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    1. I have now gathered this material together, made some additions to it, and published a monograph on the

    2. In describing the clinical features of psychopaths, I will rely heavily on the most complete description in the literature, the monograph

    3. monograph, processing techniques that can be used to improve water quality, and a description

    4. forms of water that have monograph standards are required to be sterile because some of their

    5. Purified Water— Purified Water (see USP monograph) is used as an excipient in the

    6. Water for Injection— Water for Injection (see USP monograph) is used as an excipient in the

    7. used according to the monograph)

    8. The Water for Injection monograph also allows it to be packed in bulk for commercial use

    9. and distribution system itself; therefore, the attributes in the monograph should preclude most of

    10. are use-specific, they are not mentioned in the Pure Steam monograph

    11. whatever other validated process is used according to the monograph) must have effective

    12. or USP monograph for Purified Water

    13. approach, having drawn in his monograph [77] detailed descriptions of

    14. Th e monograph [405] shows that ninety percent of several

    15. his monograph “To the Phenomenology of Ascesis” he writes the

    16. The best thing he could do would be to publish, with Macmillans, his monograph upon the foreign policy of Chatham

    17. I am fairly familiar with all forms of secret writings, and am myself the author of a trifling monograph upon the subject, in which I analyze one hundred and sixty separate ciphers; but I confess that this is entirely new to me

    18. At night, unable to sleep, I completed an introduction for Astragal, a monograph on William Blake, and meditations on Yves Klein and Francesca Woodman

    19. After I had graduated I continued to devote myself to research, occupying a minor position in King's College Hospital, and I was fortunate enough to excite considerable interest by my research into the pathology of catalepsy, and finally to win the Bruce Pinkerton prize and medal by the monograph on nervous lesions to which your friend has just alluded

    20. "You don't know what it is to want spiritual tobacco—bad emendations of old texts, or small items about a variety of Aphis Brassicae, with the well-known signature of Philomicron, for the 'Twaddler's Magazine;' or a learned treatise on the entomology of the Pentateuch, including all the insects not mentioned, but probably met with by the Israelites in their passage through the desert; with a monograph on the Ant, as treated by Solomon, showing the harmony of the Book of Proverbs with the results of modern research

    21. Casaubon had adopted an immediate intention: there was to be a new Parergon, a small monograph on some lately traced indications concerning the Egyptian mysteries whereby certain assertions of Warburton's could be corrected

    22. “I think of writing another little monograph some of these days on the typewriter and its relation to crime

    23. I have, as you know, devoted some attention to this, and written a little monograph on the ashes of 140 different varieties of pipe, cigar, and cigarette tobacco

    24. I am fairly familiar with all forms of secret writings, and am myself the author of a trifling monograph upon the subject, in which I analyze one hundred and sixty separate ciphers, but I confess that this is entirely new to me

    25. Brückner of the German Institute has written a full monograph on the subject, 36 and it has also been fully treated by Lechat in the Revue Archeologique

    26. This work is discussed in the monograph of Von Lützow

    27. A third drawing in which the true arrangement is shown, is the engraving after Hansen's restoration of the whole monument, published in Von Lützow's monograph 103 (1868)

    28. This monograph has been crowned by the French Academy

    29. —, monograph of the Osteodesmacea, xxxvi, 382, 384

    1. All of his things were there: his expensive aftershave, leather-bound shaving equipment, and monographed handkerchiefs

    2. microbial specification for the bulk monographed waters is inappropriate and has not been

    1. monographs do get printed that would better not have

    2. of monographs on this patient over the next several years as I penetrate his layers

    3. The chemical attributes listed in these monographs should be considered as a set

    4. waters is found in the monographs and is further explained in this chapter

    5. included within the monographs for these waters

    6. There are also other types of water for which there are no monographs

    7. unique among the “bulk” water monographs, but is justified on the basis of this water's specific

    8. Water for Injection) monographs

    9. microbiological specifications and those stipulated in the pharmacopoeial monographs for

    10. It hasabout 60,000 monographs and about 2,500 periodical

    11. I skimmed and absorbed and comprehended charts and lab notes and monographs describing the pills

    12. The book is a summary and index to a large number of monographs scattered in French, German, Greek and English periodicals, and we find it much more convenient to have these references at the foot of each page rather than gathered together at the end of the volume as in Mrs

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