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    1. “Name’s Curtis,” he said, a wide grin lit up his face

    2. When the plane started rolling down the driveway, it lit up underneath the wing like some kind of science fiction hovercraft

    3. When brandished, the sun lit the blade so that the entire battlefield was hammered by its glare

    4. At the end of the fjord, in some of the highest cliff walls, is an immense oval, dimly lit by the lanterns of the ships traversing it

    5. He could not see the purpose in watching a star that had been lit up since the dawn of time and would probably never go out

    6. But each morning, when the sun rose in the sky and lit up the Earth, he would feel his father's penance pounding upon his eyes and in his head

    7. Scar entered the dimly lit room, making sure to keep a wide berth around the many people in the room

    8. She remembered Alan telling Glenelle how close to nature he felt when he lit a fire, that was when he began to hope that he could survive on this planet

    9. He led them up a flight of stairs to a large and softly lit bedroom, where

    10. legs as he had done so nonchalantly at the taverna, lit one of his cigars and smiled at

    11. Travis's phone lit up with a call

    12. Theo put the cigarette to his mouth and lit it for him

    13. No, as Angels they could give themselves the ability to breath underwater so they dropped down into a brightly lit grotto in the reef blow them that was sending up the rhythm of quite a party beat

    14. yourself”, he said as he lit up and inhaled deeply

    15. Marat’s noble nose, lit a cheroot while the gaoler fumbled with his keys

    16. As the panic subsided I smelt the sulphurous odour of a slow fuse being lit

    17. Children in Talstan had been raised to hate and fear Brazilians even more than Americans for an Earth century by the time Al-Harron first lit its main drive on the voyage to Satan's Star

    18. The flashes from the quick welds it laid down lit up the debris like flares

    19. I imagined him sat at a table, softly lit, with a family, bowls of steaming meat and vegetables between them

    20. I lit a candle and a cigarette and lay with my ear to the pipe, feeling as though I were worthless

    21. We need the burner lit to move the ship and enable better monitoring of the Al-Harron

    22. It was a large square room with a high ceiling adorned with fancy plasterwork and filled by rows of tables bearing what she knew to be computer stations criss-crossing the room, lit by natural light from the long, floor to ceiling windows let into one wall

    23. Elden and Son left Song in the candle lit temple while they went outside to

    24. “Suit yourself”, he said as he lit up and inhaled deeply

    25. He led the two women through a doorway into a darkish hallway leading towards the back of the building then, just before they reached the door at the end, he turned and started climbing a narrow, uncarpeted staircase lit by a window halfway up

    26. Lastriss has about two miles of crystal-framed structures along the docks and a fifty story wall of leafy balconies now lit by the reddening, westering Kortrax

    27. It's spacious, brightly lit with gas lamps, rather new, and a little raucous

    28. Here they got to paddle down the old inner harbor for almost a mile, lit only by the bow lanterns of ships at dock

    29. The sky was bright enough to see the ships, their lanterns were brighter than the stars that lit the water

    30. His guard leant against the wall and, having struck a match along Citizen Marat’s noble nose, lit a cheroot while the gaoler fumbled with his keys

    31. broke the business on rationed oil and candle lit charades

    32. the mellow embrace of warming candles softly lit,

    33. lit with the fire-fly bright eyed crawl of moving cars

    34. A king size bed dominated the room, there were also two dressers and a nightstand; another large Persian rug was on the floor, Coleman lanterns lit the way

    35. On the window sill, perched red and lit by low winter,

    36. Fred Jackson was sat near the fire, although the fire was not lit

    37. The place lit up like a Christmas tree

    38. Desa went wild with the fire, building a blaze that lit the plains for a hundred yards in all directions from this keltoid clump

    39. He lit up first, “Oh man, it’s been too long

    40. Near as I can guess about 3 to 4 years since I last lit up a decent cigarette

    41. Then she opened her pack and lit up

    42. All lit up and tiny down below

    43. full of chatter and conversation, lit by burnished brass

    44. Besides the advanced fiber-optics that lit it, the stand that bore it was finely detailed Kimotran Bale-leaf, deep in lacquer with an ornate row of book rests fronting it, plenty of toe space and conveniently placed wand-racks

    45. She smiled a gap toothed smile at him as she lit an unfiltered cigarette and blew smoke all over his iced bun

    46. Once in the main auditorium, he saw that there was a cage on the stage lit by a single spotlight and in the cage he saw the crumpled form of a young woman, who was, he was sure, wearing the very same dress that his beloved had been wearing when she was so cruelly snatched away from him the previous evening

    47. He sneaked into the living room, which was lit by brilliant white moonlight streaming in from a night bright sky through windows that had never seen any curtains

    48. Once they thought they were safely out of their children's line of sight, they lit much-needed cigarettes, took the smoke down into their lungs in huge gulps and started to laugh and cough all at the same time

    49. "Desa?" He hadn't lit a candle, they were both black on black shapes

    50. "Here, let me", said the lady and she filled the kettle full of water, set it down on the hob and lit the burner

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