perhaps be best advised to avoid this position

    6. The older son was named Dick and he was sixteen

    7. Dick had been making almost daily visits to Mrs

    8. When she had finished this task, she stepped outside just in time to see Dick, the sixteen-year-old, turning off the road and coming toward her

    9. Knowing the Brown boys and the way they used their cocks, she wouldn’t have placed an attempt at incest beyond the capabilities of either of them, especially Dick

    10. “Why don’t you come inside and let me see how you are today, Dick,” she said, making her voice lower in pitch for the purpose of getting a rise out of him

    11. Jimmy was only thirteen, and not as large a boy as Dick

    12. “Where’s Dick?” he asked

    13. “Don’t tell Dick I told you

    14. Dick did not like being called “dear

    15. “I didn’t think I was gonna be this hot, not after all that jacking off stuff last night with Dick

    16. Much to her delight, Dick pulled his cock out of his brother and with something akin to a wild roar of a young animal, moved up on the bed and sank his prick into her mouth

    17. Even if he’s a dick

    18. A person would install a Bible Code Search software program on a computer that contains various compilations of Hebrew and Greek Scriptures and even modern-day writings such as “Moby Dick” or “War and Peace”

    19. "It was named after Dick Whittington,

    20. greenhand, which ultimately lead to his writing the novel Moby Dick

    21. put their dick into but what they really need is a woman who will

    22. pretend that they love their man and appreciate their dick rather

    23. and put both hands on his dick

    24. base of his dick

    25. as his dick into her vagina of course

    26. his fly and grasping his hot red dick

    27. Amiela opened her eyes to find Logan smiling down upon her with his dick buried to the hilt

    28. It seemed like every Tom, Dick and Harry back home could write about what was going on even telling the papers but we could not get one little place name past the censor and it sickened me

    29. Case in point: He refused to consider the recommendations of some of his top advisors that his administration move forward toward a federal law that would require the driver"s license of every alien to expire with the expiration of that person"s visa so that, as Dick Morris recently wrote: „…a routine traffic stop could trigger the deportation process" (to say nothing of preventing flying lessons)

    30. Nathan jiggled some more and managed to poke Esther in the eye with his large and fully extended dick

    31. for it was holiday time; but no Dick passed

    32. "Do us a favour mate," he said, "see if you can find his dick, will you? You never know, the doctors just might be able to sew it back on again for the poor sod

    33. While the more cynical put the blame on Dick Cheney for his control of government intelligence, again this plays upon the falsehood of Bush as unintelligent

    34. "Well, in that case, I sure hope that surgeon used really strong cotton to sew Grunt's dick back on after his accident with the geese

    35. “Not trying to dick me around are you? That really wouldn’t be a good idea

    36. Vice President Dick Cheney amassed the most power and influence of any Vice President in US history, using his reach mostly in intelligence

    37. Oh yeah, right! She’s always with guys younger even than himself, wops and now even a nigger, but he’s the one who gets called a degenerate for humping a white woman! So there she is screaming her feminist crap and telling him that he has to let both of the broads go while his dick just melts away

    38. So now what? Was he really going to go out and shut off her lights too? He could picture her still, naked, over there by the window, soft brown all over like coffee with double cream, perky up-facing titties, a perfect tear-drop ass, that smile of hers, and fiery hot with emotions that made his dick pulsate

    39. That was more his style, at least that one had a dick, a big one that hung down like a fire hose

    40. A fatal or incapacitating assassination would make Dick Cheney the President

    41. Almost as much as Dick Cheney, she remains a deeply polarizing figure

    42. The buildings that featured a number of sculpted decorations, in an Art Deco style, had been designed by the notable British sculptor: Sir William Reid Dick were designed to be symbolic figures including heraldic devices and large bronze doors that were supposed to represent the journey from earth to heaven

    43. Just like in a Dick Francis novel

    44. “I’m no major, Dick

    45. I’ll call you Dick

    46. I didn’t have time to establish his name (probably Dick!), nationality or the precise details of their relationship but I did notice that quite a few customers had left the Bank without completing their transactions

    47. Junya by his dick

    48. who could not get pussy if he put his dick on the end of a fishing pole and threw

    49. and Junya was a jealous dick rider that wanted to hang out with his crew; a

    50. Junya rushed and put his dick

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