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    1. That was one of the REALLY hot topics among the technically inclined these days

    2. ‘Maybe they’ll feel inclined to assist next time we ask for their cash

    3. He did not seem overly inclined to help

    4. "I'm inclined to allow we leave them here," Kelvin said, "especially when we have to consider that we don't have suitable replacement entities available without delaying our departure

    5. I am inclined to ask, “What on earth are the devout doing in the marketplaces?”

    6. That sugar, in the last analysis, can cause serious malnutrition is proved by the fact that although like alcohol, it is a quick source of energy the effects do not last and as the body becomes more and more dependent on these ‘quick lifts’ it becomes less inclined to eat nourishing food

    7. She had no idea why they were suddenly starting to be useful, but with a fresh packet of fags laying open on the kitchen table, with the kitchen cleaned, with something smelling lovely bubbling away on the cooker and with a head that was hosting a motorway maintenance crew, she didn't feel inclined to argue

    8. Old Ted, however, was not inclined to inflate his own ego

    9. Tom saw in her faded looks and in her dimming eyes a future that he was not inclined to embrace

    10. the one member of the state apparatus who seemed inclined to

    11. ‘Yes, I’d be inclined to agree with you there, Dave

    12. future that he was not inclined to embrace

    13. Ken's brother is less inclined to dream of foreign shores

    14. Masa had not been inclined to play ball though and Brenda had been hell to work with as a result

    15. Chrissie had been inclined to stay, taking the tack that the devil of a boss she knew was better than the devil of unemployment, but her opinion changed when Masa had a go at her after the last show of the day

    16. Tom was inclined to believe the old man

    17. And I am inclined to agree with them; I think there are many fantastic locations out there that would be a better place to build your office blocks,”

    18. She’d always been more inclined to that portion of the home than Emma had

    19. he inclined to us, and heard our cry

    20. "I think I would enjoy a romance with you, if you were so inclined and if romance is possible to you

    21. was inclined to believe him

    22. affairs, but none of them felt inclined to complain

    23. Not only did it span one of the city's wider roads, but it was inclined at a steep angle, moving from a two level structure to a four-story warehouse

    24. be and toward which he was inclined, and I was afraid

    25. inclined to grant circumstances those who have

    26. here I am inclined to give them justice

    27. Why would you say that? I’m hardly inclined to favor the accused

    28. inclined to think they were thieves and were

    29. He had never really been religiously inclined; the only time he ever did anything remotely ‘religious’ was when he visited the Temple to partake in Sacred Communion with the Queen of Heaven

    30. He would often spend up to five hours serenely munching away, consuming quantities reaching 150 pounds of the wispy delicacy each evening! (Yes, and that was without salad dressing, croutons, grated carrots, or any other complements that might be found in the typical buffet for those humans who are more health-oriented and inclined towards vegetarianism

    31. These super low-level, noise frequencies that he could proudly boast about to others (if he were inclined to do so) are maintained at a hush-hush status for reasons of his humble nature and the importance of strategic secrecy

    32. If he was lucky, some regulars would be about and inclined to offer information regarding a stranger whom they had noticed pass among them but some days earlier

    33. Could it have been the tricks of their tired minds? Or was there truly a pair of musically inclined bears before them?

    34. On and around they went, some answering, some questioning, the Elf was inclined to second Deni's concerns: “Let's continue this over breakfast

    35. “Considering your present circumstances, I’m inclined to let that outburst slide

    36. However, an angle of 45 degrees lacks prestige and stability, and there is every possibility that small children and animals may take pleasure in passing beneath his inclined form

    37. “Of one mind; yes, that is well-said,” Sheranara inclined her head to the Elf, then she did what was wholly unexpected, she bowed to the Elf as well

    38. ” They inclined their heads to the Elf


    40. However, people who are more inclined to left-brain thinking tend not to believe in past lives and the survival of human consciousness after physical death

    41. If, at any particular time, that part of the capital of any country which of its own accord tended and inclined, if I may say so, towards the East India trade, was not sufficient for carrying on all those different branches of it, it would be a proof that, at that particular time, that country was not ripe for that trade, and that it would do better to buy for some time, even at a higher price, from other European nations, the East India goods it had occasion for, than to import them itself directly from the East Indies

    42. His parents, more inclined to the noble life of luxury, had forced upon him the name Regis, but he much preferred Warlord

    43. Sebastian was still inclined to believe Mars had something to do with it

    44. Based on the findings from Aspen’s rescue, I’m inclined to drop all charges against Mars and release him and Rogan

    45. Cupid inclined his head

    46. Such is the generosity of the greater part of young men, that so far from being disposed to neglect or despise the instructions of their master, provided he shews some serious intention of being of use to them, they are generally inclined to pardon a great deal of incorrectness in the performance of his duty, and sometimes even to conceal from the public a good deal of gross negligence

    47. It was well enough inclined, too, to be complaisant to the king of England

    48. inclined to be contentious, we have no other practice, nor

    49. But if one is inclined to be contentious, we have no other

    50. And I'm not a man who is inclined to rush headlong into things

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