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    1. She told them about the political situation, how the Warlord of Pennsylvania had moved his forces all the way to the Potomac as soon as the Nigerians went home, using the judges and their constables and a tenuous membership in the Commonwealth of Laurentia as a facade of legitimacy

    2. She said the interior was near as pristine as the facade, and you won't believe it but, they now have an indoor bathroom and a pump right in the kitchen

    3. He employed more interesting building details for the facade and added a bell tower of sorts, nothing ostentatious just well adapted to the balance and symmetry of the structure

    4. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you are able to see through someone’s facade or true intentions

    5. To dream that you are being chased by a turtle indicates that you are hiding behind a facade, instead of confronting the things that are bothering you

    6. "What if there's a cure?" Joss asked while I was using the facade of packing up our things, trying to hide the fact I was stalling

    7. Polymer cement mortars are used also for adhesion of different facing materials, plasters and facade decorations

    8. The hospital, which predated the surrounding buildings by at least a hundred years, stood out from the turn-of-the-century warehouses and it's once sparkling granite facade was dulled by decades of grime

    9. She looked at him plainly, and he had the distinct feeling she could see through his facade

    10. Was it merely a facade, or did he always have a clear view of where he was headed and the confidence to get him there? Again she wondered why he had never married

    11. Approaching the old factory, its mottled red brick facade, hiding nothing of what it truly is: old and decaying

    12. ’ She looked to Milo; he seemed about to cry, even though he held the obvious signs back with his facade of male propriety

    13. Halon had seen many colours behind the globe’s facade but this seemed a violent, intense anger and directed at the hermit, or what was once the hermit

    14. Though his expressionless facade remained in place, he seemed testier than usual tonight

    15. Sespian kept catching himself tugging at his collar or wiping moist hands on his trousers, so the casual facade probably wasn’t fooling anyone

    16. The poor man finding out that a company is nothing but facade to the local gangsters

    17. The soaring facade looked tantalizingly close, but a quick count of the backs of heads told Hartle that it might be a while yet

    18. But men had been known to completely vanish before; men that had attracted the ire and viciousness of the ruling scum that still chose to wear the facade of divinely appointed men of honor

    19. He would maintain the facade of the ignorant noble to whatever end might await him

    20. The Patriarch had risen from his seat with hands behind his back, and was very slowly pacing around the columns, his form every once in a while disappearing behind a blaze of blue and white light, each time a sliver of his figure and face appearing grotesque and malformed behind the glass column, as if it had the ability to reveal what lay behind the facade of the Patriarch

    21. He simply nodded then and answered vaguely, still holding on the facade of the visitor, trying to learn anything of use:

    22. Ethan saw how easily her facade of a strict, haughty nurse had crumbled away when she mentioned her husband

    23. The mother superior’s proud facade had collapsed; she was now begging the men in whatever dialect ran through her tongue, with what few words she knew

    24. corridor to the east bore a more ominous facade; shaded and

    25. His countenance of good feeling, his facade of friendly and virtuous intent, is revealed as only a facsimile of good will, a smile for the record

    26. In fact he invited her to dinner chiefly to explore this aspect, but saw a very attractive and interesting person behind the secretary facade

    27. Is the facade

    28. I’d maintained the facade of reluctance to placate Gorsh, and to avoid being bothered by trivialities that others could just as easily deal with without me

    29. We were viewing the Sphinx when I noticed, off the beaten path, the decorated stone facade of a half-buried ruin and went to explore it

    30. Soon she began to see more than his rough facade

    31. His public record was relatively pure, but these Primagnons apparently had ways to search behind his glib facade

    32. As she spoke Natalie could detect that she was really deeply depressed underneath the cheery facade

    33. This was the Gulagh of legend! Not the daytime facade of busy tradesmen going about their business, but the seamy underside of humanity that only came out in the anonymity of darkness

    34. Its white facade was marred by bullet holes

    35. However, the carved stone in the brick facade of the current

    36. The gangly one with glasses was concealing his insecurities behind a supercilious facade, and four obvious Christians were betrayed by their prim, pursed lips and disapproving manner

    37. This sudden candour had to be a facade to cover for his snooping around

    38. It was all very well for a student to think of playing cops and robbers, but a teacher had to maintain at least a facade of respectability

    39. But he couldn’t help staring at Tihar’s facade as though to grasp the reality of his release

    40. My guess is that this store is a front--a facade

    41. The bald man arrives in a building’s facade

    42. The facade of the Morales Hotel was shabby and dusty

    43. I took several steps back and then carefully scanned the entire facade of the mansion

    44. The architects did a good job in making the facade look realistic; it was a fake ruby that looked almost like the real thing

    45. I was very pleased with the facade of the building

    46. turned around to see its facade

    47. This is the facade of the castle

    48. The big man looked silly, but maybe that was just a well-constructed facade

    49. He simply held it up, and for once in one's life they would be able to see past the stoic facade and see that he was nervous

    50. � He and his men were looking at the rear facade, where he could see a small secondary entrance

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