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    1. consistently are you going to do it? Do the math and that'll equal your success

    2. spending doing this, equal over a year? What can I do to replace that

    3. compost (mixed with equal amounts of aged wood)

    4. Mix with equal parts DE for an excellent dust

    5. In the case of a Hindu, equal division is made between the wife, children and mother

    6. The surviving spouse gets 50 per cent of the estate and the children get an equal share each of the balance 50 per cent

    7. Into this place the mixture TGC+™ (equal amounts of organic tobacco, garlic powder, compost and the + stands for trace minerals such as rock dust)

    8. The brothers both smiled, being equal and opposite parts of each other, the

    9. the slave opportunity to discuss the work of the local congregation and have an equal say in Ch

    10. Quite a few times he has made clear to us he deems his dog equal to any human being -this time, however, he intends to show us too: He takes the bitch in his lap, he holds her as if she were a baby, and says tenderly: “This is my child! Is she any different from a child?”

    11. * Important side note: The local preacher as a part of the business meeting is to have no more "voting power" than any other man of the congregation but remember he should be allowed equal input

    12. Because men and women are equal in God's sight and have equal access to the spiritual

    13. Because they were equal to men in receiving salvation and in their importance to the

    14. only known that Guard was a good soldier, had skill equal to the captain

    15. You only need three or four Brazil that not all nuts are created equal

    16. The crazy thing about it is that in Revelation 21 and 22, we seem to find the Church as God’s equal

    17. However, not al skin creams are created equal

    18. As mentioned, not all skin creams are created equal and not al skins are the same

    19. considerations because not all skin type is created equal

    20. I place the ‘King of Asanas’ in this chapter on disorders of the respiratory tract because in the relief and cure of such ailments as asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, nose troubles, and sinus troubles it has no equal

    21. ‘Oh yes … we’ve decided that this is for life and that we are going to be equal partners … oh and that you will come with me on my travels

    22. I vow that I shall love and remain faithful to you for the rest of my life, honouring you as an equal partner in our relationship for as long as you want to stay with me

    23. by the equal and opposite energy of gravity,

    24. She represented the good and the bad: the politicians, street-players, gypsies, police, drug dealers, prostitutes and priests - all in equal measure - and in between, the cafe owners and their ten-piece bouzouki orchestras

    25. Plates, statuettes, the framed business license and a calendar hung with equal importance beneath a clock plate and below it stood a kerosene lamp, prominent on its very own shelf, like a holy statue

    26. Future History would show that the forces of the Mighty Valotin and his Warrior Queen Valeria saved Europe; in battle they were formidable and had no equal

    27. he must ensure that there were no powers equal to his own, much

    28. Ish's chest swelled with pride as Fred had called him equal in role

    29. Not needing them was an equal step in the other direction

    30. These women were more ‘free spirits’, and it seemed on equal terms with the men

    31. Unescorted women in Greek and Roman times did NOT have equal rights and they were confined to their cabin and had to call for escort to the head

    32. The past does not have to equal

    33. were of equal strength, with the only differences being to

    34. and the height of it are equal

    35. And to address your second claim, namely that its equal can not be found in the reaches of the entire state

    36. I am indeed surprised by your ignorance of the presence in your own community of an internationally renowned rod-maker, and not fifty paces from this very spot! Might I direct you just down the boardwalk to the Mercantile? There you will find not this sad pole's equal, but its lord and master!” The Sportsman exclaimed; then added, “I'm sure the tackle you sell is adequate for the leisure fishing interests of the tourists or stray visitor who might of caprice decide to 'go fish a bit, since there's a lake here and all,' but do not impugn the truly exquisite work of master craftsmen by putting these on offer for anything but what they are

    37. Ozzie had endured enough helplessness when a first year at school – that’s when he and Chas had become the pals they were … equal sufferers at the hands of the older boys

    38. He has, in his own way, treated her better than most of the shits out on the street, not exactly as an equal, but he does seem to recognise her humanity

    39. All men may be created equal, but few realize their possibilities

    40. He was asked his opinions on topics under discussion, deferred to in matters of a practical nature, and generally respected as an equal

    41. The equal sign in an equation is no more than a

    42. a woman and possessed a strength of character the equal

    43. “Remember, three forces equal and separate can only occupy, for the purposes of a two-dimensional diagram, the extremities of an equilateral triangle

    44. Also, there’s the obvious fact that the amount of energy required to give animalistic intelligence to a tree would require a magnetic monopole super-imposed within a super-massive black hole isolated within a Higgs Field times the density of a weakless universe divided by the sub-particle wave length of the root square of an isosceles triangle subtracting the para-statistical metadata equal to the maximum level of sub-atomic exotic particles, then acting under the assumption that in the event of the self-intersection of cosmic strings triggered by inordinate radiation, there would exist somewhere an object that was both simultaneously larger than the entire universe and smaller than an atom, blatantly violating the Law of Conservation of Energy

    45. Both Pneika and Yhomaire did about equal amounts in meal preparation and got Alan to help by getting down a large bowl from a high shelf that they would have needed a stool to reach

    46. They were humble and thrilled in equal measure

    47. the solution on the other side of the equal sign? Was he simply balancing the

    48. Almost equal to that of Cretien de Troyes

    49. charming and infuriating in equal measure

    50. rising in equal measure

    1. Reduced stress always equals reduced pests/disease

    2. Fear equals hatred, equals violence

    3. It is a commonly held belief that where there is light there must be darkness, that forces of life are matched by those of death and that in all things there is a balanced equation of equals and opposites

    4. All we ever wanted was the right to live as equals under the same suns as our brothers

    5. Big John grabbed Daniel’s hand in a shake that united them as equals

    6. Lord Dorsal stood and took Alexei’s forearm in a meeting of equals; both men grinned

    7. X equals five, y squared is 16, I don’t know

    8. Women are Men’s equals in pretty much every respect, so it naturally follows that there are plenty of Women that are all of these terrible things and much more

    9. The total equals the brick wall I built with these blocks in order

    10. Unity equals strength, and as we follow the Spirit we are Prophecy

    11. To violate this combination is everywhere a most unpopular action, and a sort of reproach to a master among his neighbours and equals

    12. disagreeableness, almost equals that of colliers ; and, from the unavoidable irregularity in the

    13. brothers, and they’d always turned to him for counsel, but within our clan, we believed that all men stand as equals

    14. If we accept and treat others as our equals despite differences in gender, race, nationality or culture, harmony will prevail

    15. But this skill and dexterity in the use of their arms could be acquired only, in the same manner as fencing is at present, by practising, not in great bodies, but each man separately, in a particular school, under a particular master, or with his own particular equals and companions

    16. Lovely Latin phrase, but horrible moral concept: First among equals

    17. I+I=II; in words, one plus one equals two

    18. Equals, somehow? But he was my master somehow too

    19. In that respect Thailand has few equals

    20. He and I had an instant affinity for one another, spending hours together as equals and friends

    21. Inside, we were equals in creating a beautiful interior

    22. The cat and I stared, meeting one another's eyes as equals

    23. The humans he considered his equals

    24. Jesus treated women as equals, as the bearers of life, as our mothers and our sisters

    25. Jesus treated women as equals, as the bearers of life, as our mothers and our sisters should

    26. them all equals to the citizens of Athens: 16 And the holy temple, which before he had spoiled, he would garnish with goodly gifts,

    27. I am little more than the first among equals

    28. But now what of your Khakhan? Does he plan to treat us as equals, ally himself with us against the Turk, or invade and conquer us? Mongols very nearly did conquer us about three centuries ago

    29. He proposed a theory, his famous hypothesis that E=mc2: energy equals mass times the velocity of light (the constant “c”) squared

    30. ” Welcoming animals into a community of equals, Smith notes, would also destroy Judeo-Christian moral philosophy

    31. We learned that peace, harmony and treating people as equals are universal respects

    32. as equals, that they don't trust us, probably never will

    33. During this incarceration he drew around him a few other political prisoners to form the Conspiracy of Equals

    34. Thereafter, the Conspiracy of Equals emerged as the chief source of radical agitation

    35. the “Manifesto of the Equals,” one of the principal definition of

    36. The Equals aimed to redeem the promise of the Revolution

    37. The Equals wanted a “truly fraternal union of all Frenchmen” in which

    38. “If there is a single man on earth who is richer and more powerful than his fellows,” said Merechal’s “Manifesto of the Equals,” ;

    39. that the citizen should habitually find in all his fellow countrymen equals, brothers, and that he should nowhere meet with the least sign of

    40. society, the Equals devoted a great deal of attention to planning the upbringing of the young and also to the ongoing instructions of the adult population

    41. of Merechal’s “Manifesto of the Equals

    42. Arakiel went on to educate the world with the certainty of a teacher stating two plus two equals four

    43. Out of the French Revolution came visions of an egalitarian Society which would be built around a format established by a treatise referred to as the Manifesto of the Equals

    44. Sylvain Marechal, who composed the “Manifesto of the Equals,”

    45. “If there is a single man on earth who is richer and more powerful than his fellows,” said Marechal’s “Manifesto of the Equals,” “

    46. that the citizen should habitually find in all his fellow countrymen equals, brothers; and that he should nowhere meet

    47. ” In speaking of superstitions,” Buonarroti of course meant traditional religion, toward which the Equals, led by Marechal, were strongly antagonistic

    48. : the WASP elite as equals and the American Negro as a client population

    49. 13 This wicked person vowed also to the Lord who now no more would have mercy on him saying so 14 That the holy city to which he was going in haste to lay it even with the ground and to make it a common burying place he would set at liberty: 15 And as touching the Jews whom he had judged not worthy so much as to be buried but to be thrown out with their children to be devoured of the fowls and wild beasts he would make them all equals to the citizens of Athens: 16 And the holy temple which before he had spoiled he would garnish with goodly gifts and restore all the holy vessels with many more and out of his own revenue defray the charges belonging to the sacrifices: 17 Yes and that also he would become a Jew himself and go through all the world that was inhabited and declare the power of God

    50. To treat others as equals and not lording ourselves over them is the way of

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    compeer equal match peer equalise equalize equate be rival touch adequate uniform square even invariant regular unvarying alike equated similar coequal balanced commensurate co-ordinate correspondent fit sufficient suitable tantamount counterpart parallel fellow complement measure up balance meet equipoise