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    1. However, Yoga practice can be maintained at the same intensity as the nature of exercise is without strain

    2. his tiny body and showed the intensity of sensation of pain…

    3. He looked at me with burning teenage intensity, the bane of every parent

    4. Probably the same intensity that fascinated all those teenage girls on our estate

    5. For a moment or two, she twirled in a spasm of incredible intensity; then the sorceress fell silent, wrapped herself in her black mantle and vanished in an ethereal green cloud

    6. He too suddenly felt the rising tide and it surprised him with its intensity; he realized that he had never experienced anything as strong as this

    7. Anyone who does not attain to that absolute emptying of self in order to take the absolute filling of the Spirit will not be able to handle the intensity of being within that City

    8. You will enjoy the steps necessary to reach your goals with a greater intensity

    9. The intensity of their stares told Ashley everything

    10. Practice the Shoulderstand over a period of time and you will soon begin to notice a lessening of the intensity of your discomfort each month, until after a time it will cease altogether to be a problem

    11. Even in battle she was ethereal, as he remembered, her muscles about her face showing the intensity of her thrusts

    12. The intensity of these feelings surprised and scared her; and she too fought for control

    13. The sound grew slowly, repeating refrains and phrases in a growing, circular pattern, quite unlike the recorded version, until the volume and intensity of these paradisiacal sounds overwhelmed them both completely

    14. Yet they have one flaw; when they find their mate they shy away because of the intensity of their emotions

    15. Nothing with Serena could compare to the intensity he felt with Rayne

    16. His thoughts returned to the night before and he smiled wickedly; she had surprised him with the intensity of her feelings

    17. black and white, held a sparkle and an intensity that has set female

    18. Startled, he tried to control his reactions as he felt himself stirring and was taken aback at the intensity of it

    19. From the intensity of her words, I can hazard a pretty good guess as to who this woman might be

    20. intensity of these paradisiacal sounds overwhelmed them both

    21. I guess I should have, given her intensity, but I was pretty shocked

    22. storm-grey, with a manic intensity hard to dismiss

    23. A wild maelstrom of white water swirled over the invisible rocks; uncontrollable and almost alive in its intensity, the sea tore at the cliff

    24. ’ He replied and I realise that I’m not the only one who is unnerved by the intensity of our relationship

    25. “It means that I couldn’t resist her intensity

    26. The only thing that worried her was the obvious intensity of his sudden attraction

    27. They use a mental sound intensity weapon

    28. Kallo’s high intensity shield was very good, even I couldn’t detect him! I made my way to the other room, were two agents were seated

    29. intensity of the late afternoon light, the lake was deep

    30. And then the intensity of firing increased at Patrick’s wall

    31. Our senses heightened to an almost painful intensity until I touched her again

    32. ” She grabbed my wrists with all the intensity of her words

    33. I grabbed his neck to pull him back, but he took my hands to pry them away with a determined intensity

    34. A feline could love with an intensity that humans couldn't match

    35. However, he had such an intensity that no mortal could be in his presence without fear

    36. This may be due to the intensity of the sexual passion with your fiancé

    37. To follow your passion is to have an intensity of purpose that narrows your field of focus, organizes your life, and gives you a sense of both control and self-esteem

    38. But when the child finishes that treat, he or she may want more, and that desire can create misery equal in intensity to the joy previously experienced

    39. The pulsing and the intensity grew slowly stronger

    40. The storm would grow in intensity then die away for a while, only to re-emerge with a vengeance

    41. where Іu – minimum intensity of vibrations of mixture in the construction; І –

    42. When she felt the stream letting up in intensity, she quickly began a furious sucking movement with her lips

    43. What he lacked in technique, he made up in intensity

    44. Slag and fly ash materials with different intensity harden in normal conditions and at steam curing depending on their mineralogical composition, chemical composition and active phases content, fineness, type and concentration of activator

    45. He didn’t like the pressured intensity of the Big Apple, he told her, the abundant

    46. A touch-pad just inside the hatchway switched the lights up to full intensity

    47. Lichman looked at him with his intensity of concern

    48. Chris thought for a moment, “I’m only guessing as to the intensity required to kill someone, but I bet such a spike would have damaged receivers across the settlement

    49. It will enable a more precise control of the field intensity

    50. “The place were most of our casualties occurred and where Snowy got his was underground in these galleries and saps the fighting was vicious down here hand to hand using bayonets and bombs and it was brutal in its intensity

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    chroma intensity saturation vividness loudness volume intensiveness intensity level strength anger tenseness stress nervousness agitation excitement perturbation vigour force concentration depth fervour passion