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    1. Over 400,000 tons of pesticides are applied each year by American farmers with less than one-tenth of one percent actually reaching targeted pests! A main source of contamination of our soil, water, air and food, as well as being highly inefficient, this method of pest control places at risk the health of the farmer and consumer alike

    2. Thus, when it was suggested to him that the government should take over the railroads, he responded indignantly that those suggesting such action had no idea how inefficient and undependable federal workers were

    3. The stream of data entering his head did not arrive as readily conscious knowledge; that would have been inefficient

    4. Urban (traffic) Congestion over the last half century has exposed the improvidence of infrastructural planning that have become inefficient before their time

    5. It was extremely humid in there, with the inefficient ceiling suck-out fan moaning and groaning away on dry bearings

    6. For most of US history, the military had a relatively good record of opposing torture as inhumane, unworthy of a soldier, and inefficient since it tends to produce false information

    7. As Cole Bell attended to the gas boiler, partially blocking the vent with the remains of a bird’s nest, and adjusting the burners to the most inefficient setting he could, Mai Bell made sure all the windows were tightly closed

    8. He knew that capitalism is inherently inhumane and inefficient since its central priority is personal profit

    9. And even under the Balanced Budget Amendment approach, they could fund inefficient projects if they raise taxes

    10. And, more importantly, they could fund many inefficient projects if they happened to luck into higher revenues because of a buoyant economy

    11. It turns out that economists have made some quite convincing arguments that the inefficient things are at least somewhat more likely to get axed

    12. the machinery is becoming inefficient, and it’s badly affecting

    13. • Government is naturally inefficient

    14. indicates that the person is either inefficient, or is deliberately staying

    15. In my mind it indicates that the person is either inefficient,

    16. over 13- million illegal immigrants in the country; most government Departments are bloated and inefficient (as proven by FEMA); many, many other serious problems—too many to mention and what is

    17. A person is derelict in the performance of his duty when he wilfully or negligently fails to perform them, or when he performs them in a culpably inefficient manner

    18. office applications that are inefficient and,

    19. Darla’s house at the slurred and inefficient direction of

    20. Corruption and an inefficient control apparatus are the cause of insufficient

    21. and how inefficient Kyrgyz officials could be, especially if you did not

    22. Such an action would compound the present problem to such a degree that even the present inefficient Veterans Administration hospital system would look good

    23. I do understand that to use tariffs is nothing more than to protect inefficient producers

    24. This policy is also quite inefficient and costly

    25. all this complicated and inefficient mess

    26. are ineffective and inefficient

    27. Work cannot be confusing, inefficient, unclear or unrelated to common ends and still provide optimal service to clients

    28. The agency was content to "let sleeping dogs lie" until its chief customers determined the proliferation of services to be expensive and inefficient

    29. The reasons they are chubby are likely to be a combination of inefficient

    30. ’any inefficient links would be severed and replaced!’

    31. This is because, old refrigerators can actually consume a lot of energy, due to their being inefficient

    32. Clogged burners are inefficient

    33. In many cases their modes of transportation were not only not necessary for the buyer, they were also inefficient, dangerous hazards on the highway and unfriendly to the planet

    34. I just found that the "design by committee" approach was about the most inefficient way of sorting out design stuff

    35. The gliders they were flying, although probably the most advanced in the world at that time, were nonetheless still relatively inefficient, lucky to squeeze out a six to one glide ratio with a good pilot in the harness

    36. 38 calibre round from the classic but inefficient single hand stance, missing by a few inches at forty yards, before Nancy�s gun erupted in a monstruous blast

    37. Drowning in too much information is inefficient -

    38. Congress and Senate that is about as corrupt and inefficient as it has ever been in the history of

    39. 7 per cent) and inefficient farming practices created limitations which were compounded by runaway inflation

    40. This will result in an inefficient layer of insulation and so the seabed under them will not warm up, and the gas will stop rising

    41. They were viewed as slow brained, inefficient, and incapable

    42. Even if I could at the time rationalize Superman's behavior, perhaps he was upset about the amount of illegal immigration; it seemed a very inefficient way to get rid of Mexicans

    43. in earnings is derived from an inefficient use of capital, and actualized by a combination of less sales and higher production costs

    44. But rather than remove political class distinctions altogether, Rome continued to discriminate by maintaining a complex, inefficient system of assemblies to direct the functions of government

    45. They’ve succeeded in creating the most inefficient system that the public can support, though the failing economy will not continue to support the growing drain of healthcare for much longer

    46. inefficient) than the man-made machines that surround us

    47. In one sense, it’s really a waste of resources, and it’s extremely inefficient, when all you really need is a brain and a holographic interface,” Garcia said, and paused to observe what his glorified soccer ball was doing

    48. I know that your program is trying both gaseous diffusion and electromagnetic separation methods, both of which are extremely complex and inefficient methods

    49. which were inefficient and expensive to run

    50. Make sense? The more inefficient your system is and the more ineffective your tools are,

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