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    do in

    1. Herndon announced he had some remote work to do in the boat and headed for the dock

    2. “And what did you do in the Militia?” Becca rests her chin in her palm

    3. employees, for my business? What would I have to do in the company

    4. She was well away from her command controls now and there would be nothing she could do in time before he got to her

    5. "Look, I respect your tradition Travis, and I respect everything that you had to do in order to gain that mark, but you have seen what they are capable of, you saw what happened to Rocco

    6. ‘You had a lot to do in that play, must have been hard learning all the lines

    7. Not knowing what else to do in order to improve my social life, I have decided to quit gyms and start taekwondo lessons at Nicky's school, which is only a five-minute walk from my house

    8. His wife of twenty years chose the pension and condo in Sao Luis rather than a berth on the Lula and now she was his greatest disappointment, he knew then it had been a one-sided relationship all along

    9. He understood the bravado in what she was trying to do

    10. "What will he do in the city?"

    11. what would I do in his shoes,

    12. “So what do we do in the meantime?”

    13. As you know Italy is predominantly Catholic, but the Gottesmen are tolerated – mostly because of the work they do in the community, but that is sufficient … it serves Gotte

    14. It was what everyone wanted and seemed the appropriate thing to do in the face of such tragedy

    15. "What do you do in here?" she asked

    16. What to do in those occasions

    17. Ted did indeed have plenty to do in looking after the gardens, the vegetables and the orchards

    18. inside that whatever else he might do in life, he most definitely

    19. Ted did indeed have plenty to do in looking after the gardens,

    20. Afterward, Brownie started with her shoulders and massaged and kissed her down to her ankles while she told him the dream she had and what she wanted to do in the future

    21. was always more to do in the fields: the stacking of straw to dry in

    22. that have nothing better to do in life than gossip at the club and run down the lives

    23. What on earth does one do in these circumstances? TV news

    24. And so, with nothing left to do in the village, Tipene hurried back home to his house, absent-mindedly carrying the old teddy bear behind him

    25. “So what are you going to do in the city?” she asked

    26. “Is that what people do in this town, just holler at the door?”

    27. So fill in those octaves beginning with the octave of 192 between Scale 0's RE---which becomes a Do in Scale 1---up to the MI---which becomes that octave's top Do

    28. ‘What do you do in the building?’ I said

    29. "You've got her awake, that's more than I've been able to do in days

    30. Of course all the guys on the bases immediately took off the second he hit the ball because there were two outs and that's what you do in baseball, you immediately take off

    31. dropped and her eyes bulged – just the way they do in

    32. 3) What did her father do in the Spring after her mother died?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    33. Powerless ministry devoid of love will not do in the

    34. gates, and displays a good picture of what God will do in the last

    35. 3)What did her father do in the Spring after her mother died?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    36. The whole situation of these ghosts was so unnatural she had no instinctive feel for what they would do in any situation

    37. others, but there’s little I can do in the face of the

    38. This made females less attracted to dominant males as a female was normally programmed to do in a mammal, and more interested in seeking a greater number of attractive partners as a male would do

    39. It clearly demonstrates, that the stock and population of the country did not bear the same proportion to the extent of its territory, which they commonly do in civilized countries ; and that society was at that time, and in that country, but in its infancy

    40. For her, there was only one thing to do in the presence of the undead – fight

    41. When I think as a philosopher, I realize that each and every creature of this world does exactly the same thing I do in running his life: ‘it does the best it can’

    42. I am absolutely sure of what I would do in such situation

    43. The Master wants to know what you are ready to do in the circumstances he created specially for you

    44. else can a student do in front of his professor, however jovial he

    45. can plan what to do in your business to ensure that happens

    46. told what to do in manageable stages

    47. This natural law of succession, accordingly, took place among the Romans who made no more distinction between elder and younger, between male and female, in the inheritance of lands, than we do in the distribution of moveables

    48. Of course, they didn’t pinch or strike her as boys do in the real game, and they never made her wear a real pot over her head

    49. The capital, therefore, employed in this trade could, in each of the two countries, keep in motion four, five, or six times the quantity of industry, and afford employment and subsistence to four, five, or six times the number of people, which all equal capital could do in the greater part of the other branches of foreign trade

    50. Nonattachment, discussed in Chapter 12, is a way of actively engaging in life without your happiness depending upon the result of what you do in life

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