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    1. Then, he saw that nub of an alien helmet up close, pressed against his own visor

    2. At the core of the limb, where bone should have been, was a fat, titanium nub, a simple, physical connection with a single, half-flange

    3. One stick had a strong branch curving out on each side, from which she had run a string to a nub on the main stick

    4. As she handed Annie her drink, she went straight to the nub of matter

    5. Nicola's face was a wad of scorched flesh, her nose -- a nub of red with a single hole on its side which hissed with every breath she took

    6. The flat plain was covered with mud, small puddles and an occasional sap nub

    7. long lost friends do, when he came to the nub

    8. “But you are missing the nub of the story

    9. “Immaterial, the nub again is that our criminal neither has the

    10. Tommy moved quickly in her now and each time his cock rubbed the walls of her cunt as well as the little nub, she would cry out in delight

    11. And he had not the slightest sense of fear; fear was something Torbin would have felt – even that remaining nub in the machine body

    12. Amaranthe chewed on her pinky nail—the only finger with more than a nub available

    13. Here on the window sill, a fresh green nub on each brown bulb of hyacinth

    14. He spread me wider, working his thumb on my swollen nub while he tongued the seam of my ass

    15. Be careful when placing the plate back as the positions of the control buttons and analog nub must be aligned with the contact points on the device (to ensure that the controls will stay responsive)

    16. Sony’s PSP brings to players a directional pad, an analog nub, four buttons and two shoulder buttons

    17. The Nintendo DS makes use of a resistive touch screen instead of a nub

    18. thumb, wetting it with my juices, stroking and swirling over my pulsating nub as he kept

    19. his tongue glide over the sensitive throbbing nub

    20. It was at times like these that he needed his secretary’s ability to get quickly to the nub of any problem

    21. nub in his jacket that was on the back of his chair

    22. After he lit it, the man tossed the remaining nub of his cigar onto the deck level below

    23. I’ll reduce his staff to a smoldering nub

    24. Heat was already scorching my core and the touch of my fingers on my sensitive nub pulled a moan from my lips

    25. nub on the end of the barrel is a bit uncomfortable on the roof of my mouth

    26. He seemed to admire her power and, in more of a frenzy now, drove his face down on her nub with even more force

    27. Taking the nub into his mouth, he laved it with the same attention, swirling his tongue around the puckered peak before suckling at her breast like a baby

    28. He teased and caressed her nub, reveling in the feel of her body as it began to glide against his, while she moaned and sighed

    29. “Before I read your summary just tell me in a few words what is at the heart of all this, what is the nub?”

    30. “The crown of thorns from the crucifixion of Jesus Christ – that is the nub, as you put it

    31. “Ah, Lass, ’tis the very Nub o’ me Story

    32. The Nub of her History seem’d to be that her Father soon had to leave County Cork due to this Scandal, which ruin’d his Law Practice, whereupon he departed for Charlestown with his Mistress, the former Maid, and his Daughter, Anne

    33. It showed a close-up of a little girl with two precocious, lopsided pigtails sticking out from either side of her head; one was tied with a ribbon, the other held in place by a cheap plastic clip with a little nub in the shape of a cartoon cat

    34. A stick, usually about half a meter in length, with a nub or cup at one end that fits against the butt of a spear or dart

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    center centre core essence gist heart heart and soul inwardness kernel marrow meat nitty-gritty nub pith substance sum stub nubble