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    1. option for you at this time

    2. Thousands of generations ago, fleeing or fighting in stressful situations was not a good option for a female who was pregnant or taking care of offspring, and women who developed and maintained social alliances were better able to care for offspring in stressful times

    3. option particularly these days

    4. Stephen’s heavily into the healthy option … we haven’t had a full English for years now

    5. The weary morning travelers didn’t have an option anymore

    6. of that friendship, because you chose us rather than your own kind, I have no option

    7. No one had biting insects in their universe, everyone he ever knew turned that option off immediately

    8. There is a difference between clicking the “yes” option in saying what we believe and actually living from that belief in a real and tangible way

    9. Berndt has obviously done his homework as far as knowledge of this area is concerned – he only hesitates momentarily when we reach a junction in the track, taking the left hand option

    10.  For those that love traditional and are romantics at heart, there is the ever-ready option

    11. ‘Yes, but what’s the option? And I had David … my brother

    12. I would prefer performing to the notorious audience at the Glasgow Empire to facing this evening … but I don’t have the option

    13. He would have had to pay more for a lawyer with that option so he could request a smaller settlement

    14. If you find that you are still struggling to make affirmations work for you, there is still another option that can be effective when the others have failed

    15. That the nation’s politicians had chosen the option of war in a

    16. What's the other option, marriage?'

    17. I prepare a far from healthy option fry up … sausages, bacon and tomatoes with mushrooms and yes, I’ll have fried bread with it

    18. far the best option

    19. aligned to Truth and therefore afford myself the option to have a higher

    20. However, if you take those people and let them live on the reservation for a week, with no option to leave; they'll be back where they belong pronto, and not want to go again

    21. Falling at the first hurdle is not an option

    22. One weekend in mid May, Mandy Hill at last was able to exercise her option on Bungalow Seven and so enjoyed her restful and rejuvenating stay, she couldn't wait for the next month

    23. is weighed and sorted, I really didn’t have an option

    24. Just how had he got into this? Why, oh why, had he been so stupid as to think that Chas was offering a sensible option?

    25. Billy's body is telling him that he needs something with starch and carbohydrates, so he selects the least offensive option; tuna and cucumber, together with a packet of salt and vinegar crisps

    26. “That stopped being an option the moment you laid eyes on the Jesup file

    27. He downs the last of his scotch and places the glass firmly on the bar, ensuring that Alex has no option but to notice

    28. She needed this for data access, a voice channel was an expensive and little-used option here

    29. I don’t think Dad ever got over the shock to be honest – he was very much a man’s man, if you know what I mean, and thought being a vicar a soft option

    30. We spend the morning lying in bed but eventually have to accept that getting up is not an option any longer

    31. Female children exempted according to an approved criteria, or beyond school age up to the age of eighteen years, shall have the option to assist in the education of those younger than themselves, or to provide for their own education as their family deems fit

    32. impracticality of that option, and Jean was starting to get

    33. long time, before Jean realised there was another option

    34. "I no longer have the option to come to your world as a biological human," Ava told him, "but I can animate a machine that is fabricated to look exactly like a human being

    35. To Hankins, that was not an option

    36. that the boat tours looked an attractive option, and I was

    37. ‘But not an option for you,’ said Jacques

    38. It therefore ordains, that all servants and labourers should, for the future, be contented with the same wages and liveries (liveries in those times signified not only clothes, but provisions) which they had been accustomed to receive in the 20th year of the king, and the four preceding years; that, upon this account, their livery-wheat should nowhere be estimated higher than tenpence a-bushel, and that it should always be in the option of the master to deliver them either the wheat or the money

    39. no doubt as to which option he would have chosen

    40. As the option is always in the landlord to take either the substance or the price, it is necessary, for the safety of the tenant, that the conversion price should rather be below than above the average market price

    41. no doubt that he and Legrand had chosen the right option

    42. Had the Creator not wanted this option to exist, it would not have been made available to us

    43. Let's express the rule governing the proper use of the option of suicide: It is to be used only under extremes circumstances

    44. If you have no dream and no plan about building a new house, you will remain trapped in the old one because, at the level of the mind, trading or buying is not an acceptable option

    45. Selecting the first option could alleviate your burden for a very short while

    46. In my opinion, this last option is the most intelligent decision to make

    47. no option but to worry about the storm more lethal, which, here,

    48. The other option is to own and market your own product

    49. Some years ago the different banking companies of Scotland were in the practice of inserting into their bank notes, what they called an optional clause; by which they promised payment to the bearer, either as soon as the note should be presented, or, in the option of the directors, six months after such presentment, together with the legal interest for the said six months

    50. Another option is to use them as a foundation for audio or video

    1. The author of ten books, she has had two of her novels optioned for films

    2. The prevailing party shall be entitled to all costs incurred in connection with any legal action brought by either party to enforce the terms hereof or relating to the optioned property, including reasonable attorney fees

    3. Optionor warrants to Optionee that Optionor has the legal right to sell optioned property under the terms and conditions of this agreement

    4. All have been optioned for major motion pictures; the first of which, Jack Reacher, was based on One Shot

    5. OptionVue IV provides, by virtue of its background data base, implied and statistical volatility charts for every optioned asset in the U

    1. Share this eBook with anyone and everyone automatically by selecting any of the options below:

    2. Encourage her to evaluate options when solving a

    3. problem, ask her to go over her options out loud, ask her what

    4. If you find yourself eating fast food a lot, be aware that there are healthier food options out there

    5. Kick Start Cart gives you seven different sales report options

    6. Unfortunately, there are few investment options today, which can guarantee both

    7. You have the following options:

    8. I’m staring at a rather sparse list of options when the phone rings

    9. ‘Not really …’ I replied, casting my mind round the options I have just been considering

    10. have no legitimate options

    11. He stood stock still for a moment considering his options

    12. Theo looked at Travis, weighing up his options

    13. such unlimited options within His darkness how could a simple, artisan, pubescent

    14. What are my options?

    15. All my options were cut off by a broken down fence that stretched between me and the almost hidden shack

    16. However, there are other options for gift ideas on Valentine’s Day

    17. We talked about the property David had left, discussing the different options open to us, suggesting that it might be best to keep the house for the time being, depositing anything precious in storage and, putting it in the hands of a reliable agent, letting it out until such time as Abi was of age

    18. It’s just that the situation is rather new and we haven’t had a chance to look at the options

    19. There are several other options

    20. suggested and Jill discounted the options of shoe bombing, egg

    21. looking at him hoping he would consider all options

    22. Shivering and telling myself it is just reaction, I contemplate my options

    23. I pick up my dressing gown from the chair by the window and struggle into it, I’m shivering with cold … probably because I’ve not eaten … firmly tying the belt, I wobble through the hallway into the kitchen and, leaning against the work surface, I contemplate my options

    24. Paid themes have MANY options inside the dashboard that make them extremely

    25. the options that may be included with that one theme

    26. ‘As to how we select, well, initially, it is on whether the applicant has any alternative options

    27. For a moment he said nothing and considered his options

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    choice option pick selection alternative prerogative grant claim license lease franchise election preference discretion opportunity advantage security immunity benefit title