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    1. but I meant a nice jaunt to the coast, or a few weeks

    2. The ladies discussed the jaunt to Stratford, on the 'inspection' tour, and the gentlemen, wisely, listened without interruption

    3. Should Hollowcrest learn of this jaunt, Sespian hoped the invites would provide a plausible cover for his sudden interest in visiting the headquarters of the Imperial Intelligence Network

    4. A jaunt through our inner cities will testify to that! The best-laid plans of ―mice and men‖ are achieved through their own determined efforts

    5. ted back into the clearing from a jaunt over to Funnel Creek

    6. The weapons that they had left beyond the perimeter earlier, were retrieved, but the rest of the jaunt was made in silence as Zoran suddenly felt at a loss for anything to add to what had already been said, while everyone else seemed absorbed in their own thoughts

    7. The transcontinental jaunt and connection with Belem went easily

    8. While on this jaunt, some of the other ambassadors made my acquaintance

    9. “Saddle up my friend, we’re going on a day trip; only nine hours to go,” said Hobbs with the look of a man out for a jaunt to the coast

    10. headed out the door for the short jaunt to our

    11. let's take a little weekend jaunt and jump over to Brazil, Gianni! Hijo mio, I bet that thing can house a couple hundred guests or more

    12. He should be angry at Dimarico for his sarcasm and criticism, not to mention rubbing it in about this jaunt into the Dark Ages

    13. Near the end of Lizzie Street an independent retailer completed the jaunt

    14. We agreed to operate a joint account in his private jaunt

    15. By this time the Beagle appeared weak and jaunt

    16. I figure that I have a four hour jaunt to get to his house

    17. But this particular jaunt through the bowels of the

    18. Grant Tripp’s interview was objectionable as was Scully’s, yet each man eventually recognised the logic of answering questions on site rather than suffer the indignity of a late night jaunt down town

    19. It hadn’t, only since four am when the two men had parked and borrowed the SUV for their early morning jaunt

    20. He went on a small jaunt in search of a pay phone

    21. He turned once during his jaunt only seeing one of the two officers following

    22. You broke the bond of trust between a client and then instead of cleaning up your act you went on a romantic jaunt with another and begged him to sleep with you

    23. Another marketing jaunt involved the wine industry

    24. The fifteen-mile jaunt had taken little more than an hour—a wondrous hour Leesa spent pressed against his chest, soaking in his delicious heat as he raced through the woods

    25. What started out as a casual jaunt for lunch and distraction had turned into full-blown disclosure

    26. How fortuitous that he came at a time when Prasad too went on a foreign jaunt! Maybe, I can’t expect him to take the initiative, could I? It’s clear that his passion for me is kicking and alive though shrouded in hesitancy

    27. “What a good turn one of them gave to my life; I was so put off with that metro jaunt that it was quite a while before I ventured into a brothel, where I chanced upon an angelic whore, who later became my Good Samaritan

    28. We went there for a jaunt, to look at the museums and things, and stay the night with Papa's brother who lives there

    29. a quick jaunt over to the grocer’s to pick up some blankets and see

    30. monster was in full force tonight, ready to cheer and jaunt after having a few solid hours to get 79

    31. We left the Palestine after the second night to continue our adventure in orgasms, as Corina qualified our jaunt

    32. they assumed would be a quick jaunt up the side of the grassy mountain

    33. If you want to join me on a jaunt to the 28th century, come round to my house at (address

    34. One device I recognized as the device I had been tasked to find on this little jaunt into the monster’s lair

    35. a jaunt that I had not the least relish for

    36. I knew that little jaunt was only a sample of what lay ahead

    37. The trip to Poughkeepsie was not the boisterous and carefree jaunt of the year before

    38. Harry Junior, the oldest, at thirteen, said his parents had packed a pressure cooker full of stewed beef, potatoes, and vegetables, taken a loaf of bread and some canned goods, and gone on a jaunt to Medical Lake, where they had first courted

    39. One day that we had dined at an acquaintance over the way, together with a gentlewoman-lodger that occupied the first floor of our house, there started an indispensable necessity for my mother's going down to Greenwich to accompany her: the party was settled, when I do not know what genius whispered me to plead a headache, which I certainly had not, against my being included in a jaunt that I had not the least relish for

    40. Here the people told me that the stage would come by in a couple of hours at farthest, upon; which, determining to wait for it, sooner than lose the jaunt I had got so far forward on, I was carried into a very clean decent room, up one pair of stairs, which I took possession of for the time I had to stay, in right of calling for sufficient to do the house justice

    41. Angel felt that he would like to spend a day with her before the wedding, somewhere away from the dairy, as a last jaunt in her company while there were yet mere lover and mistress; a romantic day, in circumstances that would never be repeated; with that other and greater day beaming close ahead of them

    42. Please remember during this jaunt that trading is a game

    43. After this pleasant jaunt I meant to go through Golden Valley, drawn by its name

    44. What proves beyond a doubt that her relief is owing to the air she breathes, is, that whenever she takes a jaunt into the country, she is sure to suffer a paroxysm of her old complaint

    1. She looked into the great blue beyond as a few white-tailed deer jaunted from the thicket

    2. Jingle jaunted by the curb and stopped

    3. Jingle jaunted down the quays

    1. They passed the jaunting cars as they were known on the edge of the town

    2. If only he would come, too, if only he would for once take a holiday and come and see these beautiful things with her, how happy they would all be! It seemed a forlorn thing to leave him there alone in the rain while she went jaunting off to Italy

    3. And he got them out as quick as he could, Jack Power and Crofton or whatever you call him and him in the middle of them letting on to be all at sea and up with them on the bloody jaunting car

    4. Gardner I hope hell come on Monday as he said at the same time four I hate people who come at all hours answer the door you think its the vegetables then its somebody and you all undressed or the door of the filthy sloppy kitchen blows open the day old frostyface Goodwin called about the concert in Lombard street and I just after dinner all flushed and tossed with boiling old stew dont look at me professor I had to say Im a fright yes but he was a real old gent in his way it was impossible to be more respectful nobody to say youre out you have to peep out through the blind like the messengerboy today I thought it was a putoff first him sending the port and the peaches first and I was just beginning to yawn with nerves thinking he was trying to make a fool of me when I knew his tattarrattat at the door he must have been a bit late because it was l/4 after 3 when I saw the 2 Dedalus girls coming from school I never know the time even that watch he gave me never seems to go properly Id want to get it looked after when I threw the penny to that lame sailor for England home and beauty when I was whistling there is a charming girl I love and I hadnt even put on my clean shift or powdered myself or a thing then this day week were to go to Belfast just as well he has to go to Ennis his fathers anniversary the 27th it wouldnt be pleasant if he did suppose our rooms at the hotel were beside each other and any fooling went on in the newbed I couldnt tell him to stop and not bother me with him in the next room or perhaps some protestant clergyman with a cough knocking on the wall then hed never believe the next day we didnt do something its all very well a husband but you cant fool a lover after me telling him we never did anything of course he didnt believe me no its better hes going where he is besides something always happens with him the time going to the Mallow concert at Maryborough ordering boiling soup for the two of us then the bell rang out he walks down the platform with the soup splashing about taking spoonfuls of it hadnt he the nerve and the waiter after him making a holy show of us screeching and confusion for the engine to start but he wouldnt pay till he finished it the two gentlemen in the 3rd class carriage said he was quite right so he was too hes so pigheaded sometimes when he gets a thing into his head a good job he was able to open the carriage door with his knife or theyd have taken us on to Cork I suppose that was done out of revenge on him O I love jaunting in a train or a car with lovely soft cushions I wonder will he take a 1st class for me he might want to do it in the train by tipping the guard well O I suppose therell be the usual idiots of men gaping at us with their eyes as stupid as ever they can possibly be that was an exceptional man that common workman that left us alone in the carriage that day going to Howth Id like to find out something about him l or 2 tunnels perhaps then you have to look out of the window all the nicer then coming back suppose I never came back what would they say eloped with him that gets you on on the stage the last concert I sang at where its over a year ago when was it St Teresas hall Clarendon St little chits of missies they have now singing Kathleen Kearney and her like on account of father being in the army and my singing the absentminded beggar and wearing a brooch for Lord Roberts when I had the map of it all and Poldy not Irish enough was it him managed it this time I wouldnt put it past him like he got me on to sing in the Stabat Mater by going around saying he was putting Lead Kindly Light to music I put him up to that till the jesuits found out he was a freemason thumping the piano lead Thou me on copied from some old opera yes and he was

    1. Mick was horrified by her early morning jaunts but Doc

    2. She altered the five jaunts to success bringing in a budget to work from the shop

    3. A Mercedes for formal visits and a Hummer for when he visited his adopted family and for his jaunts into town for the temporary companions he used to take for a night of fun

    4. I described my journalistic jaunts for the high school paper and later, the writing of required boring papers, but that was the extent of it

    5. At one of these jaunts, the only way to get there was by boat

    6. He never did tell his wife about their little jaunts to

    7. These folks followed his every move: his jaunts to Eastern Europe, quiet meetings with his handlers in Scranton, PA and the endless streams of foreign currency that flooded his overseas accounts

    8. Why, luckily for men, the hard nuts to crack for the final favor are few and far between! But then, the harder the struggle to win women over, the sweeter would be the pleasure in having them, wouldn’t it be? Oh, what else draws a man to a woman than his desire to access her persona specifics? Won’t woman bare her veiled assets for her fancied man to dabble with her private accounts? But after a few jaunts of his to her favored joint, what would be left in her for her lover to explore, and for her to show him more? And thereafter, how could she cater to his innate need for variety and what else she could conjure up to sustain his enticement? Oh, the poor thing, seeing his interest in her wane in time, won’t she turn more so eager to keep him in good humor? Of course, the more she gives her man; even more she satiates him, doesn’t she? And it’s only time before she finds her paramour bypass her favors for lesser flavors

    9. during one of their off-base jaunts

    10. Even her early morning jaunts

    11. had been on their jaunts

    12. One of many jaunts as adolescents, a favourite

    13. When Joe resumed visiting his father at the bakery, sitting in the Franklin and sharing his lunch, Harry mentioned that he and Thula had spent much of the summer making long excursions—“picnics,” they called them—to various places around the state, mostly to their old haunts in eastern Washington, and planned on making similar jaunts that autumn

    14. happy jaunts about the state to vote and revote in the same elections

    15. He is an honorable idler who lounges, who practises country jaunts, who cultivates the grisette, who pays court to the fair sex, who is at this very moment, perhaps, with my mistress

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