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    1. It sits where the Lita joins the Lhar, the actual center is on the North side of the combined river, but an active waterfront exists on all shores of the three rivers and the two main islands in the river junction

    2. According to him, a black car had taken to driving slowly down the lane past the cottage, parking at the junction at the end near the seashore and then driving back

    3. As we reach yet another junction in the stone walls, Berndt stops

    4. Berndt has obviously done his homework as far as knowledge of this area is concerned – he only hesitates momentarily when we reach a junction in the track, taking the left hand option

    5. We pass a sign marking a junction on the M6 – what did those instructions say? Oh yes - junction 10a is the one we need – to Shrewsbury

    6. There was one crossroads where the traffic completely seized up for about ten minutes because everyone was sitting in their line of traffic right across the junction (no yellow boxes over here!) and not giving way to anything at all

    7. studied the road junction

    8. appeared in the junction, stopping well back from the main road,

    9. junction, they decided wordlessly that the “Ship” was the choice for

    10. His own heart is racing and the ambulance is in full flight along Barnstaple quayside, braking hard at the right hand bend by the council offices and the main police station before accelerating up to the twin roundabouts at the junction with the Ilfracombe road

    11. The path she was used to taking turned off to the right outside the barracks and led down to the cove, a junction part way along leading off to the dig … but what if she went left outside the barracks? With one finger, she traced the route of the path as it wound through the marsh, concluding that it appeared to end up further along the coast at a stretch of beach shown on the map by a splash of yellow … at least she assumed that’s what it meant

    12. junction they turned left where a stone stairway lead

    13. The doctor hits the junction and accelerates through the left turn, swerving across the road as he heads out towards the main North Devon trunk road

    14. He looked after her for one more second, then left this junction to go after the Yingolians

    15. solely occupied the mind, fade at this junction before the journey

    16. They sprinted along the transverse corridor to the junction with the main corridor leading aft

    17. This was a terrible junction for a cyclist

    18. And what a lot of traffic cameras there were! It was strange that he'd never noticed them before, but there were three around this single junction, now visible through the rear window, three

    19. was looking at the junction

    20. The Audi passed the junction for the

    21. Bradlee turned off the M4 at junction three, a

    22. She had another difficult junction to

    23. I got off the tram and walked along towards General Gordon Street at the junction with Nelson Street I considered going to see Charlie’s mother but I just didn’t have the stomach for it

    24. After fifty yards, at the junction with

    25. stand at the junction and finished up on the broad pavement of the High Street close to the traffic lights, by two telephone booths

    26. Waterstone's, the junction with Boxington

    27. "There's a VPN junction box at… no, none of you have the knowledge for that

    28. It had to be the junction between trunk and body

    29. Moving the fibre optic rod along the bundle eventually located a junction

    30. His fibre optic rod latched on to the regulator junction point

    31. The regular cavalry had extended their left flank, effecting a junction with the Rough Riders

    32. Had not Dorothy produced, at this junction, from the folds of her

    33. endoscopy, an erosive area at the junction of the esophagus and

    34. She threw herself into a corner, a dark junction of a fence, made from Ash branches and mud

    35. At the junction of a footpath deep within the forest, Truman stopped and in the gloom of dappled moonlight, slogged with his computer through knee-deep mud to the edge of a swamp

    36. Beth sobered suddenly, pushing Truman to arm’s length where she examined the details of his face, then clung to him with her face nuzzled into the cradle at the junction of his neck and shoulder

    37. They were off again at five AM on the bus to Talanga from where they hitched a luxury ride with a British anthropologist in his Land Rover to the junction of the highway, and there jumped in the back of a large truck all the way to Cedros

    38. The four-thirty AM departure for Yorito was right on time delivering them to a highway junction for another bus to Santa Rita de Yoro while the day was still young

    39. A red sedan was now speeding into the junction from left field

    40. We’ve hit three malls, had an excellent lunch at The Rainforest Café, and we even hit Funtime Junction arcade in Fairfield for a friendly game of Laser Tag, all of which of course was on Quan’s dime

    41. He looked it up and realized it would be about halfway to Grand Junction

    42. Yes, I’ll meet you in Grand Junction

    43. I used to have relatives in Grand Junction and always stayed there

    44. They checked into the hotel at Grand Junction, Colorado, and then went down to the bar off the lobby

    45. Greene that he learned more about what happened in the synaptic cleft—the junction between

    46. They were on both sides of a river junction

    47. We ran into our first strong point south of the river near the junction of the two rivers to form the Chicama

    48. junction, but chose to ignore her, his trained mind working at

    49. junction when it struck, a great surge of heat launching him

    50. My cousin Mathilde lived in a rather large Nimipu village near the junction of the Nimipu and the Kimooenim rivers

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