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    head teacher

    1. Bloody good head teacher too

    2. “Miss Pringle is head teacher

    3. The big boy in matric had missed two classes, the Head teacher had missed instructing two classes, about seventy-five pupils in all

    4. “There,” I presented it proudly to the head teacher as vindication of my unorthodox teaching methods

    5. End-of-year examinations for this class in the Real Work of School were set, supervised and marked by the head teacher

    6. With time, the head teacher allowed, I might yet learn how to teach

    7. reminded Derek of his old head teacher Mr

    8. After an initial pep talk by the camp’s head teacher, a scrawny Scottish fellow reeking of tobacco sidled up and hissed, “Macbeth?”

    9. from the head teachers

    10. The head teacher Miss Sparrow was very impressed by Mary’s turnout and the way she spoke

    11. “Of course, any meeting has to first be approved by the head teacher or her deputy,” she finished

    12. When they arrived at the school, the secretary this time ushered Annie and her mother into the head teacher’s office

    13. The head teacher outlined the incident, and told Annie that Alicia was at that moment with the deputy head, who was trying to show her how wrong her action had been

    14. Annie was now annoyed with her mother as well as the head, so she got up, said ‘Come on, we’re not staying here,” to her mother, and walked out of the head teacher’s office, slamming the door behind her

    15. She said sorry to her mother, and wrote apologies to the girl she’d kicked as well as to the head teacher

    16. Tracey met with Daniel and his teacher in the head teacher's office

    17. I'd seen him around but I'd never spoken to him, not until the day I was sent to see the head teacher

    18. I was a straight A student with a 100% attendance record, but for whatever reason I found myself sitting on a plastic chair in the corridor outside the head teacher's office

    19. What was I thinking? I was supposed to be seeing the head teacher, not playing truant with a 6th form boy that I had only just met! I had to admit though, it was the most exciting thing that had ever happened in my entire life

    20. often the title of the chief sage or the head teacher

    21. Were I as the head teacher, charitable proprietor, wise statesman,

    22. In addition to conducting this school and applying to it all the newest methods of instruction, this head teacher ought to keep an eye on all the other schools

    23. Since with the arrangement which I propose there will certainly be formed large complete schools in the larger centres (as I think, in the proportion of one to twenty of all the other schools), and in these large schools the teachers will be of a grade of education equal to that of the seminarists who have finished a course in a theological school, the head teacher will visit all these larger schools, bring together these teachers on Sundays, point out to them the defects, propose new methods, give counsel and books for their own education, and invite them to his school on Sundays

    24. The library of the head teacher ought to consist of several copies of the Bible, of Church-Slavic and Russian grammars, arithmetic, and algebra

    25. The head teacher, whenever he has time, will visit also the small schools and invite their teachers to come to see him; but the duty of watching the minor teachers is imposed on the older teachers, who just in the same way visit their district and invite those teachers to come to see them on Sundays and on week-days

    26. Naturally the organization of these teachers' meetings, both for the smaller and the larger schools, and the head teacher's visits of inspection, and the formation of teachers from pupils acting as assistants may take place in a large variety of ways; the main point is that the surveillance of any number of schools (even though it may reach the norm of one school to every one hundred souls) is possible in this manner

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