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    1. By confessing factual things, I

    2. Although factual input from television and newspaper is with us all the time, and we live in a world saturated with information, I found it very difficult to remember anything specific about the other hostages

    3. He was also offered a promotion to the position of Head of Light Entertainment with the BBC, which would have been fabulous had someone on the board of governors not insisted on inserting a clause in his contract forcing him to keep a whole twenty percent of the schedule for factual content

    4. what style would work best? Dry, factual statements are not my preferred style

    5. However, as we have demonstrated in the preceding chapters - there are many issues which make it incorrect to accept Evolution as factual

    6. How do you identify the one belief that is the most accurate, with all of these creationist views discounting spontaneous generation of life? How can we identify the truth, if we cannot unequivocally prove through normal experimentation and confirm that the timelines suggested by either Evolution or Creationism are factual? Is there any way in which the scientific method can be applied to this issue to establish with more clarity, which of these views are the most accurate? Where would we begin and what methods would we apply to test our hypotheses? I would like to propose a hypothesis that will assist us in better understanding the subject as we move forward; should we be able to provide some provable facts to support the hypothesis

    7. This is factual today and should also be factual for times in the past

    8. How then should we treat those statements or sections from the Bible which we are unable to verify authenticity? Would it be accurate to assume that if we can prove 100% factual truth in all cases, would it be fair to treat the sections or passages for which we lack the evidence or foresight into the future, with exactly the same attitude? Would it be stretching it too far to think that we can demonstrate scientifically that the Bible as a whole is a supernatural unity and that we can accept with certainty that it contains true information on all aspects - even on subjects that we are unable to validate, due to our limitations? If we know that the information contained in this Book, predicted events that would happen in the future with 100% accuracy and continue to predict future events which we cannot assess from our point in time, should we not pay serious attention to what it says about those future events?

    9. 37 Although this effect is not very strong, it is factual and does exist

    10. 3: How Does One Prove Something to be True and Factual?

    11. A child‘s maturity level is determined in part by that child‘s (incipient) understanding of things that are factual or real (or possible) in contrast with ideas considered to be a product of wishful thinking or make-believe that are otherwise agreeable in themselves provided that the (rational) limits and conditions of the imagination are properly outlined

    12. A society intoxicated by the dynamics of words rather than influenced by their factual substance (and meaning) is easily governed!

    13. Truth is correctly understood as the systematic arrangement of thoughtful ideas and reasoned assumptions conforming to factual standards prescribed by the (Eternal) Law(s) of Nature

    14. “Outrage is irrational, not factual,” he said

    15. childhood, he had been driven by his love for data and factual information

    16. • Co-operating with the auditor and providing factual information on the status of implementation of the quality system/Processes

    17. These very beneficial results of the earlier environmental movement were based on factual conditions such as polluted water and foul air that could be seen, measured, and remedied

    18. Simple factual refutations received little notice, and the shrill lies at last seemed to be the truth

    19. Q: Surely there is a factual world common to all

    20. M: Call it empirical, or actual, or factual

    21. We should be able to admit that religion is not factual in a specific manner, but is

    22. With all the factual knowledge you

    23. Texas, the second largest state market for textbooks behind California, found 533 factual and interpretive errors in 28 social studies texts submitted for adoption by the state board of education

    24. the story that had been fed to them was factual, if at all

    25. voice was composed, factual, “I think Mikkel called it ‘the third

    26. It is enslavement because that person knowing the factual situation would not accept it

    27. When have you heard the ‘liberals’ engage in open and factual discussion for the concepts they espouse? For whatever reason they oppose Capitalism, it is an undeniable fact that this country owes its present wealth and high standard of living to Capitalism’s productivity

    28. factual arguments (possibly because facts can be countered by other facts, but

    29. The factual unconscious is the result of all the perceptions that human

    30. committed to, maybe something factual about how long you’ve been in business

    31. This is where we do get into some of the factual elements of what it is

    32. together, there are three types of proof you can have: social proof, technical, and factual

    33. Factual is obviously more general, yet still related to probably third party organizations who

    34. an exclusively factual basis

    35. Those practicing positivistic science claimed that science must have a factual

    36. makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an

    37. etc? For factual or educational books, are the references and quotations

    38. conscious rather than unconscious, factual rather than evaluative

    39. You mortals are the sons of God, and only one thing is required to make such a truth factual in your personal experience, and that is your spirit-born faith

    40. You may wish to make this more challenging by telling students to include three factual errors

    41. • You may wish to make this more challenging by telling students to include three factual errors

    42. As always I will be 100% factual and anyone that wish"s to say the shit isn"t real should first visit public records looking for Parsons vs The Queen, ACT Supreme court

    43. This story is 100% factual and accurate and you all need to re evaluate your system urgently or face massive community backlash

    44. Half drunk and I couldn"t help but have a laugh, “yep that"s me mate, everything I publish is factual

    45. For a moment Lafit thought about the factual outcome

    46. experience, giving information that's factual, concise, succinct,

    47. factual situation and about the road ahead, and to see things in

    48. Unfortunately, it still was not to his liking and some factual errors remained

    49. This timeline is factual within science, and corresponds with histori-

    50. that these days or stages are factual and are proven by science, since we can still view these phenomena

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