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    1. mausoleum, out of sight from the van

    2. to see if Johnson was still lying next to the mausoleum

    3. It was dark by the mausoleum

    4. Roman looked toward the mausoleum

    5. She is pinned to the harsh walls of the domestic mausoleum by creeping vines, smothered in the leaf mould decay covering the floor of the untamed land at her feet

    6. “He has no grave his body was never found and his place in the mausoleum here will lie empty I will have no place to visit him and I don’t want you suffering the same fate

    7. “The servants have fled the house, and this mausoleum is gargantuan,” Books said

    8. The introduction had not seemed quite real before—it was hard to imagine the echoing mausoleum of a mansion filled with light and noise and people

    9. Similarly, the Sun Yat Sen Mausoleum attracts sightseers in great numbers

    10. He walked all the way up to the Mausoleum, visited and admired it and then rested in the

    11. Although I cannot see him, I deduce he is behind a barn-sized mausoleum, a hundred metres inland towards the cemetery's centre

    12. They saw furtive movement by an eight-foot mausoleum where there shouldn't have been any

    13. "GAWDDAMN" he said again and before anybody could move he ran head on into the side of the mausoleum and fell back among the tombstones, unconscious and bleeding

    14. the was a The Amphitheatre of the Stars mausoleum

    15. place strictly within the mausoleum grounds, and then directly

    16. crowd and towards the mausoleum crematorium

    17. mausoleum filled with ghosts

    18. It ran to fish and chips and a can of fizzy sugar-water, as far from the stench of the muddy mausoleum as possible

    19. After the first survey of the city's chief attractions -- university (museum), library, the royal mausoleum of Alexander, the palace, temple of Neptune, theater, and gymnasium -- Gonod addressed himself to business while Jesus and Ganid went to the library, the greatest in the world

    20. Brown with his mausoleum on wheels and his ferocious German shepherd dogs, had something to do with the war

    21. Nancy personally gathered all the remains there for burial at a nearby mausoleum

    22. The corridor was still clear, the deathly silence and the dark shadows creating the eeriness that usually filled the air of a mausoleum, when he took another precautionary survey of his surroundings before turning to his left and walking the short distance into the Tower where he immediately approached the stairs on the southern side of the anteroom; glancing up at the spiral stairs, a momentary flash of vertigo disoriented him, but he regained his stamina by shaking his head lightly and closing his eyes quickly so that the uncomfortable feeling, one with which he had struggled before, subsided without interfering in his duties

    23. As he stepped into the atrium, he noticed several shoppers toward the back of the building, which gave him some confidence that he was not alone in this mausoleum

    24. Our culture’s so well trained by those big-money-making, big-business tycoons of death—funeral directors and their suppliers, coffin and gravestone makers, cemetery plot and mausoleum slot salesmen and such—that our dead’s lost essence of life is lost in the shuffle! Considering the physical condition of most recovered crash or explosion victims and the eventual deterioration of all, regardless of how well they looked when death struck, it seems strange that their loved ones should want to do anything at all with what’s left

    25. The legend of the Meowns held that whoever solved the riddle would be granted permission to access Meonly's impenetrable mausoleum and discover and possess, for only themselves, whatever secret treasure she had hidden there

    26. in that marble mausoleum where

    27. It reminded him of a mausoleum

    28. The royal mausoleum was one of the few rooms in the ice palace which was not filled with water

    29. When she had first come to the mausoleum, she had tried to kneel respectfully before her father, but her body had refused to comply

    30. A sound pierced the silence of the mausoleum; the whizzing of an arrow

    31. Builds a mausoleum chamber of eternal nothingness that echoes death’s decay

    32. I bowed my head and then, cheered into speech by the sight of an approaching rusk, I added, 'I know a family with a mausoleum, and on fine days they go and have coffee at it

    33. Now he’d moved to where he could always view them, and displayed in his final accommodation and soon to be, mausoleum

    34. The gravel path rose and led around the mausoleum to the

    35. slab was moved to the side and the mausoleum was empty

    36. all the great men of France who are “sleeping” in this mausoleum

    37. It was to be Abdel Nasser's future mausoleum

    38. It was eerie to walk around in this mausoleum of memories

    39. What he built was a mausoleum

    40. So he spent twenty years building this asinine, useless nice-looking mausoleum; instead of a palace where people could actually live in

    41. The fairytale Myth is that this Mausoleum was evidence of a living love

    42. Look at how the masses flock to this mausoleum and gape and fantasize how much more beautiful she must have been than her… mausoleum- er palace, er grave, er coffin

    43. And yet on the street you felt that if oil was ten a barrel, the whole lot would come down, that Lenin’s mausoleum would become a shrine, that the streets would catch fire and all the disease that had accumulated with the market would be wiped out once and for all

    44. She was about to call out to him when he crested a hill behind the mausoleum

    45. It turned out that there was a brook running behind the mausoleum deep enough to bathe in

    46. towards the cardinal's mausoleum

    47. "This is a magnificent habitation," said Beauchamp, looking towards the mausoleum; "a summer and winter palace

    48. When the procession stopped, this shadow was recognized as Morrel, who, with his coat buttoned up to his throat, his face livid, and convulsively crushing his hat between his fingers, leaned against a tree, situated on an elevation commanding the mausoleum, so that none of the funeral details could escape his observation

    49. There are hours, though, when Hélène is late, and anxiety rides up through Marie-Laure’s spine, and she leans over a lab table and becomes aware of all the other rooms in the museum around her, the closets full of preserved frogs and eels and worms, the cabinets full of pinned bugs and pressed ferns, the cellars full of bones, and she feels all of a sudden that she works in a mausoleum, that the departments are systematic graveyards, that all these people—the scientists and warders and guards and visitors—occupy galleries of the dead

    50. Basil’s and many of the other historical sights, but I thought better of taking a ten-year-old to see the embalmed body of old Lenin in his mausoleum

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