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    1. The foreman and I didn't get along

    2. Ship's foreman Nlara was with them, she usually took charge of the sleep shift, but the journey was so leisurely that there was often a half-hour between trim changes

    3. "When the sea floods this basin again Nlara will still be my foreman

    4. When he was a shift foreman like he was in those days, signing something out of stores or letting an influential person make use of a body was not as great a disaster as it would be in his present position

    5. Tom had used his acquaintance with Edgar the garage foreman to

    6. Kemberra was the foreman of the secret lab’s enzyme store room

    7. Bruce is the foreman for the job und will be the boss for the workers

    8. A Desa signed out two and a half whole sheets as foreman for a label he'd never heard of out Khume Kimoneea way

    9. "Got a compulsory purchase order here and this is it for that over there" yelled the foreman of works as he shook a flimsy piece of paper under the Clothiers noses

    10. With none too friendly an expression, the dock foreman watched Nerissa leave

    11. The construction foreman approached and they were introduced

    12. The foreman took them on a short tour of the site, explaining to them what they were building

    13. Caphates, the foreman at Ductor’s linen mill

    14. He had already had dealings with Jarad Goldman, the foreman of one of several mining teams, and each man disliked the other

    15. When the dock foreman arrived about six o‘clock I told him what had happened and asked for Boone‘s job

    16. Clark, the dock foreman, said he would talk to the owner of the fright line

    17. It turns out General Charles Foreman was a writer of adventure for boys of a certain age

    18. Foreman had a few other things to say, including details of a trip in the south seas

    19. Foreman would be an interesting man to meet, even if his daughter wouldn’t have anything to do with me

    20. What would old Foreman think of that one, eh?

    21. It was time to go and chat up old Foreman, and see if I could bail these boys out and take them to France

    22. Captain Howard-Smythe, ‘The Adj,’ applied all of his powers of persuasion in writing a letter to Foreman

    23. Foreman was gracious enough to make an appointment; with no real indication from us as to what sort of matters would be discussed

    24. I bet a nice, crisp five-pound note with Howard-Smythe that Foreman would invite me home to dinner, if I played him right

    25. Was old Foreman something of a tyrant? Finally his secretary admitted me to his presence

    26. I had to stand there while Foreman listed all of my decorations, and Jack stared at me with that weird kind of awed reverence

    27. “That’s too bad, old fellow,” said Foreman, who obviously loved the sea

    28. Foreman smiled at her knitting

    29. Foreman raised her eyebrows but said nothing

    30. Foreman looked up with a little gleam in her eye

    31. “They must have been mighty big fires,” said Foreman

    32. Foreman, (Gillian senior,) and Gillian Jr

    33. About this time Foreman came back into the room and stood by the bar, sipping his drink appreciatively

    34. “What about the technical side?” asked Foreman

    35. “All I can say, is to believe in yourself, and never quit,” said Jack with a nod at Foreman

    36. As I said my goodbyes to the women of the household, back in the drawing room, Foreman came out of the study again

    37. stack with such vigor that the warehouse foreman asked me to

    38. On one of the first docks she had tried, she had enjoyed a sense of accomplishment when she learned from the foreman that the Caroline occasionally loaded fish from that very dock and would arrive ‘some time today’ for a cargo of red snapper and sail immediately for Florida

    39. You could tell that Tapio was the foreman because he drove a Pontiac with no rust

    40. pointed a foreman who had the final say on which ballots were valid or invalid

    41. The emperor had assigned a competent foreman and supplied it’s operating costs for the last year and a half, and it had recently returned to a marginal profitability, though in the future it should provide ‘a tidy income’, provided the foreman agreed to stay on

    42. “And if you would be so kind as to convey my regards to the foreman, please tell him that if he stays on I will give him a free hand in the estate’s management, and I will pay him his present salary plus half the after-tax profit

    43. They will be mildly renovated at the end of the project for better utility in serving your passengers for bookings and information, but right now they serve as the office of our foreman of construction

    44. They were met by Foreman Joseth Narr and the staff of the ranch

    45. “Of those who were close to you when the bolt struck, only the injuries of Foreman Joseth Narr were serious

    46. Along with being foreman and manager, you’ll be Commander of the base and a commissioned officer in the Hilian military

    47. Our operations foreman, Willard Piatt, commuted faithfully from Scranton into our central New York territory for years

    48. Fortunately for him, the foreman had seen the accident and shut off the flow before the

    49. " I ran down to the foreman

    50. A hammer lent by the foreman of

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    boss chief foreman gaffer honcho overseer forelady director manager superintendent administrator