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    1. If we apply ourselves to allowing these creatures to live in harmony with us, we can provide for both us and them a better life and one in which we do not immediately think of how bad they are etc

    2. The equation of life dictates that harmony be balanced by evolution or growth

    3. ” Growing up in Puerto Rico/Miami, Lopez was heavily influenced by the fact that his mother grew her own fruits and vegetables and always used animal manure as fertilizer This organically based philosophy toward gardening techniques laid the foundation of Lopez beliefs and in 1972 he founded Astra’s Garden, based on something of a religion that subscribes to living in harmony with the environment: not polluting; treating all living plant life with respect; and, basically just listening to what the earth is telling us

    4. Sadly for every moment of harmony,

    5. "In song is harmony

    6. the companionship that comes with that first sparkling moment of harmony within the

    7. In this wave of harmony and gentleness is dom-

    8. They have the responsibility to work together in peace and harmony with each other and with every member of the congregation

    9. in harmony, each regarding the needs of his fellow Christians more important than himself

    10. This has been judged to be in harmony with the Word of God

    11. In overall we had a nice time, but soon he let it be understood that mental harmony is not enough to start a love affair

    12. So far as concerns congregational obligation, and expedient is that which is in harmony with the Scriptures, in which there is inherent advantage, and which may be

    13. They should see to it that their vision for the future of the congregation is in harmony with the will of God! This would include taking every step possible to reach the

    14. When Son heard the quiet harmony of their

    15. Over the months Son was trained in the art of peace and harmony

    16. creating in partnership and harmony with all while learning to

    17. He looked down upon the bright and savage earth for the first time in countless measures of eternity and there Smith saw something quite unexpected; the utterly familiar shape of loneliness embodied in the outlandish shell of the hairless ape who dared to contemplate creation, baying at the stars, calling out in utter desperation for the companionship that comes with that first sparkling moment of harmony within the song of songs

    18. when we flow in harmony with A Life of

    19. It is also said to be a stone of friendship and brings harmony in relationships

    20. Words were said, the harmony they had once shared as a group seemed to be fading

    21. Side by side and side to side, they skipped and swept in harmony and fun

    22. Andrew purposely let them land first as he wanted the doctor to see that they lived in harmony with the dragons

    23. and maintain the harmony of the energy field, so that

    24. There were flutes and hand drums, singing with melody and harmony

    25. peace and harmony within

    26. cause harmony so long as others do not interfere

    27. perfect harmony that lifted their mood and their awareness to an

    28. Harmony and melody

    29. that harmony was broken and a tidal wave of

    30. ” rang out in harmony from the assemblage

    31. Mere distance could not sufficiently intervene, but the immensity of the sea, with its tempo of solitude, he felt deeply inside himself and it played in harmony with his spirit as a swelling call to greatness

    32. Kaitlyn's voice, a full whisper at first, rose to harmony and then into counterpoint with the music

    33. Graduation requirements shall be set in harmony with the entrance requirements of the Higher Institutions of this State, and the corollary testing commiserate with same

    34. Criminals and terrorists have their own reasons for doing what they do but it is certain that if these people were in harmony with the whole creation they would not act the way they do

    35. The ultimate goal of human life is to reach harmony with this world of ours

    36. Mull it over until you reach a state of perfect harmony with the School Master

    37. Working in harmony with one's superior offers better chances of success than otherwise

    38. The types of positive thoughts that empower you are: love, harmony,

    39. In harmony with all reception

    40. In harmony with themselves

    41. impressed me was the harmony of dif erent

    42. So as you don’t get such a bad overall impression of his species, Horrifying Hippo spent most of his days in peace and harmony with his surroundings (with his mouth closed!) and we thus shouldn’t be dissing him since in reality he was sort of an all-round good dude

    43. John 3:16 and Matthew 10:28 are in perfect harmony when

    44. To see a canary in your dream represents happiness and harmony

    45. To dream that you are joyful denotes harmony amongst friends and loved ones

    46. To dream that you are in an orchestra represents inner integration, resolution, and harmony

    47. It was a beautiful harmony

    48. This harmony is the same at the

    49. same at each level of complexity patterns of harmony in other systems, as well as a greater and lesser order

    50. [156] Another way to think about creating order in consciousness is, it is a process of bringing the interior life, the life of the mind, into harmony, both within itself and with the world outside

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    harmoniousness harmony musical harmony concord concordance conformity congruence balance congruity regularity consistency consonance accord rapport agreement equanimity amity unanimity diapason concert music euphony symphony