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    1. journalism for the past few decades with little incident

    2. He climbed the corporate ladder further and a promotion came following his award winning journalism on the East Timor spying scandal

    3. None of that detracts from the fact that his book The Storm is considered to be the first true example of modern journalism

    4. Journalism of intervention, and a

    5. Inventor in the 1950"s of gonzo journalism

    6. Having read about him, but admittedly having read none of his writings, I find within myself the temerity to ask: Just what in the world is gonzo journalism?

    7. It read: Well done on an excellent bit of journalism

    8. How would you like to learn the ropes in the layout and design section? I know you have your degree in journalism and all that but I figured you won’t get lost in the streets anymore,’ he paused with a teasing smirk on his face, ‘and you might find it interesting

    9. The professor taught journalism to an ever-diminishing pool of students

    10. Ian O‘Connor, champion of the oppressed and self-styled Stephen Vincent Benet of the Gannett sports pages, might have properly considered a career more in line with the principles of serious journalism rather than (seemingly) wasting his ―enormous‖ literary talents and high-minded idealism as a sports columnist

    11. And on CrapTV News Channel, surely the disgrace of Canadian journalism; coming in from the cold, over the airwaves and out of the screen, causing him to hit the ‘mute’ button:

    12. Police say the professor may have gone on a walkabout, for which the popular, yet eccentric teacher of journalism at Lennox College of Applied Arts and Technology was noted

    13. He studied journalism in school, but of course, once you learned the trick of how the news was made it kind of lost its glamour

    14. Do such relativists teach in journalism programs? Okay, then, if that were the case, are they required to read Atlas Shrugged in addition to The Prince?

    15. com – probably because the TV and radio shows are both hilarious and educational and hosted by a guy and his friends that stand for truth and integrity in journalism which is almost completely gone from like 95% of news today

    16. She majors in Journalism, and lives on campus

    17. The only one that bit was California Confidential, a cable TV tabloid journalism show

    18. He had completed 2 of a 3 year postal course on Journalism and Creative writing but had had to give it up before the end for financial reasons

    19. He flicked over the pages with indifference until he found a small piece by Terry Lecomber who despite such appaling journalism was still working there

    20. Mituri began her career as a print journalist while in school and continued to work as one while completing her university education in journalism, writing for a variety of local papers, university publications, online materials and glossy magazines

    21. Even though a brief dissolution with the journalism world lead her down the path of Business Administration and Information Technology (with postgraduate degrees in both), she soon accepted the fact that writing was going to be plaguing her, happily or otherwise till she was no more

    22. A previous recipient of the Australian based Michael Harrison Award for Print Journalism, Mituri’s forte and passion lies firmly in fiction writing

    23. These jobs are priced higher because they usually require a degree in journalism,

    24. The written and spoken word by those who have practiced in this once proud profession, called journalism, may now be having second thoughts about their choice of careers

    25. Their professional creed ( the Cannons of Journalism ) would not allow it

    26. Journalism is not the trusted profession that it once was

    27. These standards would include informing the public, not molding them! It was journalists who gathered together in 1923, and wrote “the Cannons of Journalism

    28. This was the professional and successful “high road” of journalism

    29. The biggest failure in all of journalism is the failure to communicate the truth

    30. She was never going to let this go, was she? Then I remembered her telling me that investigative journalism was her second passion

    31. Though the Managing Editor did not write any more anti-Christian articles in “The Collegian”, the incident proved to Roger what he often complained about, that in their resistance to herald Christian ideals, reporters practice wolf-pack journalism to savage Christianity making honesty an exceedingly scarce virtue in their reporting

    32. I recently told my wife that I thought the most corrupt professions in America, as we enter the 21st Century, are the media (journalism) and the judiciary (the lawyer level through the courts) --- running side by side with politics

    33. Shifts in the population and the relations between the races had a longer time horizon than the daily news cycle,”18 Two of his editors (Frankel and Lelyveld), like him, were advocates of “interpretive journalism

    34. ”19 Probably one of the clearest indications of the rejection of objective journalism was his comment critical of the NYT masthead motto “To give the news impartially, without fear or favor

    35. ”20 Another way of spinning the segue to advocacy journalism was to state that the reporters had the responsibility “to add value by explaining and interpreting the news

    36. Early on he was aware of the power of journalism: In those days few sensed that the real power of journalism was the power to define, the power to cover or not to cover

    37. To redeem myself, and to redeem my father, as well, I pulled it off and entered the Journalism School at The University of North Carolina in 1958

    38. For those inclined to read this, my first major piece of confessional journalism, I have reprinted it, warts and all, but with enduring pride along with student comments in Appendix A in this book

    39. After our conversation, I wrote her a note confirming that I was a student in the journalism school also staying at the inn

    40. UNC Journalism student Roy H

    41. Since I was a student in the journalism school, I decided it was appropriate to write it: Credo for a Journal If this journal can Bring to just one person, As well as to many, A single slender ray of The sharp, cleansing beam Of Wisdom, If it can help us here To pass on a small fragment Of Faith in the good, And the clean, And the pure, Or to touch one lonely, Unnoticed heart With a tiny crystal of Laughter, If it can represent Courage That holds up in the face of Pain and evil and death, Clean Moral defiance at Corruption and fraud, And the concealed Beauty of The tiniest things… If it can project one sharp, White, Thunder-bolt Of unprejudiced, clarifying Truth Into the world around us, Unblind one eye, Or unlock one heart, Anywhere, Then it has done its job

    42. The journalism school was on the same side of the campus as the rooming house

    43. That same year, he was named to the Advisory Council of the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, and in 1989 became a member of the Board of Visitors of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    44. In 1980, Pops became a trustee of The University of North Carolina’s School of Journalism Foundation

    45. In 1989, he became a member of the Board of Visitors of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC

    46. And on April 8, 1990, he was inducted into the North Carolina Journalism Hall of Fame at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    47. “He was particularly interested in the college’s communications programs in broadcasting and journalism

    48. Junod wrote: Fink left Park in 1980 and now divides his time between Athens, GA, where he teaches journalism at The University of Georgia, and his upstate New York farm

    49. As he told a senior in the School of Journalism in an interview for the UNC Journalist, “We like North Carolina because it is a rapidly growing, progressive state

    50. He knows big-city newspapers scoff at so-called “chicken-dinner journalism,” but it doesn’t bother him

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