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    plan of attack

    1. Up above, Jeffrey called the riders and laid out his plan of attack

    2. considered his plan of attack

    3. format, some technical plan of attack, the mystery and anticipation would wither

    4. and plan of attack

    5. The wolves started moving toward him, splitting about as if they were about to execute a predetermined plan of attack

    6. They looked to her to provide inspiration, hope and a plan of attack

    7. Tress sat deep in thought as the men went about the details of their new plan of attack

    8. He was currently engaging in a plan of attack

    9. We refined our plan of attack, I sent scouts after the enemy to warn us of their return, I posted ten warriors north of the defile to deal with the returning forward scouts and four warriors to the south to deal with the two rear scouts, I then told them that these eagle scouts were the same scouts that had discovered and killed the Toxon lookout outside Teotihuacan

    10. needed to make a better plan of attack when the time came

    11. Gupta instructed his three men on the plan of attack

    12. It was late now and for all of them it had been the longest of days, but the sap was rising and with thought only of closing the net on the Clegg extravaganza a fresh plan of attack was required

    13. “I was thinking up my plan of attack,” he said, laughing at my weary state

    14. In the end, the Dalai Lama’s plan of attack was not carried out, but

    15. I mean, I was thinking of a plan of attack, but truly, my brain

    16. “Did you have a second plan of attack or was this a one hit wonder?”

    17. “So what is their specific plan of attack?”

    18. She needed a plan of attack after the previous evening, her loss of control, among other things

    19. I leaned in the doorway, formulating a plan of attack

    20. Once word had reached Isabel that the Alliance had agreed to treat her subjects as equals she met with them in the throne room to go over their plan of attack

    21. Sergey Ivanovitch was for a minute surprised at this unexpected view of the subject; but he promptly made a new plan of attack

    22. And he began keeping his eyes and ears open, and towards the end of the winter he had discovered a very good berth and had formed a plan of attack upon it, at first from Moscow through aunts, uncles, and friends, and then, when the matter was well advanced, in the spring, he went himself to Petersburg

    23. A trader armed with these, and with the tools and techniques from elsewhere in this book, can develop a plan of attack and move along the path to trading mastery

    24. The first hidden secret of strategy design is a simple prescription—make sure that you always have a well defined strategy, a well defined plan of attack

    25. We should have ready some plan of attack, so that we may throw away no chance

    26. It was a pity that we had not some better organized plan of attack, for even at the moment I wondered what we were to do

    27. He wished to explain to Dolgorukov a plan of attack he had himself formed

    28. Whether Dolgorukov and Weyrother, or Kutuzov, Langeron, and the others who did not approve of the plan of attack, were right- he did not know

    29. other as they passed by: "We have a good plan of attack

    30. After this conversation we went to the mowing, and there he, in the hope of finding more sympathy for his ideas among the masses, asked me to translate to the peasant Prokófi, an old, sickly man, with an enormous rupture, who none the less stuck to his work, and was my companion in the mowing, his plan of attacking the Germans, which was to squeeze the Germans, who were between the French and the Russians, from both sides

    31. He wished to explain to Dolgorúkov a plan of attack he had himself formed

    32. Whether Dolgorúkov and Weyrother, or Kutúzov, Langeron, and the others who did not approve of the plan of attack, were right—he did not know

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