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    1. From there we can formulate where the United Order is most likely to meet to try and use the Super Chip

    2. actions and helping them to formulate their ideas

    3. MacKenzie was a lawyer, a friend of the Barcs, and he defended them, fighting class actions and helping them to formulate their ideas

    4. She got the signals into the best analysis pipe she could formulate and fed the results back thru a correlation space

    5. With a few more weeks of work, she might be able to formulate a query of her own

    6. My hair hanging wet round my shoulders, I sit trying to formulate my thoughts into a vow

    7. He sits there, hands resting on his desk, smiling as I try to formulate my thoughts

    8. They could not delay their departure so they would formulate a plan while traveling and be ready to put it in motion when they arrived

    9. I turn back to my notes, trying to formulate what’s going on

    10. desperately to formulate a plan

    11. " "Are there any people on this island?" Saldon asked, trying to formulate what may be in store for them

    12. Planning is the ability to: Analyse the facts and formulate practical written plans of action that will achieve the goal in the most efficient way possible

    13. Though thought is advertised as instant, it does take a little time to formulate in a thing as rudimentary as the human brain

    14. What if everything the whore said was totally true, he’d wondered, and the nigger really was moving barges full of coke? He’d been able to think of little else since he heard of it but, without Sylvia around bugging him every minute, he’d been able to formulate a plan

    15. What she needed to do was work out what to do and formulate a plan, a plan of action and sort out this mess before all leads were lost

    16. “I suggest you take this time to formulate a strategy

    17. The church must formulate a new bible, comprised of her own liturgy, faith confessions and convictions, written by her preachers and prophets, politically and socially correct with its fundamental base vested in the protection of human rights, choices and free will

    18. Formulate a document, the same as the previous document, but with a twist

    19. After all the names and legal numbers have been inserted, write something like this down: (formulate your own words of course)

    20. In the meantime, I am beginning to formulate a plan

    21. However, before I could formulate my thoughts, the Emperor stood and raised his scepter

    22. Still I held my counsel and told them I needed a little time to formulate a plan, which I would then propose to them

    23. I began to formulate a plan

    24. He stepped slowly down the bank trying to formulate a statement, he knew Brian was a better

    25. consultation and analysis to formulate plans

    26. Moral guidance based upon that faith, established to formulate and assure civic order, lies buried under a shroud of judicial fabrication and usurpation

    27. He observed phenomena he could not explain, and set out to formulate a theory that would explain what he observed

    28. Jack stood there trying to formulate a plan

    29. He had to formulate a final plan and quick, then call in the dogs

    30. habits, formulate a diet plan that consists of foods that will lower your

    31. formulate a theory that differentiates the two groups

    32. It gives direction and purpose and assists families to formulate their spending plans, goals, re-visit their needs, dreams and goals

    33. Since this has been hidden from you, you have been unable to formulate workable theories of weight, or of orbital movements

    34. They have co-operated to formulate the spell you requested, and have formed it with their combined power

    35. “What we are trying to formulate is the… step and the

    36. formulate a process, someone to bounce ideas off, and to dig up

    37. There is an urgent need for the Nepal government to formulate

    38. another important aspect was to formulate some of the strategies for the intra-

    39. Therefore, we can formulate this principle:

    40. The group tries to help Marielle to better formulate her problem with a

    41. a keyword chosen begin to formulate your post around that keyword

    42. Because of the lack of two dimensions, the linear observers have to formulate a number of theories and laws to link disparate events

    43. The draft system caught many young men at that vulnerable age where they were just starting to formulate the plans which would shape their lives

    44. formulate (1 dimensional) strings They have now stumbled onto (2 dimen-

    45. but it is still necessary to formulate the thought in words It is as though

    46. this place and return to the ladder of choice, so I started desperately trying to formulate a

    47. Technically oriented traders like to combine these exit points with standard equity stop rules to formulate

    48. formulate plans, all of which could lead to different directions of change

    49. of that new synthesis of sustainability that humanity has yet to formulate

    50. could think better she would formulate plans to leave Tobias

    1. In Goa, the principle of community ownership of property still holds which was formulated under the Portuguese law

    2. changed the fabric of time and space, as He formulated infinite varieties of life and

    3. Slowly, and with considerable revision, I formulated my response to the inevitable questions that would come when I stopped eating

    4. As Smith dreamed and experimented and changed the fabric of time and space, as He formulated infinite varieties of life and death across the vast expanse of the void, small packages of His thought leaked out from beyond the horizon of Smith’s dreaming and drifted through the aeons and along the canals and wires that connect the universal whole

    5. Many of the Yoga exercises are based on the natural stretching of healthy animals which the ancient Yogis, who formulated the science of Hatha Yoga, observed and emulated

    6. We formulated a plan to try to get the Ogatu to help us

    7. They sat around in small groups discussing in hushed tones the coming Scather attack and formulated a plan that would be put into motion should they try to attack the city in the forest

    8. Belle laid out the ideas she'd formulated for the conveniences of her future guests

    9. that he had formulated a plan

    10. Wushidao (Bushido) and other skills I have mastered and use to produce a happiness and peace in my life that was formulated to guide and to sustain the true human peaceful warrior and

    11. Compromise was never formulated

    12. Therefore, it is formulated that Humankind is instructed by antecedent events that direct its every movement and guide its every ―thought,‖ if individuals are said to (properly) think, along its pre-determined course

    13. Overseas, Truman formulated what has often been called the Truman Doctrine

    14. John Collier, Director of the Indian Bureau, formulated the New Deal for Indians

    15. Secretary of State Cordell Hull and Assistant Secretary for Latin American Affairs Sumner Wells formulated the Good Neighbor Policy with Roosevelt and carried it out

    16. He initiated systematic methods of flying instruction, and formulated these in, ‘Notes on Teaching Flying,’ in May, 1917

    17. The Buddha formulated and explained the teaching about karma which became an integral part of Buddhism

    18. back and had formulated a plan

    19. But once my plans are formulated, I will have to present them to the seven electors for their approval

    20. It is in the void created by that and similar Supreme Court decisions that the grinding mandates of the Civil War against America have been formulated and imposed

    21. it is all a scientific equation formulated by

    22. The day flew by as I formulated my plan

    23. Friday their clients deny they formulated a plan to use a Taser on

    24. Essentially the problem is one of the synthesis or the absolute antithesis between monotheistic repealed faith and intellectually formulated philosophy

    25. ƒ Fiscal restraint, wise decisions, weighing options, informed choice, planned set and formulated goals and projection estimates and steps to get there, all work together in the family budget, to get you back on track and on the road to enjoying your dollar-earnings

    26. Thus we formulated and proposed The Pact of Kraka, which established the rule of The Ninety-Nine, and a voluntary limit on our population of ten million less one, and formal permanent peace with the unicorns

    27. It took our companion Povon a few months to crack it, but she’s formulated a countering spell

    28. He knew that this was a much higher risk strategy than he had originally formulated, but the extra weapons collected seemed worth the added danger to his men

    29. strategy than he had originally formulated, but the extra weapons collected seemed worth the

    30. Regulations were formulated which prohibited ships from discharging oil within 50 miles of shore

    31. command and instantly formulated a plan

    32. that this first principle, initially formulated by Kant, that human beings cannot be

    33. is a plausible consequence of the cosmoanthropic principle that I formulated

    34. It can be formulated as follows: the I Person

    35. After we exhausted all possibilities as formulated by the AMA

    36. Already these investigators have found that Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle (which is a bound on information), wave-particle duality and nonlocality can be formulated more powerfully in the context of information theory, according to William Wootters of Williams College, a former Wheeler student who is pursuing the ‘it-from-bit’ concept

    37. Existential Anthropology, which I have formulated to offer a new vision of life,

    38. brilliant physicist who had formulated (3 dimensional) vibrating spheres to

    39. is the transference of a thought formulated in a particular way In the

    40. his formulated reply for this exchange it is necessary for the two parties

    41. either homology or dichotomy? Questions like this, if carefully formulated and directed,

    42. for readers (the audience)? Questions like this, if carefully formulated and directed,

    43. The plan I’d formulated last

    44. formulated a thought that lingered unexpressed and that I

    45. and that by now you would have formulated some concrete strategies on how you

    46. There it was that I first formulated the notion of ‘oneness’

    47. The white crystal ball at the end was a formulated spell that would protect the person who touched the plant to not succumb to evil

    48. Every problem had a solution; that was the first rule he had formulated for himself

    49. formulated for Eastern students, and even among them chiefly for those who

    50. The exercise plan is scientifically formulated; the workout takes twenty

    1. A child ―learns‖ from environmental examples; that is to say, a child formulates the necessary tools that promote sound moral character

    2. Then he formulates a theory from this relationship

    3. So he formulates a theory, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

    4. causal magmasphere one formulates a thought and it is instantly transmit-

    5. As it formulates its list of Tactics, the planning team should

    6. - When he meets Nausicaa, Ulysses clearly formulates the cosmic goal that human beings are entrusted with for the first time: the creation of

    7. When Ulysses prays to Athena, she doesn’t always show herself to him, but Homer tells us that the goddess often acts even before he formulates his prayer

    8. It formulates implements and monitors the monetary policy as

    9. That I prove in seven articles Annalen der physics would not publish and this is how the cosmos formulates the process according to applying the Titius Bode law, the Lagrangian system, the Roche limit and the Coanda effect

    1. It took hours because there weren't that many inquiries to use for sample data, but he was immediately able to determine there were no hardware inquiries used in formulating the responses to those queries

    2. formulating a defence for these two” said Fred

    3. Scott took almost an hour contemplating his limited options and formulating a convincing story, until there was only one thing for it

    4. What about wars overseas? Adams was one of the most skilled secretaries of State the US ever had, negotiating many treaties and formulating the Monroe Doctrine

    5. Standing in her driveway shaking with emotion, her mind began formulating plans of vengeance

    6. Besides, the possibility of formulating a molecular antidote might help his colleagues, should they continue to be plagued

    7. Brian was already formulating the idea of the awkward

    8. “Frank is set to be in the state, don’t let her out of your sight” he said, “We’re currently formulating a strategy to intersect him

    9. He waited four months before approaching the king, obviously with God’s help and wisdom, formulating a plan of action

    10. She spent about thirty minutes formulating and writing down the proposals with some minor input from me

    11. But a new plan for her freedom was slowly formulating in her mind, she did not like it one bit, but her options were dwindling fast

    12. Indian and Chinese philosophers were formulating and promoting their own “Theories

    13. To stop the outburst, Malibu City Hall had spoken about establishing a referendum on allowing naturism in public and had even gone as far as formulating it

    14. As he was formulating this decision, Jesus was seated under the shade of a tree on an overhanging ledge of rock with a precipice right there before him

    15. the competitors will help us in formulating

    16. 13 The Sanhedrin, having formally decreed the death of Jesus and having issued orders for his arrest, adjourned on this Tuesday near midnight, after appointing to meet at ten o'clock the next morning at the home of Caiaphas the high priest for the purpose of formulating the charges on which Jesus should be brought to trial

    17. This spirit was bestowed for the purpose of qualifying believers more effectively to preach the gospel of the kingdom, but they mistook the experience of receiving the outpoured spirit for a part of the new gospel which they were unconsciously formulating

    18. Admiral Sherman broke the silence and directed the conversation toward formulating the plans to accomplish the many goals they had for Greg and Avi

    19. While John was formulating his plans for his people, the world around him was changing

    20. Profiting from villages who do not have clean water is not a plan that anyone should be formulating in the present

    21. So, I would advise you all to treat that information very seriously while formulating your next plans

    22. Her ministers and administrators did the bulk of the public work, with her staying quietly in the background, overlooking their activities and formulating policies

    23. Having recalled meeting Faye Underwood a few days ago in the lobby and formulating the opinion of her as a pleasant, well-mannered Southern girl, Elizabeth jumped at the chance to spend time with such a delightful companion, especially since the caller had sounded deeply perturbed and she herself was quite bored with having no company with whom to converse here in the hotel even though she was on vacation to avoid further publicity

    24. He knew there would be no avoiding this unpleasant duty of questioning these suspects, most of whom had acted rather suspiciously during the previous inquiry, and he was already formulating his approach to this delicate subject so as not to spook the real murderer before the pending departure and evasion of justice

    25. It was definitely an issue to take into consideration when formulating theories about the murder and its suspects

    26. Townsend had to think a few seconds before formulating a plan

    27. hesitated, quickly formulating his response

    28. Marisha italicised the words she felt the Ambassador would most appreciate in formulating a response to the Hochuth affair:

    29. Houston bit his lip, as if he were formulating how to communicate

    30. Back at the hotel, Carla began formulating a plan to get Anita out of the prison

    31. that had happened while simultaneously formulating the best course of

    32. Once we have the destroyers, if we can pull it off, then we should have no difficulty formulating a plan to take over the prison

    33. “They found out you were a prisoner, and they were already formulating plans to get you out

    34. “When Anson announced that we are unable to scan the comet, I began formulating this procedure,

    35. Michel nodded his head, his mind quickly formulating a plan of action

    36. Formulating a plan on the fly, Nick quickly grabbed a deep breath, then levered himself into the narrow shaft

    37. For the four's understanding is not so much a matter of formulating ideals as it is living one's ideals to the fullest, of drinking life to the dregs

    38. ” Hillary listened and was already formulating a plan

    39. He puffed away furiously, formulating his thoughts

    40. Formulating proposals however was a fascinating and novel experience

    41. According to a famous story, first told by Voltaire, in 1665 or 1666 Newton watched an apple all from a tree in a garden, which inspired him to begin formulating the law of gravitation

    42. There, he set about formulating his ingenious plans to clean up all the criminal elements till he eventually held the reins of power firmly in his hand

    43. ” Prez heard Evex formulating behind him

    44. of your competitor’s is by formulating unique functionality into the

    45. The advantage of the balanced scorecard approach is that, like formulating an RFP, a scorecard serves to crystallize management’s expectations of vendors, of the CKO, and of the corporate vision

    46. Tom’s softness didn’t start with the whip – he was quite incapable of formulating a clear order

    47. I leaned in the doorway, formulating a plan of attack

    48. snitches on pay in Edinburgh and was formulating a plan to employ

    49. The mathematical formulating of this I

    50. I uncover these principles by placing Π within the formulating of gravity and when using Π I bring clarity to

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