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    1. I still don’t think I’m ready to accept your explanation of the signals I’m getting from it light years out in the direction of 61 Cygni, but I agree they could be faked

    2. She had a definite regal bearing that couldn’t be faked

    3. He smiled and faked interest, his stomach churning with jealousy

    4. At the 10, Reilly faked a pass left and took off right, untouched into the end zone

    5. Some of the very writers, who in Havana had misled the public with faked stories of victorious insurgent armies sweeping the Island, now found material at the expense of the Cubans in the expose of the phantasms created by their own imagination

    6. They even faked up some ancient texts with my name all over them,” said Hartle, composing his thoughts While the temptation to spill his guts all over the place was very high, this alien kid had no common terms of reference

    7. What continued to baffle him was the reason why those higher-ups would want to go to the trouble to arrange a faked death of a girl who, as far as Colling knew, was somewhere back home in the States

    8. A short deliberation later, and after he had pointed at Ethan and Nicole quite fervently, they picked up their weapons and motioned with an awkward, mixed expression of confusion, fear and faked bravado to follow them

    9. “Having dated as many women as you have,” Charles gave me a faked frown of disapproval, “wouldn’t you say that you have a better sense of who you are seeking than you did when you first started dating?”

    10. “They faked my death because I was Divergent, and Jeanine had started killing the Divergent

    11. One ambassador said, “To suggest the evidence for the trials was faked would be to suppose (in Stalin) the creative genius of Shakespeare

    12. again, Jacob’s/Israel’s “death” faked in a pit, and sold into slavery, then he “reap-

    13. But I would fight for Jesse even though it was faked

    14. “Yes, because my game is a lot more smoother” he teased, he faked clearing his throat “Do you have a map? Because I just got lost in your eyes,” he said

    15. I faked those photos

    16. I faked it until he threw me in here

    17. Both their beauty and kindheartedness came from the inside; it could never be bought or faked

    18. She "faked" her way to a Masters

    19. I felt someone moving behind me, and I faked unconsciousness to see if they’d spill something useful while I waited

    20. The scientists who faked the samples worked for the Interior

    21. Which further muddies the waters, since it throws our earlier deduction that it was cast by human wizards into doubt, since a faked human quality may have been left as a false trail

    22. So I faked a smile and pretended to be totally interested in Francis

    23. and how bad was his faked marriage

    24. When the SAM was in position Bender faked it down then he pulled hard on his F-4

    25. She faked the recent improvements in her behavior to counter our suspicions

    26. GN faked your father’s death

    27. As Paulson and Henry Jackson wheeled Kirk past the Primagnon guards, he faked unconsciousness and they apparently assumed he was being taken to the quieter vestibule to recover

    28. Some passengers faked movement while others looked out the window

    29. See you soon," the Director faked a smile and terminated the call before Calvin could say another word

    30. Peter only faked a coupon for a friend

    31. Those that faked it hired a Quality Guru and made quality their responsibility

    32. His jokes were obviously faked and

    33. We could have murdered Frances, faked my wounds, driven up to the Alconas and, while I was conning Mad and Brian to give me an alibi, Jon could have driven on up to the studio in the Mercedes on his own

    34. All she wanted was long slow fucking so she could scream and moan in constant orgasms that I reckon were often as faked as mine

    35. character in the movie is horrified and absolutely posi ive that no sexual partner of his has ever "faked it

    36. Her lesson plans faked coordination of what could not be coordinated, lessons which could not be accomplished because the only thing that made sense in her classroom, faced with students who just dropped in once in a while, was to work with each student where he or she was, trying to find something that could be accomplished

    37. In the interim Skeets had eased over to Orlando, left his car in a mall, rented the hatchback using faked ID and then hightailed back to Centra to see what was going on

    38. But… I suppose, with her being a lab tech, she could have faked her test results

    39. “She could have faked her drug test results

    40. She looked at Mousavi with a surprise that was not faked

    41. The deceased had an attorney to file an appeal in the event that it was needed, so why was this ruling necessary at all? You may have heard about the person who faked dying and then crawled off to the Cayman Islands to retire without using his social security benefits

    42. A number of young pilots around her then faked indignation at her incendiary declaration, while Davies rolled his eyes

    43. I faked my emotions, but on the inside, I withdrew more and more

    44. I pressed on and nine minutes later slowed down, faked exhaustion and walked into the Coral Towers, in search of a water fountain and an elevator

    45. they faked the whole thing

    46. I faked a complete calm so as not to telegraph what I was talking about

    47. I'd have faked it, too

    48. � Of course, Lieutenant Colonel Robertson had wasted no time then to insinuate again that her previous condition had been faked

    49. Tears then appeared in her eyes, real tears and not faked ones meant to mislead

    50. ‘’Of course, Inspector!’’ Said Fedukin, not overly concerned: he had with him multiple sets of the best faked papers the GRU could produce

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