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    1. ‘The last few days have been rather nerve-wracking but it’s all sorted out now

    2. The kaht station is about a mile out of the town, set on a hillside, as a result, the journey down to the harbour is extremely nerve-wracking and uncomfortable as the wagon is not very well sprung and the gg’s hooves slip on the cobbles

    3. It is nerve-wracking just standing there waiting …

    4. Waiting was a nerve-wracking experience spent by Beth chewing the miniscule remnants of fingernails and, by Truman, fuming that it made much more sense to walk right up the entrance to La Hacienda, grab the hairy bastard by the throat and stomp the living shit out of him

    5. Stripping, on the other hand can be nerve-wracking if you’ve a pimple or don’t look as good as the previous bloke, but it’s exciting and can be as creative as you want

    6. This was going to be a nerve-wracking battle indeed

    7. That wait was a nerve-wracking one for all of them, as the Germans kept torturing Nancy Laplante for another two hours, using about every sadistic method one could think of to inflict pain short of amputating parts of her body

    8. he would often solve it without this nerve-wracking struggle

    9. “Yes! My late adoptive mother told me often that this business of counting down the last minutes and seconds was nerve-wracking on everyone

    10. with the oracle in the nerve-wracking suspense of running

    11. But all she could do right now was flinch at every nerve-wracking whine, pop, rumble or hiss around her

    12. The next minute is probably the most nerve-wracking of my life

    13. Things get suspiciously quiet for a few nerve-wracking seconds, and then the gate shutting us out of the community starts to open

    14. The trip into the city in peak hour was a nerve-wracking experience for Lester, over an hour of bumper-to-bumper, cars crawling on treacherous roads

    15. Damaged body parts such as doors or splashboards were rarely replaced by new ones; they were meticulously and skillfully straightened out with a small hammer and an endless, nerve-wracking pounding on the metal surface, followed by stucco and paint

    16. Her nerve-wracking speculations about this and that young man, his prospects and whether he would make me a good husband, were driving me cuckoo

    17. A painful, tear-stained, often frantic and nerve-wracking but ultimately hopeful change

    18. After we had spent what was to me a nerve-wracking experience in the mud of a shell-hole, I asked him what he was going to tell his father

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