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    1. indoors watching an educational nature program on the TV

    2. Children are curious by nature – that is how they learn

    3. " Most people enjoyed a relationship with nature that made them feel less alone, he adds, but suburban living has diminished that connection

    4. "The media," he says, "have replaced nature

    5. Earning for our food, rushing to work by various modes of transport, waiting in queues, communication using modern means, social responsibilities, all have been added to the man who was originally created to deal with only nature

    6. Everything depends on what we think about the nature and environment and how we want to deal with our fellow beings

    7. "I think that the kinds of things that women are exposed to tend to be in more of a chronic or repeated nature

    8. " He might not have taken the winding nature of the interconnects into account because he had never been there

    9. Supernatural is in His nature

    10. Then again, seeing as Violet was only seven, she did not yet have the black market connections to pull off a transaction of that nature

    11. Human nature is such that he always tries to benefit at the cost of others and in the process if palms have to be greased, it is accepted and in some cases even encouraged to take undue advantage of the loopholes

    12. She remembered Alan telling Glenelle how close to nature he felt when he lit a fire, that was when he began to hope that he could survive on this planet

    13. A gardener’s compost heap is a process that is going on eternally in nature

    14. The gardener takes a tip from nature and uses this simple method to build the soil’s fertility

    15. They are ‘programmed by nature to behave in a certain way

    16. Attributes of nature namely OM, space, time and cosmic forces are easily comprehended

    17. External objects, such as images of the deity, pictures or forms in nature

    18. could summon up the succulent nature of their relationship, then this might just do the

    19. Please realize that even though an item is organic and found in nature it can still be dangerous

    20. We are always learning that nature is our greatest teacher and we as students must remind ourselves of this fact and be open to her lessons

    21. Medically, Yoga maintains the body parameters to a ripe old age (as the nature of yogic exercise is unlike other systems), which is anti-aging

    22. However, Yoga practice can be maintained at the same intensity as the nature of exercise is without strain

    23. The farmer of today is beginning to understand the delicate balance of nature for which he is directly responsible

    24. When the Soul enters the body formed as a result of laws of nature, the body is considered to be alive

    25. Soul is sent to this ‘prison’ by the laws of nature created by me

    26. that you may understand the cautionary nature of my words and then, when the

    27. as Andy Lopez explains, he is not the ‘Invisible Gardener” at all - nature is

    28. arm is with us the laws of nature take a step back

    29. He believed at a time when the physical nature of things was in direct

    30. I did some probing of the nature of intelligence

    31. "I'm only human," Ava said, "I only speculated on the nature of intelligence, the self and the soul

    32. The sinful nature was passed down from fathers to children in

    33. Smith was not by nature solitary, rather it was simply the case that He had

    34. "They still steal now and then, but when you get right down to it," Ava said, "There's no way to explain it other than admit that the wizards of the Kassikan have changed human nature

    35. Giving is the nature of God

    36. Given the nature of my captivity and the simple fact of guns and knives and men with tattooed arms, I also realised that my anger had to be controlled

    37. church are identical! God's respective roles for men and women are based on their nature as God created them! It is not a question of one sex being either superior or inferior to the other

    38. Smiler rarely ventured down into the burrow world of rabbit Marwan, preferring to leave others more attuned to the rhythms of nature to tend the sick foreign heathen in the basement

    39. Perhaps the more trusting nature of woman, which

    40. makes her ideal to be a wife, mother and teacher of the young, does not best suit her for the hard decisions man's more rugged nature suits him to make?

    41. Perhaps the difference in the nature of man and woman is the reason that Satan

    42. approached woman rather than man in the temptation? If woman, by her nature, is more

    43. It is not a part of their nature as God created them

    44. Love is self-denying in its very nature

    45. Human Nature and Fate: The three basic components of the human soul are Wickedness, Cunning and Lust

    46. That's wrong: Human beings are evil by nature and they like causing pain to those who happen to be weaker

    47. Another thing that you could do is that you could just let nature take its course

    48. nature has its wonderful ways

    49. There is absolutely nothing wrong in giving nature a helping hand

    50. Could my distorted mind be playing tricks on me? Was the ultimate nature of my lunacy to take shape in a world of imagined friends, of odd and sundry voices rattling off the walls of my empty head?

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