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    1. ROBERT: Objection, your Honor, the counsel is harassing my client

    2. was going to stop his friend from harassing him, and

    3. coped with it! “Take me on, Fate, man to man, but stop harassing

    4. Consider the significance of who is harassing you and how you felt

    5. They’d spent their war years thus far harassing the Reds and generally making life miserable

    6. The harassing of Jews had not penetrated into Szczecin, because the city was inhabited by soldiers and officers, most of whom were Jews

    7. Eventually as the protest built up the Police started harassing the assembly point where buses and the campers had made their base

    8. Now listen: when this dead, corrupt and harassing police officer’s home was entered, one of the items recovered was this,” and he removed from his attaché case a manila file and set it near the notebook

    9. The current emperor, Federico the Third (Frederick III), had been under harassing attacks from the kings of Bohemia and Hungaria, Jorge and Mateo (George and Matthew), respectively, although they had now turned against each other since Jorge was a vile heretic who had been excommunicated and condemned by the aitasantu (the Euskera name for the pope)

    10. " Instead, he was accused of harassing witnesses and served

    11. beating her nor harassing her, as was the case on the tobacco farm

    12. “That was the time Alex started harassing her about the video

    13. Their missions range from border watch posts and Intel gathering, to interdicting and harassing the VC and NVA

    14. 16 And when he said that to them the Scribes and Pharisees began their evil-doing being angry with him and finding fault with his sayings and harassing him in many things; seeking to catch something from his mouth that they might be able to calumniate him

    15. claiming that I was the one who kept harassing her when she didn’t want to have anything

    16. minutes before harassing Poes-Woes

    17. There is nothing to be gained from harassing someone who isn’t interested in reading

    18. At first Julie thought C was harassing her and she thought to herself,

    19. Several other guards were harassing the tourists, making animal noises and trying to steal their shoes

    20. By the way, I don’t think Alistair will be harassing you anymore

    21. While prosecutors can charge someone with criminal harassment, victims of abuse or harassment may also petition the court for an order of protection or restraining order to prohibit someone from engaging in harassing behaviors

    22. Then she said she didn’t care if my husband was on the police force, if I didn’t stop harassing them she’d call the cops and press charges

    23. 2 Then came forward one of the groups of the Pharisees to ask harassing questions, and the spokesman, signaling to Jesus, said: "Master, I am a lawyer, and I would like to ask you which, in your opinion, is the greatest commandment?" Jesus answered: "There is but one commandment, and that one is the greatest of all, and that commandment is: `Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one; and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength

    24. What a shudder of horror passes over the onlooking celestial beings as they behold the professed followers of Jesus indulge themselves in persecuting, harassing, and even murdering the later-day descendants of Peter, Philip, Matthew, and others of the Palestinian Jews who so gloriously yielded up their lives as the first martyrs of the gospel of the heavenly kingdom!

    25. Otters, fearless in their pursuit of food, cavorted among the gators with the impunity of a mocking bird harassing a crow

    26. I have seen him harassing you in the office and I

    27. Evangelical Christians have been harassing Jews a lot longer than the Swordsmen

    28. It listed several reasons for the eviction; namely that I was harassing other tenants with my religious beliefs, that I was operating an unlicensed business from my apartment, that the police had to be summoned to my apartment and that others in the apartment community didn't want me practicing or directing 'black magic' toward them or their children

    29. “They’re harassing that poor girl,” she paid for her goods

    30. than one person harassing her she’s probably stressed out as

    31. have been noted sexually harassing young girls

    32. harassing and physically abusing civilian and army officers at a

    33. Their parents came and politely ordered them to stop harassing the Rakai

    34. If the department is short on funds, lay off the harassing ticker givers

    35. Even then, some of the more redneck southern policemen and officials kept ignoring that federal solution and went on harassing the more dark-skinned Palestinians at every turn

    36. They even have started harassing with laser fire our troops occupying cities in the Northern Hemisphere

    37. Facing numerous resistance forces that were quickly being armed by Spacers deliveries of weapons, and with its field forces under murderous harassing laser fire coming from orbit, the ISF started losing ground over the territories it had invaded

    38. But if he starts harassing me for it, I'm comin back here and I'll storm this house if I have to

    39. Told him to stop harassing me or I was going to call the

    40. “We heard that this reporter was harassing and heckling my granddaughter while she was performing on the stage!”

    41. Many Bible scholars believe that this distressing spirit was actually a demonic spirit that was following and harassing Saul

    42. He wondered if it was the same group they had been harassing for the past ten years

    43. “Yes I heard, but a friendly agreed upon meeting is not picking him up or harassing him

    44. The police was shamed into arresting her husband Pratap Sigh Chauhan and inlaws and 2 neighbours who had been harassing her

    45. I was striding along beneath the trees when one of the two thugs who had been harassing

    46. would spend it watching mindless TV, surfing the Internet or harassing someone

    47. believe you have been harassing

    48. He turned and saw a man harassing a woman near the club

    49. contacts you with harassing or abusive calls

    50. Things settled down and just out of the blue he started harassing again

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