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    1. here Jean was introduced to the perplexing world of

    2. What the Legate found perplexing was the way in which those who uttered his name seemed unwilling to elaborate

    3. What had those eerie eyes seen? Who haunted his thoughts now? The Dark Brotherhood and sad stories of betrayal…it was conceivable and yet perplexing

    4. But to listen to their conversation was perplexing yet fascinating

    5. Was this mad? Is this what she wanted? It was perplexing

    6. What may be the most perplexing of his sins is the fact that those sins, consisting of insider trading and many other violations of the requirements of stock trading at the time, were rewarded by FDR by appointing Big Bad Joe to head the Securities and Exchange Commission

    7. Her eyes ran slowly over his face, taking in every perplexing feature

    8. He remained with his back to her, not sure how to handle the situation or what to expect when he turned to face yet another character in his very real, perplexing dream

    9. It just sprouted open in a most perplexing way

    10. Eliminate these illusions, though, and you are confronted with this raw truth: despite being enslaved in a finite body, you are an infinite mind yearning to make sense of a perplexing yet terrifying reality

    11. And the Shepherd said to me "Why are you reasoning in yourself and perplexing your mind and distressing yourself? for the things which you cannot understand do not attempt to comprehend as if you were wise; but ask the Lord that you may receive understanding and know them

    12. the midst of difficult and perplexing circumstances

    13. The idea that electrons can only occupy certain discrete energy levels was very perplexing to early investigators and to Niels Bohr himself becase the electron was considered to be a particle

    14. One of the most perplexing things for Christians to understand is that the devil really was defeated 2,000 years

    15. We can learn “how” things will change together and collectively find Socialutions for many of today’s perplexing problems, and that is a good thing!

    16. The most perplexing question that I have to find an answer to is: Why should I remain here now that I have mastered the ability to leave at will? Why should I wish to remain trapped in this body which is trapped in this prison? Maybe, I can leave my body until it is time to go home--in the spiritual world there is no sense of time

    17. This was a most perplexing situation indeed

    18. He never once offered a suggestion as to how the apostles should solve these perplexing problems

    19. Only honest and brave individuals are able to follow valiantly through the perplexing and confusing maze of living to where the logic of a fearless mind may lead

    20. It was and still is a perplexing puzzle with no solution for the League’s planetologists and geologists

    21. This was certainly becoming a perplexing mystery no doubt, and the mention of the Grey Ghost in relation to the victim intrigued him enough to continue with augmented interest

    22. This was definitely becoming quite perplexing, Feltus admitted to himself, especially since this may indicate that Terence had been in the area where his wife met her death

    23. She then followed his glance to the front, with a look of insult at his perplexing abruptness

    24. It was a perplexing issue, a debacle that he had not been adequately prepared to address given his strong convictions regarding the preacher’s involvement after learning of his daughter, the young nurse in France who had been tainted by Terence

    25. Having obtained this crucial information, the killer must have waited until a more appropriate time to return and finish off this last loose end that drew the definitive line between freedom and the gallows; however, the issue of timing was also very perplexing given their inability to determine with any accuracy the time frame in which the murder had occurred, especially since Dr

    26. This is all very perplexing

    27. I had leaned back against the stone wall, thinking, if not showing, that this question was perplexing

    28. BJ: “That seems a bit perplexing

    29. Hillary could not understand the perplexing scene that confronted her

    30. acknowledging that the most perplexing of all religious ideas

    31. As perplexing as it seemed, he knew this complexity of big packages had something to do with the gym’s name

    32. candles to complex psychometric charts, must have been perplexing

    33. Can’t the origin of the so-called false revelation said to be in praise of Al Lat, Al Uzza and Manat be seen in this background? Maybe, it’s an idea for the Musalmans to see whether or not these vexing as well as perplexing ‘Satanic Verses’, whose authorship Muhammad had denied, are indeed Quranic interpolations

    34. The most perplexing facet of the whole thing was that he wasn’t at all sure which of them was doing the pulling

    35. And it is perplexing or puzzling, I suppose, that only a

    36. But as awful as the thought of a nuclear war was, it was not as psychologically perplexing as the

    37. However, it is this trans-national, trans-cultural, and trans-temporal consciousness, the enigmatic and perplexing consciousness of cause, the cause of love, which alone is the womb of salvation, to which we owe our allegiance, body, mind and soul

    38. Danny realised that if Sebastian tipping off the paparazzi, it was probably the film crew doing so, but he found the whole thing perplexing

    39. Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? What is the purpose of life? What is beyond this life? Architecture has been used to teach these mysteries and, in part, reveal answers to some of life’s most perplexing questions

    40. It is perplexing to me, and it's

    41. Harvey-Browne into a radiance of smiles perplexing in conjunction with her age and supposed superiority to vanities

    42. And annoying and perplexing as her untroubled conscience was it was yet not so annoying and perplexing as her wild joy in Italy

    43. "I should say that I did," I returned, glad to ease my mind of what had been perplexing me ever since

    44. Despite their mastery of aerial combat those women were ill-prepared to handle perplexing mirages woven by expert specters

    45. However, something more perplexing seems to be at the heart of the prophecy

    46. “In a sense, I guess I am,” responds the man, slightly perplexing his interlocutor, “but in

    47. I have come across perplexing relics

    48. One of the more perplexing questions in this process, is how did life-energy emerge from non-life or inorganic energy?

    49. The thought that the great detective had the answer to this perplexing mystery of the missing footballer, yet would not reveal it till the morrow, tormented me

    50. to unraveling many perplexing mysteries that have surrounded The Apocalypse and the New

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