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    1. at him with melancholic eyes and he melted

    2. She still loved her husband and sub-consciously transferred her own unfulfilled ambitions and desires to her children, having become enveloped in a kind of melancholic state of passive inertia, with the throbbing, emotional energy that had formerly been present slowly dissipating into oblivion

    3. melancholic tunes on the flute he brought along

    4. -This book has the key! Why cannot we see it? – Cirila said with a melancholic and impotent air

    5. He was inclined toward melancholic brooding when he joined the apostles, but contact with Jesus and the apostles largely cured him of this morbid introspection

    6. deeply melancholic, in the cold air of the night, he couldn’t help it

    7. to see her so lost and melancholic

    8. expression and his melancholic, cold eyes, then asked, “Are you

    9. After another round of applauses, she returned to her guitar and sang a hit song from the musical score of the movie GLADIATOR, a performance that nearly brought tears to Queen Anne with its melancholic, tragic tunes

    10. Jeff’s rendition of ‘Summertime’ brought a melancholic mood to the audience as the quavering sounds of the harmonica flowed gracefully into the red sun sky

    11. "But we have to look for euphoria even in that melancholic experience

    12. But I want you to know about them today” she said in melancholic voice which ceased my steps

    13. I could distinctly hear what I thought must have been a British accent mingled in their voice, “If not a tad melancholic,” they added

    14. Tom felt melancholic

    15. Even without his crazy mission he would still have felt melancholic

    16. It was that kind of melancholic evening, that’s all there was to it

    17. David was bewildered: who could that be? It dawned on him as if in a dream, and then it struck him hard: the girl in the black bodice, short black skirt twirling about her shapely legs in the black tights, shining black shoes and with a little black hand-bag, was Irena! No patchwork dress going all the way down to her ankles, no long hair falling about her shoulders and none of the melancholic dreaminess and shyness that had struck him in her when he had first seen her

    18. After the rest of the passengers were seated the conductor called out, “All aboard The Mighty Mel!” And that was the engineers cue to release The Melancholic from its stasis and we began rolling out of the depot, clickety-clack along the track

    19. But he fretted so, got so furious suddenly, and again was melancholic

    20. During elections, the highest state of exalted mania; and at ordinary times - presumably as a result of reading about the proceedings in Parliament of the persons whom they had elected - in a state of melancholic depression, in their case an instance of hope deferred making the heart sick

    21. had a melancholic habitus

    22. "List them, then! The New England Melancholic first

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    melancholiac melancholic melancholy joyless dismal depressing cheerless sad miserable gloomy