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    1. I would probably be advised by the local “boys in blue” that I was providing information liable to promote discrimination

    2. Of, course, they always find plenty of other excuses: success in business, increase of wealth, religious, racial or political discrimination etc

    3. Despite this soft discrimination, the new-me

    4. This discrimination is true spiritual wisdom

    5. Nevertheless, some of us remain an atheist because religion too, has become a bone of contention, as it has been misused for encouraging discrimination and division

    6. There is no discrimination in life

    7. The stigma (in law anyway) disappeared when the law was adapted to stop the discrimination

    8. * The “three fighter pilots” comment refers to an article that the South African Air Force (because of budget cuts and a failed employment discrimination policy—no whites allowed) now has almost no pilots and very few operational aircraft

    9. His kindly tact and firm discrimination then had a marked effect

    10. His rebels were mostly Afro-Cubans, and the Cuban Revolution succeeded in ending job discrimination, with Blacks especially prominent in the military today

    11. Carter himself in recent years described conditions in Gaza and the West Bank as “apartheid” with widespread segregation, discrimination, and the entire population collectively punished by the Israeli government

    12. What is less certain is how many Black lives may be saved in the future not only from lynchings and related race-motivated violence, but from lessened poverty and discrimination

    13. There was no discrimination in spite of his

    14. Forms of Discrimination Against Women that would be included in the EO

    15. b) Actions against the social and sexual discrimination

    16. External factors is the discrimination and ridicule of others

    17. Because of increasing discrimination culminating in expulsion last year, they had mostly left

    18. I have never had any patience for discrimination, and racists really got me pissed

    19. In subsequent opinions over a slow century or so the Court justified slavery, and validated racial discrimination through separate treatment of the black and white races even after slavery had ended

    20. It has validated discrimination against white males contrary to the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment

    21. When through the practice of discrimination and detachment

    22. M: Discrimination and dispassion practised now will yield their

    23. the faculty of discrimination

    24. other types of discrimination

    25. So he filed a discrimination complaint with the EEOC saying that he had been

    26. corporation with sex discrimination a couple of years ago because

    27. more accusations of being a Christ-killer, no more discrimination in job selection, no more restrictions to ghettos…no more other

    28. “Thank you! I have always thought that the use of money is a form of discrimination, since some people have a lot, and because of this make much more, while others have little, and, with so little, they can’t make more

    29. Caste Based Discrimination in the Hill Districts of Mid and Far Western Developments Regions,

    30. Bill: My ex-supervisor, the father of executed murderer Jeff Dillingham, at the behest of his evil corporate overlords laid me off--ostensibly due to program budget cuts but it was actually a case of cleverly disguised age discrimination and managerial hatred

    31. Now I will reveal the most common discrimination on choice that goes

    32. negative forms of discrimination that are “officially” frowned upon

    33. In South Africa he experienced first hand discrimination and oppression because of his Indian origin

    34. Concepts such as discernment and discrimination are highly

    35. So long as the pupil is too ignorant to be sure of his vision and powers of discrimination, is it not natural that it is the guide who should be responsible for the sins of him whom He has led

    36. first of them, Discrimination, called by the Hindus Viveka , was described as Manodvaravajjana , which means the opening of the doors of the mind, or

    37. putting it, since Discrimination arises from the fact that our minds have been

    38. Criminal harassment should not be confused with how "harassment" is often used in contexts such as workplace discrimination lawsuits

    39. Federal and state laws ban discrimination against certain types of people in certain situations, such as at work or in housing decisions

    40. In these non-criminal contexts, the victim can sue the harasser in a private civil lawsuit, alleging that the harassment constitutes discrimination

    41. It is the possession of such powers of spiritual discrimination and truth choosing that makes mortal man a moral being, a creature endowed with the attributes of spiritual responsibility and the potential of eternal survival

    42. Wise discrimination and sound judgment should dictate your decisions regarding the bequest of riches to your successors

    43. Large pieces of furniture were scattered all around the room and there were paintings on the walls, selected with scrupulous judgement and discrimination

    44. 11 "The Father's human children have equal capacity for the reception of material blessings; therefore does he bestow things physical upon the children of men without discrimination

    45. In most countries around the world, age discrimination is actually considered illegal

    46. Pentecost obliterated all religious discrimination founded on racial distinction, cultural differences, social caste, or sex prejudice

    47. The children were taught to not even consider or worry about discrimination, even though it was there in Texas

    48. They ate and slept in the car, avoiding all the discrimination that they would have met had tried restaurants and motels

    49. Discrimination brought much of this about

    50. It was a simple case of business discrimination

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