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    1. Interpretation of the Berlin Philharmonic, led by

    2. behind the London Philharmonic, of course, but ahead of Paris and Vienna

    3. Though it lacked the full splendor of the London Philharmonic, this symphony had a special touch of wrapping the entire audience and the surroundings into the melody; it felt as though the entire ballroom was synchronized to move with the delicate flow of the music

    4. Then the Kansas City Philharmonic wanted to be a part of the rally too

    5. The Philharmonic will be in the opposite corner

    6. ’ He would be first on and backed up by the local Methodist Church choir, his band and the Kansas City Philharmonic, as all the singers were singing with them

    7. With the philharmonic volunteering, this was turning into quite a production

    8. The Philharmonic was also performing one of the scores from Handel’s “Messiah

    9. Sarah Martin is going to sing ‘Amazing Grace’ for us with the award winning acclaimed Gospel Choir from Chicago, backed by the Kansas City Philharmonic

    10. Philharmonic Orchestra of Busseto –a small town near his village– was without a

    11. array of dishes available in a buffet is akin to the Philharmonic orchestra

    12. There was even a radio on which the boys would be able to listen to everything from baseball games to Fibber McGee and Molly to live broadcasts of the New York Philharmonic direct from Carnegie Hall or, if Joe got his hands on the dial, to The National Barn Dance from Chicago

    13. The Berlin Philharmonic provided the music

    14. ” I described it as a thumbprint on an orchestral concert that I’d programmed for the London Philharmonic as part of the Meltdown schedule

    15. Once Nicky had usurped the vocal duties entirely, each rehearsal became like an audition for the Philharmonic

    16. Concierge services: When I couldn’t find LA Philharmonic tickets last year, I called my credit card and asked the concierge to try to find some

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