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    1. elongated, wire-ribbed, plastic tunnels the kids like to crawl through, and an inflated “bouncing room”

    2. It’s a long winding indoor “canal” and the guests are given inflated inner tubes to sit on

    3. seen, inflated without cause by his fleshly mind

    4. I gave each one a condom; they all inflated them and was running all around bouncing them

    5. Anyway, I had to collect all the inflated condoms and destroy them

    6. The Nationalists were wary of the clever Indian shopkeepers and kept the Free State white, which is a form of corruption I suppose, and it did us no favours either with inflated prices

    7. We even inflated our tyres to higher pressure than normal since that gave a few miles on top speed

    8. endorsements, playing up to fans but not for the fans, not really, and highlight reels that burnish self-serving credentials, begs the question, how about the love for the game for its own sake that has (seemingly) become secondary to self-centered attitudes and inflated egos; where gamesmanship has superseded sportsmanship? Bizarre behavior, taunting and jeering an opponent, especially common in higher profiled sports, has (sadly) provided the modern athlete with a receptive audience

    9. The Nationalists got their inflated pensions in return for they knew well how to take care of number one

    10. Dena’s skeletal body lay on the bed inflated at the abdomen by the baby

    11. The individual in question feels an inflated sense of his own importance, and can’t figure out why the world has ignored his brilliance

    12. And the airbed stayed inflated

    13. A Pepsi dispenser and a confection machine – a variety of chips and chocolate bars available at inflated prices - were side by side along the back wall for the thirsty or hungry

    14. He moved inside to a table in the far corner and watched through the window as the four who had walked the streets returned, the bundles on the beach inflated to become dinghies then, with the addition of sixty horsepower outboards, high-speed powerboats

    15. The machine assumed a more formal voice with an intense feeling of feigned stiffness behind it, intended to portray extreme seriousness though to Hilderich’s ears it only managed to sound like a dimwitted inflated egotist:

    16. He suffered greatly from his temperament but he was no match for these two bruisers to give them lip even if he was on some inflated mission that should have earned him more respect

    17. So the hubris of the people and experts inflated,

    18. Bolles was killed several years later by a car bomb in the Del Webb Towers parking garage by corrupt real estate “developers” who were “tombstoning,” selling for inflated prices patches of barren remote desert acreage to northeastern suckers

    19. Over 13 billion years ago, a calculated, deliberate, accelerated expansion began with inconceivable energy that inflated and cooled to the size and temperature of our current universe

    20. I’m worth in bed, but not even my most inflated ego can stretch to what you actually paid, and without getting anything in return either

    21. They were given targets to collect by the Romans which were then inflated and passed on to the Jewish tax collectors who, in their turn, added more for their own account

    22. It was as big as an inflated

    23. sound that the raft might make as it inflated itself, which made

    24. either from the moment of its being inflated, or by my entering it

    25. look at where the inflated dollar goes, and without too much investigation, see there is

    26. printing money and paying for them with inflated

    27. and pay the owners in inflated dollars

    28. faith in the Sprug and inflated prices

    29. Taxes get paid after the inflated costs of capital are depreciated on an accelerated basis

    30. She selected, from her wide repertoire, the words that more mortification throw on the inflated self-esteem of the pretentious Beatrice and declared without mufflers:

    31. God, his ego was as inflated as a balloon, Rochelle thought

    32. Lance suffered from an inflated sense of his own importance

    33. Despite his dimensions, he was agile and bounced around the court like an inflated toy

    34. It’s not surprising that when kids are offered hard drugs they assume the warnings are equally inflated lies


    36. Adrian began to notice the rather pecuiliar way Lucas was able to handle the vehicle, even at such inflated speeds

    37. If owners refused then their bars or clubs would be wrecked and they would either close down or start to use Jones’ company at highly inflated prices

    38. The meetings reinforced beliefs in apartheid; they inflated egos and encouraged bullying with their strong fascist content and their white supremacy messages

    39. They'll be charged inflated prices for every tool, every crumb of food, every seed, and their debt will grow like barnacles on the bottom of this boat

    40. Making sure that your tires are properly inflated can prolong its life and save you some money in the process

    41. Moreover, when the tires are properly inflated, you can also be assured that your car’s fuel efficiency is at its maximum levels

    42. When fed by the mother, their crops become gigantic inflated food reserves, almost equal to the rest of their bodies in size

    43. They inflated the high G support structures in their suits

    44. ‘…one other thing,’ he said after giving an inflated and embellished account of his morning spend on the door-to-door checks, ‘DC Tetlow wanted to draw our attention to a photograph taken presumably by Ainsley the day before he was shot

    45. Rachel inflated the high G support structures in her suit

    46. The fate of the company was largely in the hands of a very weak minded individual with an over inflated sense of self-importance

    47. In one of my classic ‘wish I’d never said that’ quotes I told Helen “these house prices are artificially inflated; I’m not paying $21,000 for a house, we should wait until the prices drop

    48. He stood there with his arms at his side, chest inflated and glaring at me

    49. Gone were the days of inflated salaries and over-inflated egos and heralded were the days of good sportsmanship and strong play

    50. Unwarranted and inflated stories of wolves attacking people were

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    hyperbolic inflated high-flown high-sounding distended expanded dilated bulging full increased