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    1. integrating 5 different systems and they still did not work

    2. The dream reflects how you are receiving, integrating, and expressing your ideas and thoughts

    3. “Oh so I se you got rid of him well I cant say as I blame you I mean trying to get his hand between your legs that would put you off but was that the only reason?” I gave her my best integrating smile when I had first started she looked a bit mad but now a grin came to her face as she replied

    4. The “visiting” set might have a tougher time integrating into the fabric of the household while the “live-in” set of children have an easier time of adjusting because they experience the day-to-day functioning and routine of the family

    5. We have seen that by integrating heavens and earth he attempts to cover everything, all that exist; and that by mentioning heavens and earth again at the end, he draws our attention to the purely human and earthly perspective of the narrator

    6. Is this action integrating with reality, or disintegrating with reality? How will this action move me towards my goals

    7. Integration testing is like integrating different modules or units

    8.  Trac:- Integrating a bug tracker with a wiki, and an interface to the Subversion

    9. Equally important to addressing the core is integrating the knowledge from one core area to other core areas

    10. They wish to keep humans and bots from integrating, in

    11. By accepting and integrating within themselves their positive and

    12. She learned this as companies formed and while thinking about the confidence quotient integrating into ultimately, value

    13. comes to fully integrating new

    14. purposes of integrating that

    15. (iv) Drawing Conclusions, and (v) Integrating With Prior Knowledge

    16. Integrating With Prior Knowledge

    17. Integrating the two interviews we had with hair

    18. picture and may have difficulty integrating either the more personal focus or the

    19. integrating a moment into the hive of information they

    20. integrating with one another not shutting yourself off

    21. away under "real memories" and integrating the experience into his life

    22. When integrating some computer chips into human bodies an initial extended electrical force was needed

    23. With refined gestures he starts to eat and looks integrating at me

    24. Integrating the crews was Wendy’s responsibility so she had the flight crews and the battleship’s combat crews run simulations involving the pickets and the two destroyers they had brought from Earth

    25. After that we will see about integrating them into the Stellar organization

    26. more questions about it, integrating what one finds useful in

    27. Allow your self to succeed by being yourself: feeling your feelings, integrating them through accepting and expressing them, then allowing them to leave your “hand

    28. This included her relationship with Saa-ra, in terms of fully integrating and trusting her senses and feelings

    29. of integrating it all together, testing, commissioning, etc, etc

    30. process of integrating this experience as I learn to really love and accept

    31. Believe it or not, but my air commanders in Europe refused to contemplate integrating female aviation units to their formations

    32. I observed that the integrating decadent politicians had already

    33. Attentiveness is integrating that awareness into our active consciousness in daily living

    34. Back even more and he unearthed deeply rooted beliefs that integrating too much would deem him Chinese

    35. research with an emphasis on integrating the evaluation of risk and return

    36. While not wholly integrating opportunity costs, the capital dynamic

    37. are, and of integrating that into our lives

    38. By integrating throughout your site, the key words for your products and services, you will have some advantage

    39. They also teach of Enlightenment; the Integrating techniques of

    40. them, and then by integrating these split off parts back into the

    41. being is learning the necessity of purifying them and integrating

    42. “We will have enough issues integrating the crew,” Kitara said

    43. integrating anything that enters it at too steep an angle

    44. • Salifatinos, Chris, "Integrating the Theory of Constraints and Activity-Based Costing", Journal of Cost Management, Fall 1995, Vol 9 No

    45. without integrating the equation

    46. Our open communication creates a fluid intimacy that flows into an integrating

    47. Not new, as in the evolution of heart and mind integrating as spirit, but nu as in techno-nouveau: nu for the sake of novelty, i

    48. ” integrating the chip-trip, her AS popped up with various monetization schemes tailored to her statistical individuality

    49. These organizational systems can interact with other organizational systems, either of greater or lesser complexity, by cooperating, integrating, conflicting, annihilating, synthesizing, mutating, hybridizing or transcending together into higher inter-intra-organizations

    50. Integrating intelligences shared, we see farther down the road than we know how to travel, our eyes seeing no path and feet feeling no ground, as the now expands faster and farther than we perceive; yet, we receive it – receptors in the GlobalMind

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