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    1. He produced a threaded flange and affixed it round the hole under the floor with screws, then began twisting the pipe to mate it to the flange

    2. For example, if the sand is soft and fluffy, you want to make use of a wedge, which is equipped with a large flange and can provide a lot of bounce

    3. Mechanical methods of joining, such as flange fittings, require care to avoid the

    4. Guards on grinders shall cover the spindle end, nut and flange projections

    5. PR Guy asked his client: "Does this new right-angle flange give the X251 a use that the X250 didn't have -- one that would really make a difference in people's lives?"

    6. He bent over and again forced back the leaden flange, and a shock of surprise and dismay shot through me

    7. Van Helsing forced back the leaden flange, and we all looked in and recoiled

    1. Then, lowering its flanged gaze to the shocked onlookers, it roared in triumph

    1. Its edges are near the outer flanges of the ridges

    2. He built flexible extenders for the flanges so that if the manifold and jacket made the assembly too large for the space available, they could extend the entire contraption outside the reactor cowling

    3. • Design of flanges or unions

    4. Where flanges or unions are used, they should be of a hygienic or

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    flange rim projection ear prong bulge protrusion tab