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    1. grandfather, named Stephen, was originating

    2. Even with its ruin and bleakness, the marvelous tales originating from the province had always fascinated her

    3. The art of Shootfighting is very old, originating from Japan as a way of self defense

    4. Kempo has been around for many years, originating from Japan

    5. If it is scientifically verifiable that the same supernatural design qualities are found in both the Old and New Testaments, would both then not need to be considered as originating from the same source and that both would be equally true, valid and important? Can we find any linkage between the New and Old Testaments that would confirm that they are meant to go together and that would reveal additional information not visible when considering only the Old Testament in isolation?

    6. There appears to be among Men of Science a Will towards God but nothing approximating the traditional Godlike Qualities that typify the faith of true believers but rather the assumption of godlike features originating from Reason‘s assault on Faith, that, having shaken its resistance, seeks to discredit the conventional propositions of Eternal Wisdom

    7. He would simply remove the Honduran customs seal and reship it, manifested as cargo originating in Mexico

    8. Adhyatmic afflictions are those originating in the body

    9. The power of the human mind, for Minsky, lies in its vast repertoire of different ways to think, and in its ability to switch among them in order to pursue its goals…[He] acknowledges that it is useful for us to conceive of our goals as originating from our ‘selves’—mental constructs that embody our personal identities

    10. Product acquisition or service that is originating from external suppliers in the international market: This situation happens when there are need of acquisition of products and services that lack in the Coordenational Structure

    11. Product acquisition or service that is originating from external suppliers in the national market: This situation happens when there is the lack of products or services that are not yet supplied internally by the Coordenational Structure

    12. Therefore, any country, it can be rich or poor, can implement our proposal and to invest in itself or in other countries because resources originating from outturn and financial amount of aid or international loan result already exist

    13. ; (2) the internal data generated by our body—the list of these are endless; however, the ones perceivable are physical pleasure, pain, and discomfort; and (3) the self-generated data originating from the mind such as thoughts, feelings, and emotions

    14. VI - resources originating from tax incentives in the terms

    15. inclusive values originating from instruction activities and of

    16. Originating from the Yang-Tsé Valley in China, the kiwi is planted now in New Zealand in rows sixteen feet apart

    17. Yelping, howling, caterwauling—these and other woeful cries are originating from this ossuary

    18. heroin produced in Southeast Asia, primarily originating in parts of

    19. The originating place is called the source of information, although it is only a source in the sense that a material pattern is thought to emanate from a particular object or place

    20. ” One thing that most moms invariably complain about is the lack of correspondence originating from their sons or daughters away at college

    21. (originating from the fiery core of the earth) (This is normally identified

    22. 8 The Essenes were a true religious sect, originating during the Maccabean revolt, whose requirements were in some respects more exacting than those of the Pharisees

    23. Stomach ulcers are thought of as originating mostly in the mind; "strain" we cal it, but what is mental strain other than worry over certain conditions, or our vivid

    24. Originating in the Mediterranean and also China, it is actually a

    25. One of the software changes that had been incorporated into the new Disruptor was the ability for the originating ship to order it to abandon its current target and seek a new one

    26. The SFT is an old English breed of dog originating in the

    27. Her ears suddenly picked up a familiar sound originating in the sky before her

    28. Originating from the Solutions Focused Approach the OSKAR

    29. There has been long-felt mysticism about snakes in various cultures around the world; this mysticism must have an originating premise

    30. of karma, which is the originating law created from Brahman and the

    31. Point of Origin: The originating energy of the universe

    32. Nancy sat next and grabbed her flute, playing a few tunes originating from various centuries

    33. Her memory of the prayer originating

    34. originating from within the museum

    35. “That was a burst of healing energy originating from Nancy Laplante in Jerusalem

    36. “Misses Dows, I am the intelligence officer of this headquarters and Washington never deemed appropriate to communicate to us the information originating with Nancy Laplante, even though it would have been highly relevant to help prepare the defense of the Pacific

    37. The bar’s waitress, a very pretty young woman originating from the Indian sub-continent, then went behind the bar to prepare an order

    38. It’s an ancient technique originating from Arabia

    39. So, why aren’t there more people in the Federation that have telekinetic abilities? Could it be that kironide is a controlled substance? What, drugs are still illegal in the future? Or maybe it has to come from fresh fruits from the originating planet

    40. “The force field and tractor beam is originating in an ancient

    41. It has a spirit world-view, and in cultures where you go to in the world, some of the things that are evident in every culture I've gone to, is the evidence of witchcraft, of cultism, and strong manifestations of spiritual power originating from evil spirits

    42. The computer experts and security staff all had very little to go on, since every transaction appeared to be perfectly legal, originating or terminating within the banks’ clearing system via the internet, but then coming to a dead-end

    43. thoughts were originating from within his “dreaming” body

    44. originating from within his “dreaming” body

    45. The unconscious terrorizes the conscious conditioning it as it wish originating from your childhood

    46. absolutely did not witness the Originating of the primary cosmic world creations

    47. factual part in the Hebrew Torah narrations on (a) the originating of the primary cosmic world and

    48. the aggregate of processes originating in or associated with

    49. g No human being existed to witness the originating of the stars, etc

    50. In this way, adults orient their children by the originating experiences they deposit as attractors: the who am I and what should I be? Yet, even though every parent affects their child's development, there is no universal script for raising an obedient child, a model student and a perfect citizen, there is only what you do

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