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    fan out

    1. "But it is a known fan out

    2. Baidar ordered us to fan out into the capital and wipe out any rebels we met

    3. We were to fan out and visit each town and village and make sure they understood the change of rulers

    4. I assumed we would likely charge through them on horseback and fan out around them in our usual way cutting them down with arrows and keeping them busy until Henry came up with the rest of the men

    5. I decided that it would be an excellent opportunity for us to fan out in force and look for any pockets of resistance behind us and rebuild pontoon bridges to our rear to ensure our supply lines

    6. Parker could see that Bannister's first pass would make the VC stop for a minute or two, but then they would fan out to flank the China Boy team

    7. continued to fan out in search of fresh clues, Mikkel doing a

    8. Using long-lasting silica boards overlapping to fan out replaced brick and every other assortment – even the flowing mortar style, and following patterns

    9. And for every True Blood fan out there, there still exists a hardcore vampire fan that is just bored by the incessant melodrama

    10. They jumped off quickly to fan out around the house

    11. Once the others had stopped by his side, he continued, “Let’s fan out, but keep a sharp eye out, boys

    12. identified themselves “will move round the end of the train past the guard wagon, fan out as the

    13. and Raiden, fan out individually towards the remaining

    14. The five squads react and fan out

    15. As they neared closer to the outer range of the defense platforms, he saw the enemy fleet starting to slow down and fan out

    16. other, and then fan out at the last minute before a

    17. I invited the Scouse and Manc fan out to join us

    18. She waded out to where the water covered her shoulders, pulled out what remained of her hairpins, lowered her head into the water and let her hair fan out around her

    19. Guns drawn The cops start to fan out ,cop 1&cop 2 rush towards the back of the house, cop 3 crouches by their car near the gate, and the inspector and cop 4 cautiously approach the front door

    20. Ten minutes later, the crowd began to fan out, and ran in all directions

    21. “Let’s fan out!”, Cleo said

    22. She’d let her hair grow and fan out so that it looked like a sunburst

    23. Early arrivals fill the field across from the Getty station, and when it can’t hold any more, the protesters fan out onto the tony south-of-the-highway streets that lead to the water

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