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    gas pedal

    1. The lights went out; a gunshot shattered the silence; the taxi driver cursed and jammed the gas pedal to the floor, forcing her the rest of the way into the back seat

    2. He floors the gas pedal

    3. He pushed the gas pedal further

    4. Every time she'd heard the firecracker sound of gunfire she had hit the gas pedal harder in terrified reaction

    5. I remember my foot was on the gas pedal, and I had driven into

    6. I half expect it to stay still when he presses the gas pedal, but it moves

    7. The engine roars as Johanna presses the gas pedal, and we bump over the grass in search of the others

    8. Ash began to press the gas pedal like a mad man but it took a while before the car actually lunged forward at a minimum speed

    9. Anxious prayers came out of the lips of parents and children while looking with horrified eyes at the burned cars hundreds of yards below… How to get out of the immediate danger? With a heavy heart and a desperate prayer, Roger put on the hand brake, pressed hard on the gas pedal while slowly releasing the clutch and suddenly disengaging the hand brake… The car shot forward with a burst of speed, and a great sigh of relief was heard from everyone

    10. slipped off the gas pedal, and her mother shook her

    11. He shoved the gear stick to the drive position and pressed the gas pedal to the floor

    12. I stepped on the gas pedal and accelerated into the

    13. She pumped the gas pedal a few times and the engine roared

    14. gas pedal when she changed gears

    15. They aren’t playing around, your mother slams on the gas pedal pushing a wounded taxi out of the way

    16. Without hesitation, Richard slammed his foot down on the gas pedal

    17. Feeding off E’s adrenaline, Dirt slammed his foot on the gas pedal, leaving a cloud of dirt behind him

    18. “Where you want to eat?” she asked before pressing on the gas pedal

    19. belt, thought that he had broken his ankle when it slipped from the gas pedal,

    20. The car purred with power as I floored the gas pedal and steered between the

    21. and floored the gas pedal

    22. gently pushed the gas pedal using the hockey stick

    23. I’ll use it to press on the gas pedal or

    24. Meanwhile, the buncher pressed hard on the gas pedal

    25. press further down on the gas pedal

    26. his foot on the accelerator literally flooring the gas pedal,

    27. got his foot ready should he need to pound on the gas pedal

    28. “The car won’t move!” the man nervously shouts as he constantly steps on the gas pedal

    29. been able to reach the gas pedal

    30. Vinny pushed down on the gas pedal without even

    31. foot on the gas pedal heading for Vinny's residence where

    32. He pushed on the gas pedal and finally broke a smile

    33. We call this feature the "Gas Pedal", and it is depicted by a tortoise and a

    34. more about how to use the Gas Pedal and how to think about how aggressive

    35. The "Gas Pedal", is depicted by a tortoise and a hare, much like the old

    36. Where Do We Go After the Most Aggressive Step on the Gas Pedal?

    37. Hitting the gas pedal hard when the light turns green and braking hard when you stop will increase the rate at which your car using its gas

    38. Paul quickly moved in closer so he could see it better, and upon doing so, noted the cart was a dual passenger model complete with a gas pedal, foot brakes, modified rack and pinion steering, and a five horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine

    39. He then shoved his right foot forward so he could floor the gas pedal

    40. And instead of a gas pedal, there was a lever near the steering wheel you used to either speed up or slow down

    41. Freeman slammed down the gas pedal

    42. His chills started at the gas pedal and snaked their way up his right leg

    43. Andrew tried to squeeze all possible force out of it by pressing the gas pedal

    44. As the car goes forward, the dashboard, and then the steering wheel, disappear under her hands, and Amy is alone, surrounded by all the colors of the rainbow for the briefest of moments, her foot on the pedal of what would be the gas pedal if

    45. and then her foot is on the gas pedal, behind her Beatrice is screaming, and next to her the man who still might be crazy is bracing his hands on the dash

    46. stomped on the gas pedal, and spun the tires as he left the church

    47. loud, put the car in reverse, and stomped on the gas pedal

    48. depressed the gas pedal and again the truck was on its way

    49. Putting pressure to the gas pedal, she backed out

    50. the gas pedal all the way to the floor, the look in his eyes, those of a

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