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    1. Some awkward motor function in his brain willed his hand to jerk up to the doorknob and turn

    2. It was a very old model, more monolith than mobile, and the battery was as dead as a doorknob

    3. monolith than mobile, and the battery was as dead as a doorknob

    4. Her hand was on the doorknob

    5. I turned the doorknob but it was locked

    6. I turned the doorknob, but was stopped short by the voice of the janitor,

    7. or a stray fingerprint on a doorknob

    8. on the doorknob, but something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye

    9. door, calm and still, and instead of turning the doorknob he locked it

    10. Heather tried to turn the doorknob

    11. He walks down the hall to his office, puts the key into the doorknob, turns it, and goes in

    12. The other was a rectangular block of wood with a locking doorknob in it

    13. I held the wooden block with the doorknob and key

    14. As I put my hand on the doorknob she said, ‘Sign here

    15. I tried the doorknob and the

    16. My heart was thumping loudly as I gently grabbed the receding doorknob and followed it inward

    17. Colling tore a piece of paper from his notebook and wrote a “Do Not Disturb” sign that he closed in the door to their room so that it was over the doorknob

    18. I pause with my hand on the doorknob and look back at him

    19. Had she sat in this chair? Had her feet touched these tiles? Suddenly I feel like there are invisible marks of my mother everywhere, on every wall and doorknob and pillar

    20. to use the doorknob

    21. As soon as she touched the doorknob, she felt faint

    22. ” He said nonchalantly, I didn’t even reply as I reached for the doorknob but it was locked

    23. Finally he delicately grasped the doorknob between thumb and fingertip, turned it, and slowly swung the door open

    24. I looked at them with my hand on the doorknob

    25. He rattles the doorknob

    26. doorknob, and gave himself a pep talk internally as he closed his eyes

    27. She stood there, her hand on the doorknob, staring at his face,

    28. as soon as she grabbed the doorknob, it dawned upon her that she

    29. She glanced over at the sun god, who was trying to eat the doorknob

    30. the doorknob of the door to the room

    31. She turned the doorknob and walked into the room, gazing at a

    32. With her hand on the doorknob, she reluctantly turned it

    33. She grabbed the doorknob, then wiped at the sheeted tears on

    34. Hand me the doorknob, A totalitarian mind state guides this country

    35. With his hand on the ornate doorknob

    36. With the doorknob in my hand he stops me

    37. He was holding the doorknob as if he were ushering his visitor back outside

    38. I grabbed hold of the doorknob but it wouldn"t turn so I pulled on the door

    39. I could hear click on the doorknob, the door was open and he shows up

    40. open the doorknob with a few sharp twists

    41. and twisting the wire in a way that turned the doorknob was

    42. The doorknob rattled a bit and then was motionless

    43. When the doorknob quickly cranked open, a timid silhouette filled the doorway and stood sulkily like a scolded child

    44. with an elegant doorknob and the expected doggy-kitty door

    45. doorknob and then attempted to turn it

    46. stayed hung on the doorknob and then picked the lock with my

    47. I tried the doorknob and it did not turn

    48. Marie paused with her hand on the doorknob

    49. As soon as my hand caught hold of the doorknob Jane called

    50. Grabbing the cold doorknob, he pulled too hard too soon and nosily rattled the door in its frame

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    doorhandle doorknob handhold crank holder hilt knob handle