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    1. You, the strain of my soul, the outpouring of what I am

    2. as a continual outpouring of God’s intention

    3. The outpouring of such raw emotion suddenly felt somehow embarrassing

    4. this country, there was an outpouring of sympathy for the United

    5. She was rewarded with the sweetest sound she had ever heard, an outpouring of innocent giggles

    6. This usually produced an outpouring of the prospect’s sales problems, staffing decisions, and negative observations about the general business

    7. ” Mark quietly revealed, his outpouring of emotion having run its course

    8. In the silence after her outpouring, Ralph finds his breath no longer comes easily to his throat

    9. The truth of the action was in the vast outpouring of energy released by the bindings of the Truthstone, and though enough of it was blocked by Falgaroth that it was no more than mildly dazzling, enough was allowed to reach the mortals present that none could doubt what had occurred

    10. Inspired by such a vocal outpouring, Moshe signaled Yigal, who led his troop a short distance behind

    11. She stood next to Johan and gripped his shoulder, trying to ease the sudden and shocking outpouring of black grief from his mind

    12. the outpouring of the Spirit on the day of Pentecost

    13. outpouring of the Holy Spirit, an outpouring upon all flesh

    14. the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will bring people to

    15. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit also anoints us, to minister the

    16. need nothing less than a mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit, the

    17. The outpouring of the Spirit is the outpouring of

    18. After experiencing the resurrection of the Messiah and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Zechariah, representative of the people, is said to have “returned

    19. 2 Thus a deep and rich peace was given to all and an insatiable longing for doing good and a plentiful outpouring of the Holy Spirit was on all of you

    20. outpouring of emotion from his friend, the singer tried to ease the way

    21. I feel that last night was a great outpouring of support by the fans, as well being a way for the City to show some love for one of their own

    22. of Tobias invaded her pleasant mood, bringing back an outpouring

    23. One is just a flash in the pan, meaning little, doing little; the other is a definite outpouring which

    24. This outpouring is physical as well as astral, mental and buddhic, and on the

    25. through it an unmistakable outpouring of spiritual force

    26. He will, however, do well to remember that after a splendid outpouring, an

    27. the constant outpouring of love

    28. the duty to bless in His Name, and a splendid outpouring of the Master' s

    29. Into that matter so vivified the Second Outpouring comes down from the

    30. introduced-- that of the Third Outpouring, which comes from the highest

    31. this Third Outpouring flashes straight down from its source without

    32. Even the personality is affected by that wondrous outpouring

    33. himself, and wherever for a moment the outpouring of force diminishes, that

    34. into incarnation was when as the Second Outpouring He took the vehicles of

    35. The occasion selected for this wonderful outpouring is the full moon day of the Indian month of Vaisakh (called in Ceylon Wesak, and usually

    36. golden in colour, which represents the outpouring spiritual force from what is

    37. They desired to know why he appeared to be troubled by the mighty outpouring of the spirit of healing when all the people were overjoyed and his apostles so much rejoiced

    38. The ceremony of the outpouring of the water symbolized the outpouring of the divine spirit

    39. This is the new Passover which I leave with you, even the memory of my bestowal life, the word of eternal truth; and of my love for you, the outpouring of my Spirit of Truth upon all flesh

    40. At times It pained her to have let that outpouring of misery follow its course, and at times it made her so angry that she would prick her fingers with the needles, but what pained her most and enraged her most and made her most bitter was the fragrant and wormy guava grove of love that was dragging her toward death

    41. I experienced an unexpected outpouring of love

    42. Many were healed of diverse situations, some from sickness, some from birth deformities, and many were filled with the outpouring of God’s Spirit

    43. At the very end of the chapter we see the outpouring of God’s wrath on the world

    44. here is that Christians definitely are spared the outpouring of God’s wrath, the only question being whether they are spared it while still on the earth, or whether they are completely removed from

    45. supernatural outpouring of God’s divine wrath

    46. The outpouring of the Holy Ghost at Pentecost

    47. Prayer is the way to procure the outpouring of the Spirit upon our hearts

    48. ‘Oh, while my eyes would have been kept in anxious waiting to read his outpouring, wouldn’t have my heart missed its beat in anticipation

    49. ‘You know how to flatter your man,’ he patted her, obviously pleased with her outpouring

    50. My diary, as my best friend and silent interlocutor, took all the outpouring of my soul

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    flood outpouring overflow barrage bombardment onslaught discharge run flush gush fountain natural spring outflow spring emanation overflowing