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    1. or harmonize that state of agreement

    2. deliverance through His people as they harmonize with the

    3. The cacophony of trumpets begins to harmonize

    4. Instead, they studied and wrote about how to harmonize oneself with this way

    5. At first I thought my goal was to harmonize two different ways of seeing the world and how it got to be the way that it is

    6. seemed to harmonize with the river in his head

    7. Learn to balance the head and the heart; harmonize intellectual and cognitive perception with heart-centered perception

    8. The glorious man the lord of the whole tower having accordingly finished these alterations called to him the Shepherd and delivered to him all the stones that were lying beside the tower that had been rejected from the building and said to him "Carefully clean all these stones and put aside such for the building of the tower as may harmonize with the others; and those that do not throw far away from the tower

    9. "The greater part of these stones" he said "I will hew and put into the building and they will harmonize with the others

    10. 5 And how will this be beloved? If our mind be established by faith toward God; if we seek out what is pleasant and acceptable in his sight; if we perform such things as harmonize with his blameless will and follow in the way of truth casting from us all unrighteousness and lawlessness covetousness strife malice and fraud whispering and evil speaking hatred of God pride and insolence vainglory and churlishness

    11. and negative, so we could harmonize them both in a dialectical process of

    12. " But these words of the prophet did not harmonize with what his parents had taught him

    13. opening your mouth and spewing out whatever idle thought you have at the moment? Does what you say and do now harmonize with what you said and did five minutes ago, or yesterday? Or are you actually contradicting yourself?

    14. 1 It was at Gamala, during the evening conference, that Philip said to Jesus: "Master, why is it that the Scriptures instruct us to `fear the Lord,' while you would have us look to the Father in heaven without fear? How are we to harmonize these teachings?" And Jesus replied to Philip, saying:

    15. In the sign of Libra the universal mind – the soul – expresses its genius for relationships, that is, its power to harmonize diverse elements in a unified, organic way

    16. Harmonize natural talent with talent that motivates

    17. “You want me to harmonize with you, I see…”

    18. meditation is designed to cleanse and harmonize your various bodies with the

    19. Much more important than what number is chosen as the base, is the need to harmonize

    20. the circumstances of life which harmonize with

    21. The way it works is we harmonize our string with a nearby string and make transfer over when

    22. And last, but not least, no other view appears to me to harmonize with the exclamation of the Apostle St

    23. Thus thirteen does not harmonize with twelve to make heaven, earth and mankind have value of a circle

    24. This deep driving energy is seeking new ways to integrate, new ways to harmonize with each other and the world

    25. Naturally there were all sorts of attempts to harmonize these heathen practices with the Christian religion

    26. So, what sounds you feed your body is what it will try to harmonize and integrate with, regardless if it creates cancer or immortality cells

    27. What is the music of compassion, the sounds of grace? To what sounds will we harmonize our hearts and minds from which to have our spirits emerge?

    28. As this man, also, at the last, must be considered as a manifestation of Spirit; there is nothing sacrilegious in the idea that he, being Spirit, should so harmonize himself with his Origin and Source that he would be able to manifest at least a minor degree of its Power

    29. It is imperative, therefore, for everyone, for one’s own sake and for the sake of one’s children to harmonize one’s actions to a single melting pot

    30. “And I shall harmonize on my pipe,” Hermes said, “from the chamber on the other side

    31. To achieve a true victory, the charioteer must ensure that mind and body work together; he must harmonize (harmozein, join) the spiritual and physical

    32. To reject the divine qualities that are essential to harmonize us with one another is to reject God’s will for the future

    33. a whole, as well as individuals, can choose directions towards futures that better harmonize

    34. It is essential, however that your purpose should harmonize with the purpose

    35. You would think the puppets would seek to harmonize these passages with any other recorded in Scripture

    36. Despite the many passages recorded exclusively on this subject alone, these overseers want to harmonize over twenty clear passages referenced under the New Covenant with one enigmatic passage that apparently supports their position on this particular subject

    37. For this reason, these puppets stand in a very weak position when having to harmonize twenty passages with one

    38. What we can do, for the sake of Truth, is to harmonize one passage with Scripture

    39. You could say that the beauty of Nature and the Universe is a random design of certain basic structures that are designed to harmonize with each other

    40. Then there is the question of the hierarchy of control over any living person, and which undead filth can harmonize themselves better and have more of an unsuspecting influence on them

    41. If a human undead filth entity can harmonize themselves with a living person; and instantly be where the living person is

    42. They try to become you, they ret to harmonize with you so completely: that you cannot later attack them because attacking them would be attacking yourself

    43. is utterly impossible to harmonize the New Testament teaching of a resurrection with the

    44. comma after the ‘today’ so that the verse wil harmonize with other scriptural teaching on death and

    45. absolute nonsense, and completely impossible to harmonize with the Hell of today

    46. place the comma after the ‘today’ so that the verse will harmonize

    47. ‘today’ so that the verse will harmonize with other scriptural teaching on death and resurrection

    48. utterly impossible to harmonize the New Testament teaching of a resurrection with the

    49. It is utterly impossible to harmonize the New Testament teaching of a resurrection with the pagan teaching of an immortal soul

    50. The translators did not dare to make this Hell for them they would have Job asking to go to Hell for relief from his sufferings; it would have made this passage be absolute nonsense, and completely impossible to harmonize with the Hell of today

    1. that harmonized with Sons’

    2. have harmonized into them and it will present itself

    3. Juan Gelmán, an Argentinean poet wrote that “poetry is an act of love, a useless, but necessary glowing-red type of job…” As most of you know, poetry is one’s lyrical spirit highlighted, and coincides with the harmonized conditions of the heart… So, I decided to play for her, with a poem, the melody that today fills my heart: a ballad that I wrote to celebrate her birthday with a very special gift: A POETIC KISS

    4. And harmonized yourself

    5. If your car shakes and at times is harmonized to your favorite song on the radio you have what we call a Vibration

    6. Their voices harmonized even as they laughed

    7. man is not yet perfect, the different vehicles are so far harmonized that they

    8. readily harmonized with its irrepressible egotism) and radiated it steadily

    9. compliment her on her taste in color—how wel al her garments harmonized with

    10. I felt her shudder only a second beyond my release and the golden flush that slowly ebbed from my body drew out a cry from me that was almost the same music that she had sung and we harmonized our cries and it echoed in the small room as if we’d rung a chorus of bells

    11. It grew louder as several other sounds from other rocks harmonized under the first

    12. melody to be harmonized with instrumentation

    13. keeping us balanced and harmonized

    14. harmonized with the law of love

    15. The universe as a whole is a compatible unit whose pieces have gathered to each other and whose atoms have attracted and harmonized with each other

    16. The universe as a whole is a compatible unit, whose pieces have gathered together and whose atoms have attracted each other and become harmonized with each other

    17. emerge and how will the new harmonized nation state

    18. I have already mentioned the general Rule of structurization of “human” Formo-systems of Worlds — “the Law of Eternal Existence of any Form”30: higher-qualitative and more harmonized frequency Configurations of our Stereo-Types are organically “included” into scenarios of development of higher-qualitative Formo-systems of Worlds, and, as a rule (if this doesn’t contradict scenarios of development of other “people”), provide biological structures of manifestation of their NUU-VVU-Configurations with the largest vital reserve (that which we usually mean by the Force of Spirit, the Creative Potential), which has a positive effect on the state of health of our more spiritualized “personalities” and on the “linear” length of their temporary manifestation in these systems of Worlds (length of Life)

    19. everything in the universe is Connectively Fractionalized, Dynamically Split, Balanced and Harmonized in this manner

    20. If there are twenty or fifty undead entities harmonized to one living person: they may be able to corrupt that living person fifty different ways

    21. If there is only one entity filth harmonized to that living person: that entity may only succeed in secretly encouraging only the addictions they have; to develop in the unsuspecting living person

    22. Then there is the question of the combined effect of many entities harmonized inside a single living person: and how many of their evil intentions cancel each other out… or increase their toxicity ten times for every doubled subconscious poison urge inside the living person

    23. There is no way that this version of Hell could be harmonized Vine, “The immaterial, invisible part of man

    24. grand enchanter, "lapt them in Elysium," and every sense was harmonized to joy and social extacy

    25. Plato has no idea either of a social State in which all classes are harmonized, or of a federation of Hellas or the world in which different nations or States have a place

    26. nature, society, and your fellow men, and harmonized yourself with all these, and having consecrated yourself to that within you that impels toward the greatest and the highest, the next step is to become aware of and recognize fully the fact that the Principle of Power within you is God Himself

    27. The last of these he favored mostly because as it aged its color evolved from that of old ivory to a golden honey hue that harmonized with the burnished red of the cedar hulls

    28. What mattered more than how hard a man rowed was how well everything he did in the boat harmonized with what the other fellows were doing

    29. There was nothing markedly abnormal in any of these conditions, which harmonized with my former experiences

    30. tone which harmonized with her mood

    31. Her nose was somewhat too thick, but it harmonized well with the vermilion mouth, whose lips, creased in many lines, were full of love and kindness

    32. I sought, and soon discovered, the three headstones on the slope next the moor: on middle one grey, and half buried in the heath; Edgar Linton’s only harmonized by the turf and moss creeping up its foot; Heathcliff’s still bare

    33. Once in a while we sat together on the pond, he at one end of the boat, and I at the other; but not many words passed between us, for he had grown deaf in his later years, but he occasionally hummed a psalm, which harmonized well enough with my philosophy

    34. He had not attended to the train of his thoughts long when he heard some one playing on a flute, and that sound harmonized with his mood

    35. But when I told them that no such limitation was made in God's law, and reminded them of the doctrine of brotherhood, of the forgiveness of offences, of love, which are obligatory for all Christians and which could in no way be harmonized with murder, the men of the people generally agreed with me, and on their side put the question to me as to how it happened that the government, which, according to their ideas, could not err, commanded the armies, when necessary, to go to war, and ordered the execution of prisoners

    36. Whether she will be called upon to act against an united, harmonized Government and people—or whether she shall have for her prey, a divided people and a discordant Government

    37. He was dressed all in white except a sky-blue tie that harmonized with the color of his eyes

    1. rajas distorts, sattva harmonizes

    2. It harmonizes two essential bodily functions: converting food into

    3. Every universe has its own specific task to fulfill, that harmonizes with the tasks of

    4. It harmonizes two essential bodily functions: converting food into cells/tissues, and

    5. It starts a vibration that emits a note that harmonizes with like-minded others growing into a powerful chord that starts others to vibrate and they, in turn, take up the same tune

    6. Effective impulse control solves problems and harmonizes relationships

    7. The self-expression of the world harmonizes through the miracle of newborn goodwill within people around the world

    8. of an organization that harmonizes the growth of nations so that they combine into positive

    9. It is beautiful because all of the supposedly random atoms and molecules and DNA, and chemical and atomic and physical reactions and actions are not random at all, but are mathematically structured in a way that harmonizes with everything else in the Universe

    10. Nature is beautiful because everything in Nature harmonizes with everything else in Nature mathematically

    11. For instance: if you tune a lute harmonically so that all the strings are in harmony with each other; based upon the mathematical harmony of thirds, halves, sixths, and twelve’s… Then no matter how randomly you put your fingers on it: most of what you create will be music that harmonizes with itself…

    12. Simple… the unseen entity who you are harmonizing with, harmonizes its aural body with yours…

    13. harmonizes perfectly with the local architecture and environment

    14. And when a beautiful soul harmonizes with a beautiful form, and the two are cast in one mould, that will be the fairest of sights to him who has an eye to see it?

    15. He was a most lovely child, with large blue eyes, of that deep color that harmonizes so well with the blond complexion; only his hair, which was too light, gave his face a most singular expression, and added to the vivacity of his look, and the malice of his smile

    1. components to the purpose as you are able in a harmonizing and efficient

    2. Moreover, as interpreters began to collect different interpretations of biblical texts, they tended to deal with conflicts between authorities by harmonizing such opinions rather than simply keeping some and discarding others…

    3. By harmonizing these three principles, the benefits of yoga

    4. Philo was engaged in the laudable but exceedingly difficult task of harmonizing Greek philosophy and Hebrew theology

    5. Rodan was now earnestly engaged in the task of harmonizing his philosophy of life with Jesus' new religious teachings, and he had come to Magadan hoping that the Master would talk these problems over with him

    6. “What’s harmonizing, Lez?” he said

    7. “Joey, we have not tried harmonizing all of this time!”

    8. Set them not down in a low place because they and you have little sympathy, few harmonizing and responding strings in your hearts,�because you soon come to a standstill in communing with them, and discover that they and you have only a limited extent of ground in common! Write it down on the tablets of your heart, that there are many schools, orders, classes, diversities of Christians

    9. echoing down through the canyon, harmonizing with the notes of the river

    10. Consious emotions are slowly moving to honor services through harmonizing thoughts

    11. The genius of the community of the common promise is harmonizing differences into a symphony of co-existence

    12. harmonizing all aspects of

    13. In a certain light, the metabolism has been referred to as a harmonizing process

    14. kidney jing, resulting in harmonizing the levels of hormones secretion from

    15. Licorice has been used in traditional Chinese medicine in harmonizing the

    16. Since it is considered as a cool to cold medicine, it helps to harmonizing the

    17. Simple… the unseen entity who you are harmonizing with, harmonizes its aural body with yours…

    18. And harmonizing itself with the living soul in secret… and setting up house inside that living person

    19. And flit instantly to another living person’s aura simply by harmonizing with that other person’s aura

    20. By harmonizing their weak undead aura with your living one without you being aware of it

    21. He remembered huddling around the piano and harmonizing with his brothers while his mother played carols and his dad made fudge

    22. Here, then, comes in the mysterious narrative with which the sacred history opens, of a primeval paradise and introductory trial of a man for continuance in life under condition of obedience,—a narrative more rational, and harmonizing better with all the facts of human life and thought, and with our inward yearning for immortality, notwithstanding our evanescence, than any hypothesis of animal descent, or, rather, ascent, from ascidians and the fur-clad grinning monsters of the woods

    23. Plato has himself admitted, in the earlier part of the Republic, that the arts might have the effect of harmonizing as well as of enervating the mind; but in the Tenth Book he regards them through a Stoic or Puritan medium

    24. The chairs were of ancient workmanship and materials; over the doors were painted sketches of shepherds and shepherdesses, after the style and manner of Boucher; and at each side pretty medallions in crayons, harmonizing well with the furnishings of this charming apartment, the only one throughout the great mansion in which any distinctive taste prevailed

    25. and provocations of it; harmonizing with which, my gallant spouted into me such a potent overflow of the balsamic injection, as softened and unedged all those irritating stings of a new species of titillation, which I had been so intolerably maddened with, and restored the ferment of my senses to some degree of composure

    26. From the little jazz and folk clubs where he’d ridden out his twenties and thirties and from church basements and union halls issued new sounds that, rather than harmonizing what was discordant, made more discord

    27. But with such a definition of the church there appears a still greater difficulty in harmonizing, as Khomyakóv wants to, the church which is united in love with the church which recognizes the Nicene symbol and the justice of Photius

    28. Whether we respect their repulsive effects upon British hostility or their harmonizing effects among ourselves, they appear to me to be equally strong and persuasive

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