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    1. Vera and her boyfriend Theo got ownership of the Godiva ever since the outbreak

    2. In Goa, the principle of community ownership of property still holds which was formulated under the Portuguese law

    3. "Let's go over the ownership history of this cargo once again

    4. "I told you at the very outset that the ownership is in dispute

    5. There was another faction who felt that it was acceptable to do daily business with the locals but retain their own culture with no more 'political boundary' than land ownership, and a third group who wanted to remain in voluntary association like the core of any other ethnic group, but not be required to join one contiguous territory

    6. There was just his commercial registry listing and his property ownership listing

    7. He supported rights of individual ownership and fair interaction with people of other ethnic groups

    8. The ownership is in dispute and the people involved are not without stain," he was honest with her, but the only rule I worry about is interfering in tribal affairs, but the Brazilians have never registered as a tribe

    9. He was more interested in knowing the ownership of the cargo

    10. That which gives ownership

    11. Miss Danvers was not a materialistic woman but she did inherit some items from her mother which, as she has no family to pass them to, will now fall into a no-man’s land of ownership

    12. “There was more than the home involved in the deal, it was a percentage ownership of the building, more about the commercial space than the house

    13. “Well, let me tell it this way, with hSkaiya ensconced in her rocker and me at the helm of the gardens, it has improved as much as it would under my ownership, which is to say, about doubled in value

    14. Over the door of the tailor's shop, hung the sign, 'Millward's' and under the bold letters: Under New Ownership

    15. Kaitlyn praised each cast member's strengths, and alluded directly to their own previous choice of role from the secret ballots, as she made the casting assignments and cemented their willing ownership of the choice of play and character

    16. - regardless what proof of ownership you could provide,’

    17. Maybe they are without it there and the slave owners can retain their ownership if they don't have contact with the remainder of the world so they don't bring the vector in

    18. Ownership does not create abundance

    19. captain again and also have ownership in a venture

    20. The upshot is, even when we bring home something that is not for them, but rather for us, the cats still claim ownership

    21. The papers were all in order and Waddell, of course, honored the change in ownership and showed respect to the captain of the

    22. Senator Dodd explained his party"s vote as follows: „Passage of such a requirement would restrict home ownership to only those who can afford it

    23. ) Obama could not have picked a more in - tune Secretary of State, for while he continues on his self-appointed task of disarming America, Hillary continues to harangue us on the evils of gun ownership, and even goes along with the United Nations proposal to ban gun ownership for individuals

    24. Internell had its own British equivalent under a shared ownership

    25. a new ownership, that he might regard me as a punk kid in a

    26. Civil conflict ensued, considered to result from disputed rights over land ownership between ideologically opposed factions

    27. Handgun ownership is highly

    28. association with the ownership of ‘The Green Frog’

    29. With the doctor out-of-the-way, his employer would have sole ownership of the virus and Gonzalez would get his nice fat bonus

    30. This program will be contracted by public and private interests who will assume joint ownership rights in this collaborative effort designed to (efficiently) usher commuters, travelers and shoppers alike to their appointed destinations without (much) fuss or bother

    31. “His crime was to crave ownership of Serenor a bit too strongly

    32. In other words, individuals will have to assume ownership for their (own) (career) development in highly competitive markets!

    33. Parents wanted to ensure their land went to a family worthy of ownership, one with the resources to defend it from attack

    34. A quick word about two separate issues: Gun Ownership and Abortion: Gun Ownership (in itself) does not constitute a determinate act against Society

    35. In this manner, the consummation of that action (Abortion) ceases to be a private matter, unlike Gun Ownership, that is not (unnecessarily) an unlawful act in itself, but the willful act of taking the life of another human being

    36. Addendum to the above: In which case, Abortion should be considered illegal! (Legalized) Gun Ownership, however, remains a topic open for discussion

    37. Then I thought that there is no doubt that the Poles stole the house from the Jews, and that they would have no problem in eliminating any Jew who would claim ownership of the property

    38. Their inspired achievements, whether as individuals or groups, was less a function of their (tangible) assets than the ownership of certain (intangible) values common to individuals and proud traditions noted for their remarkable accomplishments

    39. Whenever the subject of (violent) crime is mentioned, rely on the liberal establishment and other interested parties to inject gun ownership (legal or otherwise) into the mix

    40. As indicated above, anti-gun proponents are (oftentimes) likely to define violence in American Society in terms of gun ownership by comparing its own (violent) crime rate(s) with that of other Western Industrialized Nations (including Japan) that have lower (violent) crime rates then we

    41. In his mind he already gave up ownership

    42. It was an assertion of ownership, and I surrendered to it

    43. For a moment, she felt an powerful sense of ownership of the whole collection of caves, as though they were hers, and no one else should be here

    44. The law was written to offer poor people an opportunity to claim unused land by extending legal rights, that can eventually lead to outright ownership to an individual who squats on a property for as little as three months

    45. With that in hand, she would simply transfer his three-quarters ownership to her name, and she’d be set

    46. One of her team began to run a trace on the ownership of the flat from his laptop

    47. He doubted even whether such buses ran anymore in these times of universal car ownership

    48. They just managed to keep up with the half-wild bison herd that they could only nominally make a claim to ownership of

    49. in conservatorship and the Treasury has taken controlling ownership stakes in them

    50. That is in line with the 1976 Habitat Conference which stated, “Private land ownership is also a

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