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    market place

    1. And it isn’t any more prevalent than in the religious establishments and at the market places

    2. They watched and listened in the market places, taverns and forums, and then, one morning, they called an impromptu press conference where they made a grand announcement

    3. Denair remembered going thru the market place and sensing a strong life force about him, strangely familiar somehow

    4. com has a great market place where all

    5. They watched and listened in the market places, taverns and

    6. were in and into the market place

    7. He was a well-known merchant in the market place; a highly regarded, honest man

    8. I remembered the market places in the narrow, stone-lined streets where tables held displays of trinkets and fine goods

    9. Everyone in camp turned out to see the enormous fetish tree, facing the market place, destroyed

    10. They rode around another corner and were now in the outskirt of a large market place

    11. market place ethics in 2003

    12. have found the segment within the market place that is interested and willing to

    13. When the housework was finished, she and Talus set out for the short walk to where the Sub-Council of Meditation planned to meet today: in the ruins of the market place

    14. with beautiful and spacious homes, and an old style provincial market place

    15. The price is active media coverage of your personal and corporate life; twenty or thirty years of 80 hour weeks; permanent stress; living in the ‘white water’ of a constantly changing market place and absolute devotion to your vision to the exclusion of almost everything else

    16. I remembered the market place


    18. As a result of this chance meeting in the market place there came about a three weeks' conference at the Gilboa camp between the apostles of Jesus and the apostles of John, for John had recently appointed twelve of his leaders to be apostles, following the precedent of Jesus

    19. You are like the children playing in the market place who call to their fellows and say: `We piped for you and you did not dance; we wailed and you did not mourn

    20. Woe upon all who shun justice, spurn mercy, and reject truth! Woe upon all those who despise the revelation of the Father while they seek the chief seats in the synagogue and crave flattering salutations in the market places!"

    21. " Philip was taken by surprise thus to meet these prominent and inquiring Greek gentiles in the market place, and, since Jesus had so explicitly charged all of the twelve not to engage in any public teaching during the Passover week, he was a bit perplexed as to the right way to handle this matter

    22. the market place at the rally high

    23. A handful of people had gathered on the market place, but they showed no intention of entering the town hall

    24. Such an economy coupled with huge slashes in war, defense, intelligence, government employment, and give-aways, cuts the government budget while raising the productivity in the market place

    25. The excitement in industry and the market place can be rekindled

    26. “There has been no accusations, Loki, only an idle piece of gossip heard in the market place and rightly brought to my attention, I never believed for one moment that there was any truth to this little matter, and your reaction has shown our village that you are a true Toltec, I have great pleasure to present you with the warriors chest plate

    27. Ingrid ignored the stares and whispered comments and slowly made her way towards a nearby market place while browsing with Jacques at the shop fronts

    28. variation, but the validity of prediction is still based on the dynamics of the market place

    29. We intend to build a city on this island, while a market place will be built on the right shore, level with this island

    30. An hotel built as part of the Phase Two infrastructure program for the colonization of Mirphak III will be one of the first buildings to be set in place in Toulouse, near the future market place, and will serve as an initial accommodation and administrative center for you and the personnel assigned to building our outpost in Toulouse

    31. But as much as I wanted to avoid her we both encountered again and again in many occasions in the school activities, in the village and in the market place

    32. Those two things will in fact be part of the goods offered for trade at our future market place

    33. WANDERER, resting on the landing pad just built near the future market place

    34. He had just crossed that gate and was in the crowded market place, which was adjacent to his castle and to the town’s church, when he saw a woman wearing a sort of armored suit and who was walking towards him, making the locals part along her path

    35. With both the islands of Le Ramier and the new market place now visible to him, Boson started writing a report for King Charles, first recounting the stormy exchange between Brother Erigène and Lady Shelton, then describing as best he could the new buildings erected outside of Toulouse

    36. While not as spectacular-looking as the giant tower now being built, Boson understood that the new market place and its neighboring buildings, like the fish and meat processing plants and the sawmill, would have a huge impact on the future economy of the region, and this very soon, especially if the people from the future provided protection and security to the traveling merchants that would come to Toulouse

    37. Maybe one hour before supper, a ship landed on the pad beside the new market place and started unloading things lying on pallets, which were then transported to the corrals of the nearby meat processing plant

    38. The rest of the supper brought more questions to Ann about the Toulouse Tower and the new market place, which she answered patiently, trying her best to give simple answers and avoid technological dissertations that would be lost on the other guests

    39. There are also more positions to fill in the open air market place that we built on the Right Shore of the Garonne River and in the various plants surrounding it

    40. Ranulf, son of Bertrand, grinned as he and his companion carpenters admired their finished work, a new playground for children built in the center of the wide new market place

    41. His crew of local workers had just completed twelve wood, rope, plastic and foam play modules set in the middle of a large sand box, itself situated in the center of the 200 meter-wide new market place, a square, paved expanse surrounded on its four sides by long, low and shallow wooden buildings housing over sixty vending stalls, boutiques and shops, plus four warehouses

    42. Going to one of the shops and offices on the east side of the square, which were reserved for Human Expansion sales offices, warehouses, shops and businesses, the nine carpenters lined up at the entrance of the office of the market place’s manager, which also served as a pay office

    43. As they patiently waited in line with other local workers employed in the stables of the market place, they saw one of the two fishing vessels based in Toulouse appear in the western sky, approaching at a fair speed

    44. Another ten combat robots are also kept in reserve at our new market place, ready to reinforce any point if necessary

    45. Passing by the mass of the Novotel Inn once they had crossed to the right bank of the Garonne, the group then bifurcated on the road linking the hotel with the new market place, which had recently been completed

    46. A tender smile appeared on Lynn Tsu’s face when she saw the more than one hundred young children playing with enthusiasm in the playground of the market place, laughing and running around

    47. Doctor Shelton, I believe that your latest report mentioned the fact that local carpenters and construction workers had been hired by you to help build the facilities around the new market place and that you were planning to have them build prefabricated housing elements to help shelter those made homeless by the Vikings, correct?’’

    48. I wish you to have built a number of hospices near the market place, hospices that would be able to house the widows and old people in need presently living in this county

    49. Anxious to do business with such people and curious to see what he would be able to buy in exchange for his foodstuff, he urged forward his pair of oxen, rolling down the new road towards the big market place visible ahead and with the other six chariots following closely

    50. You will also find in this market place a number of restaurants serving a variety of exotic food and drinks, on top of more traditional dishes

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