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    1. This is very crucial in our walk with God, especial when it

    2. especial y on the top

    3. with their own cars and – especial y – on

    4. there, especial y now, when the tram became

    5. string of beads and, especial y, spending

    6. especial y evenings, when the owners of

    7. have the time for a longer trip, especial y

    8. I should move a little, especial y since the

    9. in the budget and especial y face to the debts of

    10. and – especial y– my identity card, without

    11. It can take years to become good enough, especial y for those

    12. Check his writings for astute analyses of the trouble with democracy, with especial reference on the troubles we bring ourselves

    13. it’s especial y not cute when they’re out of control so badly that they are dangerous to

    14. Suzie Q wouldn’t obey then either — especial y in the excitement of the moment

    15. especial y in international trade

    16. of old clichés and conventions, especial y in the realm of sitcoms

    17. lands, especial y in California

    18. Facing unwanted overhead costs, most Latin publishers, especial y of smal

    19. was a deplorable overlook, especial y when within the ASCII there was plenty of

    20. never had it elsewhere the way we make it here, especial y Italians

    21. during meals as it is for us, especial y in Europe

    22. mis-management of a project can spel disaster, especial y in the world of accounting and

    23. And in especial King Arthur and

    24. Was it to tell her about our business agreements? No it can't be that, he told me not to tell anyone especial Leah thing to do with mine and Roberts business plans

    25. 37 And when the king Heliodorus who might be a fit man to be sent yet once again to Jerusalem he said 38 If you have any enemy or traitor send him in there and you shall receive him well scourged if he escape with his life for in that place no doubt; there is an especial power of God

    26. It was a Cuban hand wrapped Corona Especial costing two dollars green

    27. 3 We ought therefore to give especial thanks to the Lord because he has made known to us the things that are past and has made us wise with regard to those that are at hand neither are we without understanding as regards the future

    28. Especial y when he was with

    29. especial y if that bot is armed to the teeth,”

    30. at this time, especial y in this environment

    31. “You can trust a man but not a bot, especial y if that bot is

    32. especial y some established players in the industry

    33. You’d think the other kids would have complained, especial y Sadie

    34. would never release him, especial y not to my children

    35. especial y since he’d told us Memphis was inland, but I decided not to ask

    36. mentioned before, not many boys could pul off this look, especial y with

    37. looked like the Schizophrenic Witch of the West, especial y as she was

    38. Masters; and though they are not without their especial dangers, they are

    39. as poetry, have in themselves no especial merit

    40. Surya, this especial title Savitri is used always to imply the Sun (that is to say the Solar Logos) as inspirer or encourager

    41. for all, he loses the especial love for his closer friends

    42. The best company, however, is our friendship with Christ, especial y in times of prayer

    43. The true believer is beautified, especial y in prayer, where he learns to endure slander, accusations,

    44. The saint is not the rare exception, standing aloof, especial y destined for sanctification

    45. May the intercessory prayers of al the saints ever overshadow us and assist us al the days of our life, especial y the prayers of the al -holy Theotokos and of the holy and God-bearing Fathers of Mt

    46. especial y Holy Eucharist

    47. Prayer is medicine for every il ness, and especial y for every sin

    48. Prayers for others are appropriate and should be offered, especial y when requested of us

    49. organs is a good way to keep those organs, especial y the heart, rejuvenated

    50. old because he thought a man of his age—and especial y one who had worked

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    Synonymes pour "especial"

    especial exceptional particular special definite specific individual certain